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Berlin’s very first Kinky Christmas Market

2023.11.29 08:57 MRSOULBAIT Berlin’s very first Kinky Christmas Market
✖ DE ✖ EN ✖
Es ist wieder diese Zeit des Jahres und damit auch Zeit, sich einigen harten Realitäten zu stellen:
  1. Im Zeitalter von Temu, Wish und Ali Express ist es nicht mehr so einfach, coole und originelle Weihnachtsgeschenke zu finden.
  2. Tradition hin oder her, Straßenweihnachtsmärkte sind irgendwie langweilig.
  3. Du kannst etwas Besseres machen als das eine Outfit, mit dem du gerade noch in Kitkat gekommen bist.

In den Jahren, in denen wir Kinky-Events in Berlin organisiert haben, haben wir so viele talentierte Designer, Performer und interessante Menschen kennengelernt. In diesen Jahren wuchs die Kinky-Szene und wurde fast zum Berliner Mainstream - ein Gesprächsthema, das beim Smalltalk nach dem Motto "Was hast du am Wochenende gemacht" nicht mehr tabu ist.

Um das zu feiern und eine große Gelegenheit für alle Kinky- und Kinky-interessierten Menschen zu schaffen, sich außerhalb des Clubkontextes zu treffen, haben wir Berlins allerersten Kinky-Weihnachtsmarkt organisiert.

Im Programm:
- Mehr als 20 Marktstände, die Kinky-Mode, Accessoires, Schmuck, Toys und vieles mehr anbieten.
- Workshops, moderierte Gespräche, Q&As, Infostände.
- Performances und DJs.

Der Markt findet am gesamten Wochenende vom 9. und 10. Dezember statt, täglich zwischen 15:00 und 22:00 Uhr.
Der Veranstaltungsort - Sage Beach - bietet einen beheizten, wettergeschützten Platz direkt am Spreeufer.

Da wir keine Gewinnbeteiligung von den Verkäufern nehmen wollen, haben wir den Eintrittspreis auf symbolische 5€ festgesetzt, um die Betriebskosten des Veranstaltungsortes (Heizung, Personal, etc.) zu unterstützen.

Dieses Weihnachten wirst du die Leute mit deinen Geschenken an dich erinnern.


It’s this time of the year again, and also time to face several harsh realities:
  1. In the era of Temu, Wish and AliExpress, finding cool, original Christmas gifts isn’t so easy anymore.
  2. Tradition or not, street Christmas Markets are kinda boring.
  3. You can do better than that one outfit of yours that barely got you into Kitkat.

In years of putting together kinky events in Berlin, we got to know so many talented designers, performers and interesting creatures. In those years, the kinky scene grew and became almost Berliner mainstream - a topic of conversation that is no longer taboo during those “what did you do on the weekend” style of small-talk.

In order to celebrate that, and to create one big opportunity for all of us kinky and kinky-interested people to meet outside the club context, we have put together Berlin’s very first Kinky Christmas Market.

In the program:
- More than 20 market stands, offering kinky fashion, accessories, jewelry, toys and much more.
- Workshops, moderated talks, Q&As, info-stands.
- Performances and DJs.

The market will take place over the entire weekend of December 9th and 10th, daily between 15:00 and 22:00.
The venue - Sage Beach, offers a heated, weather protected space directly on the Spree bank.

Since we do not wish to take any share of the profit the vendors make, we set the entry fee to a symbolic 5€, in order to support the venue’s operational costs (heating, staff, etc.).

This Christmas, you’ll make people remember you for your presents.

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2023.11.29 08:53 Wise_Risk1398 What should I do with my bike?

I currently own a Salsa Journeyer Apex and am planning to quit my job and do some long term touring around the beginning of 2024. I’d like to start with the Tour De Los Padres and SoCal Desert Ramble and then move further away from Southern California (not sure exactly which direction I’m going yet) and hopefully have a good amount of trails and just not being on pavement.
I’ve narrowed down my bike choices to: 1. Use a bigger tire (47mm) and go tubeless. 2. Convert to 650b and maybe get a smaller crank up front. 3. Trade in for a new bike like a bridge club or something similar.
For added information I currently work as a bus driver in LA. And if there’s one thing that kills your motivation to ride it’s spending all day in traffic in this city with these drivers lol. I gotta get out of here and just spend some time on dirt and fortunately I have the means now to do this for at least a year if not longer.
I hope I’m not rambling and really would appreciate any advice or suggestions.
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2023.11.29 08:43 Alamalalsarea The Evolution of Tennis Through History

The origins of tennis can be traced back to 12th century France, where monks would play a crude handball game within monastery cloisters. Using their palms or leather gloves, they would volley a woolen ball against walls or over a rope strung across the court. This early “jeu de paume” (game of the hand) popularized over the next few centuries, with indoor playing areas called “tenez” giving rise to the eventual name “tennis.”
By the 16th century, French royalty had taken up the sport with gusto, constructing exclusive indoor tenez courts complete with galleries and spectator stands at palaces like Louvre and Versailles. Advancements like stringed rackets emerged as tennis technique and competitive play increased in sophistication. As the royal obsession spread, so did exclusive court constructions financed by aristocrats and nobles across Europe.
The conquest of the Americas and colonization down under transported tennis across seas alongside cultures of the upper class. Universities like Harvard built campus courts in the 1880s just as tennis clubs cropped up in England and Australia. Court design evolved from wood to stone and experiments commenced with new playing surfaces.
The late 1800s bore witness to the origins of lawn tennis which boosted mass appeal given the larger outdoor playable areas over closed tenez courts. Standardized rules and competitive tournaments drove widespread enthusiasm. Courts transitioned to accessible grass, clay or hard surfaces. Innovation increased in racket designs while “tennis whites” emerged as iconic attire.
Today tennis enjoys a global following, having featured as an Olympic medal sport since 1988. From French monastery walls to international star studded stadiums, the history of tennis runs long and deep. And in whatever humble or grand venues players step onto court, they channel a heritage of evolving innovation in a game that transcends history.

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2023.11.29 08:30 quiltsbeyondborders GAY DATING ZEELAND

Gay Dating in Zeeland, Netherlands
Zeeland is a region located in the southwest corner of the Netherlands. As with any part of the progressive Dutch culture, the LGBTQ community in Zeeland has become more widely accepted and integrated into society over recent decades. Still, same-sex couples in rural Zeeland may face unique challenges compared to those living in bigger cities like Amsterdam or Rotterdam. This article aims to provide an overview of the gay dating scene in Zeeland, highlight some top spots to meet other LGBTQ individuals, and discuss broader social attitudes towards homosexuality in the region.
History and Social Climate
Like much of the world, homosexuality was taboo and criminalized in Zeeland for many years. It wasn't until the early 1970s when consensual same-sex relations were officially decriminalized nationwide. Although still conservative by Dutch standards, Zeeland has progressed significantly in embracing diversity and LGBTQ rights since that time. A turning point came in the early 2000s with the legalization of gay marriage across the Netherlands.
While same-sex PDA is now commonplace in Zeeland's cities without issue, rural parts of the region may still feel some stigma at times. Reports of anti-LGBTQ incidents are rare but not unheard of. Younger generations have grown up with exposure to diverse families and lifestyles through media and education. Still, some older residents from small towns cling to traditional views. Overall though, Zeeland is a generally safe and accepting place to be out as a gay person nowadays.
Top Places to Meet Other Gay Men
Café De Bisschop (Middelburg) - This laidback café has long been a welcoming hangout spot for the LGBTQ community in Zeeland. They host regular club nights and events.
Club Havana (Goes) - As Goes' only gay bar, Club Havana attracts crowds for dancing and drinking on weekends. Expect crowds on party nights.
Toverland Theme Park (Sevenum) - While not exclusively gay, this popular attraction sees many same-sex couples and friend groups visit during the summer season.
Strandtent de Koepoort (Renesse) - By day, this is a casual beachside cafe. After dark, it transforms into a lively summer hangout for all, including local gay residents and tourists.
Local sports clubs - Joining gay-friendly sports teams is a way to regularly socialize and potentially meet partners. Look out for groups doing volleyball, soccer, hiking etc.
Festivals and fairs - Annual events bring people from all over. Check schedules for anything with a more progressive atmosphere that may draw LGBTQ crowds.
HMC Walcheren (Middelburg) - This marina offers scenic views. Consider cooking meals aboard your boat or socializing at one of the waterside restaurants.
Online Dating Prospects
If in-person socializing isn't your thing or you need options outside of peak seasons, some prominent dating apps have demand in Zeeland:
Grindr - As one of the world's largest gay hookup apps, Grindr remains a popular way to find nearby matches. Just be aware profiles may be sparser in rural areas.
Tinder - While many users are seeking short-term encounters, some serious daters also use Tinder. The user base is more balanced compared to apps like Grindr.
Lex - Specifically geared towards linking LGBTQ users for meaningful long-term relationships rather than casual encounters. However, the relatively small population of Zeeland may limit your pool.
Facebook Groups - Join closed FB groups for Zeeland's LGBTQ community to find partner-seeking posts, community info and event announcements you won't find elsewhere.
Lifestyle Tips for Gay Life in Zeeland
Learn Dutch. While English is widely understood, especially among younger people, being able to communicate comfortably enhances interactions.
Get involved locally. Beyond dating, participating in advocacy, cultural or sporting clubs are ways of building an support network.
Explore beyond the cities. While Middelburg and Goes see most activity, consider day trips to lesser spots and discover hidden gay-friendly cafés off the beaten path.
Attend Pride events. Shows of LGBTQ pride are held annually in Middelburg and Goes. Joining celebrations fosters a sense of community.
Respect small-town customs. Rural areas remain more conservative. Use discretion as needed when displaying affection in public until gaining a sense of local norms.
With patience, persistence and participation in activities both online and off, it's definitely possible to cultivate a fulfilling social and dating experience as a gay man even in a relatively remote region like Zeeland. While challenges may exist compared to larger centers, an open and involved attitude can help counter any sense of isolation.
Find your perfect match on GAYDATING247 - the ultimate destination for gay love!
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2023.11.29 08:22 Hypno3335 Do you find the dancers on the Berghain dancefloor too serious?

I'm planning to go to ams soon from Berlin and would be interested to know what the Berghain dancers look like to the ravers there, especially those who regularly go to De School. I think many of you go to both clubs.
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2023.11.29 08:15 I_want_Nick_Oliveri Nick Oliveri's DEATH ACOUSTIC EU Tour Dates, 2024:

Nick Oliveri's DEATH ACOUSTIC EU Tour Dates, 2024:
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2023.11.29 08:12 I_want_Nick_Oliveri Nick Oliveri's Death Acoustic European Tour Dates, 2024

Nick Oliveri's Death Acoustic European Tour Dates, 2024

NickOliveri EU Tour Dates, 2024:

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2023.11.29 08:11 Patient_Ad1806 It will go up very quickly?

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2023.11.29 08:06 SeaweedOk3784 What line up is better with this team

What line up is better with this team
My current 2 line up
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2023.11.29 07:48 quiltsbeyondborders FAMOUS GAY BARS IN LONDON

London has long been one of the top destinations for LGBTQ travelers, with a vibrant nightlife scene catering to all within the community. While LGBTQ bars and clubs have dotted the city for decades, certain establishments have risen to fame for their historic importance, lively atmospheres, and cult followings. This article will explore some of the most iconic gay bars in London and what makes each a landmark in its own right.
One of the most well-known gay bars in London is Friendly Society, located in Soho. Open since the 1970s, Friendly Society gained notoriety as one of the first openly gay bars in the UK after homosexuality was decriminalized in 1967. With its dimly lit interiors, mixed clientele of men and women, and classic rock soundtrack, Friendly Society maintains an intimate atmosphere that still draws long-time regulars as well as newcomers curious about LGBTQ history. The burgundy walls are lined with photos chronicling the bar's evolution alongside major milestones in the fight for equality. Drinks are affordable and the crowds are lively most nights, cementing Friendly Society's role as a stalwart LGBTQ gathering place in the heart of the city.
Just down the street from Friendly Society is the Toucan, another venerable Soho gay bar. First opened in the 1990s, the Toucan quickly became known for its Latin dance parties and exotic decor inspired by tropical destinations like Rio de Janeiro and Havana. Bright murals of jungle leaves and tropical birds bring a sunny ambiance to the compact interior, which transforms into a sweaty dancefloor most weekend nights thanks to a roster of resident DJs playing salsa, merengue, and bachata. International travelers flock to the Toucan to meet others and let loose to upbeat Latin rhythms in a joyful space that remains one of London's top spots for Latin LGBTQ nightlife.
Venturing east towards Shoreditch, two more iconic gay bars hold court - Joiners Arms and George & Dragon. Joiners Arms has operated as a relaxed local gay pub since the 1980s, when much of the surrounding area was still industrial rather than trendy. With its no-frills pub decor, friendly regular clientele, and lack of pretense, Joiners Arms maintains an “everyman” charm that appeals to all mannerisms, identities, and styles within the LGBTQ community. Meanwhile, just around the corner, George & Dragon has been a stalwart of London’s leather and bear scenes since the 1990s. Low lighting, leather furnishings, and a crowd comprised largely of subtly stylish older men give George & Dragon a discreet allure that has made it popular for low-key socializing and dating within a subset demographic. Both Joiners Arms and George & Dragon exemplify the no-nonsense East End spirit while serving niche portions of London’s diverse LGBTQ population.
Venturing to Vauxhall brings visitors to two of London's largest and most popular gay bars/clubs - Eagle London and Fire. Eagle London has dominated Vauxhall’s skyline since the 1960s, with its sleek granite and steel exterior and rooftop garden commanding views of the Thames. Inside, a warren of rooms spread across three floors include areas for socializing, drinking and dancing to house and techno mixes. Eagle maintains its reputation as one of Europe's hottest playgrounds for cruising and hookups thanks to dim lighting, discreet alcoves, and an anything-goes libertine vibe on busy weekends. Nearby, Fire provides a younger, slightly more mainstream alternative on Friday and Saturday nights. Over two floors, dancers pack the main room to throbbing EDM beats while balconies afford views of the heaving crowds below. Both Eagle and Fire draw thousands for raucous, no-holds-barred fun, cementing Vauxhall's status as one of London’s most vibrant LGBTQ nightlife districts.
For a more refined setting, Old Compton Street staple The Shadow Lounge has been a favorite date spot and pre-club cocktail lounge since opening in the 1990s. Classic cocktails expertly mixed by skilled barmen are sipped among leather banquettes and moody lighting in a decor inspired by old school NYC gay bars. Upstairs, a second level provides cozy nooks for socializing along with scenic views of bustling Old Compton Street below. Recognizable celebrity faces are often spotted amidst the mixed crowd of trendy creatives and professionals relaxing to a smooth house soundtrack. Few spots capture London’s LGBTQ charm and sophistication better than candlelit evenings at The Shadow Lounge.
This article has provided an overview of some of London's most legendary gay bars, from historically notable pubs like Friendly Society to major clubbing destinations like Eagle London. Each has played an important role in developing the city's reputation as one of the world's top LGBTQ destinations. With a diverse mix of subcultures, identities and tastes well served across neighborhoods, London's gay bars continue to provide treasured community spaces as well as memorable nights out. For visitors and locals alike, experiencing these iconic venues helps one understand what has made the city's LGBTQ culture and heritage so rich.
Find your perfect match on GAYDATING247 - the ultimate destination for gay love!
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2023.11.29 07:37 lmc5190 Mshadows pretended like he was confused when I told him his ego was back from the dead. Oh. No. His Ego has taken over Brooks (swipe next image)

Mshadows pretended like he was confused when I told him his ego was back from the dead. Oh. No. His Ego has taken over Brooks (swipe next image)
We are in big trouble now. OpenAI now has Q* and we have created God as the prophecy foretold in Stage. Sam Altman may be the one that that Neil DeGrassSmoker Tyson tried to warn us about. Maybe just maybe, mshadows ego is behind… Everything.
Mshadows ego grows more powerful by the second. In fact, I fear it now can possess other people’s bodies while light-world mshadows (as pictured) is clueless about the existence of dark world mshadows a.k.a. mshadows ego a.k.a. mshadows with backwards hat and glasses.
I believe it has turned its evil eyes towards POPPY. But more on that another day.
Today I will share the troubling news from a combination of insider reports and prophecy about an important night.
It was the night after the Pine Knob show. The band reserved a massive VRBO rental house (fuck AirBnB, they killed my people, and I hope they tank), and the band planned a quiet band-only gathering. Not a single DBC member was to know about the party, because the band doesn’t like DBC and hopes they just party with each other and leaves the band the-fuck-alone. antiDeathbatsClub was invited though.
Syn had recently put on 30 pounds of midsection and double chin fat since he injured his leg during that one show. On top of his recent (pre Halloween) Halloween candy addiction from full sized candy bars he bought at Costco, he recently started downing little Debbies Cosmic Brownies while he practiced Cosmic for leg 3. He was generally feeling kind of self conscious about it his weight and plump belly. Except when he was liquored up like he was on that night.
Syn was running around this mansion going up to people and telling the same joke over and over. You see, Syn thought it would be hilarious if he smoked a corn cob pipe during the Pine Knob trip, and went around saying, “hey anyone wanna smoke my Corn Cob Knob in Pine Knob??? I mean Corn Cob Pipe! Hahahahahahahahaha”.
Poor guy. Nobody laughed. Except Brooks. Who was especially lonely that night. Memories of his ex-wife were tossing around in his head, and he felt loneliness and regret. He should have been there for the family. But alas, the rockstar gotta keep rockin BAYBAYYYY.
As he remembered the precious times when the Brooks family gathered amongst his loser friends and their neglected families at some free pavilion in that hometown park where they all drank bud light, ate overcooked burgers and dogs, and threw ‘shoes (horseshoes game) as they pondered on the only days of their lives where they had a chance of being someone important in this world, their high school glory days (fucking losers, really if high school was the best days of your life you peaked way too early, idiots), his eyes welled up with tears, and he yearned for a distraction.
That’s when he saw Syn walking around with mansion. He had his “corncob knob” clenched between his thighs as if it were a tiny nub emerging from his crotch. He usually pulls this shit with pool noodles during summer gatherings around some buddy’s in-ground pool, where Syn sways the noodle from side to side obnoxiously, waving it as it whiplashes to the annoyance of everyone around him, but tonight he went with the more realistic ratio, that is, the small ratio of his tiny nub nub to his overstuffed and bloated midsection.
“Hey Brooks, wanna smoke my Corncob Knob in Pine Knob?”
“Nah, I’ll pass, but I wanna hit those magic mushrooms tonight hard.”
Syn reached into his crotch and pulled out a bag of mushrooms. “Here’s a sizable dose for a sizable man.”
Brooks munched on the dehydrated mushrooms, and chased it down with a fucking bud light. Like a funky trail mix, he thought, when thinking how he would describe the taste to his divorced wife if he ever saw her again.
The shrooms started to hit. He stood in an empty hall. At its end was mshadows claimed bedroom. His door was ajar. The walls of the hallway waved and bended. They took on the repeated patterns of corn cob pipes. “Syn was right” he thought. “The prophecy of the great awakening at Pine Knob is unfolding and it has something to do with this moment. We canceled the first show in fear of the prophecy coming true. But here we are.”
He entered the room. It was mostly empty except for mshadows suitcase. “I will find my true life purpose in Mshadows suitcase” Brooks thought. He tossed away the leopard print shorts, candid pictures of Poppy in a hotel room taken from outside her window at a far distance, a list of like 15 odd words scribbled on a piece of paper, which read “this is not mshadows crypto wallet seed phrase ha ha joke is on you bum”.
Then, he saw them. The shades. The ones that mshadows wore at so many shows. The shades that ruled the world. Brooks reached in his pocket to grab a viagra, but he realized he didn’t need it. He already popped a chubby after seeing the creepy photos of poppy. He wanted to release his seed on mshadows glasses. He felt like it was the only way to truly release his own ego, and allow for him to move forward beyond his divorced dad arc.
Suddenly, everything appeared darker. The shades were on Brooks, covering his suffering eyes with pitch black armor. He heard the drumbeat to the intro of We Love You playing on loop in his head. He frantically began pacing, then power walking, to the rapid tempo of the beat. He was marching around the mansion wearing mshadows shades. He started trashing the mansion and laughing like a maniac, smashing vases and mirrors, soiling the carpets and antique china, moving his shoulders as if he was doing some sort of shimmy from the 60s.
He eventually found everyone seated at the dinner table, the band and a few family members on tour with them. They all immediately knew what was going on when they took one look at Brooks, wearing the shades. It wasn’t brooks. It was Mshadows ego possessing Brooks.
Brooks frantically ran over to an empty chair, and seated himself. He started shoving food down his face. His plate was empty in about 30 seconds. He then started pounding the table with both fists. The trap beat started to play on loop in his head. His fists were pounding on the downbeat. He then began to chant in the cadence of his fists striking the table. “More chicken, more wine, more pizza, more fries, more tacos, more cake, more nachos, more…”
Brooks suddenly jumped on the table. He madly trampled around the tabletop, flipping over plates and dishes as he stepped on the saucers edges, gathering knives and forks intentionally between each of his toes. His feet kind of looked like Freddy Krugers hands, with blades and fork prongs jutting out from the fulcrums formed by Brooke’s adjacent foot digits.
Standing at the center of the table, he then began to walk in place to the same cadence as his ponding earlier. With each step, the thudding and clanking of silverware clenched between his toes echoed through the mansion. This time he went on a monologue as the band members watched him in awe.
“I’m just a divorced dad named Brooks Wackerman. A great name for a drummer. But not so much for my exwife. She wanted to change her name to Wackerwoman.She used to Wack me off if you know what I mean. And, this atrocious name change, I would not allow it. Now I’m alone. So lonely that I gave Syn some attention tonight even though he was annoying me.”
His voice became to sound more and more like mshadows, he began to shout with a raspy voice within the upper range of a tenor. “I’m not INSANE. I’m noooOooooooooooTTT, not insANe” he then turned towards a very disintered and annoyed looking Zacky, and he held his hand out pointing towards him, as if a parent was singing Total Eclipse of the Heart to their embarrassed teenager. Brooks could only picture his wife’s face on Zacky’s body. “COME BACK TO ME ITS ALMOST EEEEZAAAAY. COME BACK TO ME ITS ALMOST EZAAAAAYY.”
Brooks then picked up some reheated cheesy bread from Olive Garden. He then pointed it directly at Zacky, who slumped down in his chair. “OOOOOOH SEND THIS BACK, THIS BREAD’S TOO CHEESAAAAAAY.” Brooks then called the local Olive Garden.
“Thank you for calling Olive Garden. My name is Jane, how can I help you?”
He then slammed the phone and cheesy bread down , and ran out the room , and out the door, into the woods behind the house.
Later that night, Mshadows was puzzled to find his leopard print shorts with a white slimy substance on them that smelled funny. Brooks had left his mark.
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2023.11.29 07:29 Saarliihsu ik zoek de nightlife den haag

ik wil meer uitgaan en woon in regio Den Haag. barretjes vind ik niet zo en zoek echt naar meer clubs. Maar waar zijn die ? waar zijn de local hidden clubs ?
ik ken maar 3 clubs en dat zijn Pip (love deze), t Paard natuurlijk en club Laak ben ik aangeraden maar ben er nog niet heen geweest.
kan iemand mij clubs aanraden om heen te gaan
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2023.11.29 07:01 Stake_casino Top 10 des Jeux de Poker Gratuits sur Android - Affûtez Vos Compétences en Cartes !

Top 10 des Jeux de Poker Gratuits sur Android - Affûtez Vos Compétences en Cartes !
Les jeux de cartes, en particulier le poker, attirent des millions de joueurs à travers le monde. Pour les amateurs de poker sur Android, une pléthore d'options s'offre à eux. Découvrez cette sélection minutieuse des 10 meilleurs jeux de poker gratuits pour une expérience immersive et divertissante.
1. Poker Appeak
Avec une communauté active de plus de 100 000 joueurs, Appeak se démarque comme l'un des meilleurs jeux de poker pour Android. Recevez 7000 jetons quotidiens gratuits et profitez d'une variété de modes de jeu, incluant des tournois et des parties d'argent réel. L'accessibilité gratuite rend cette application incontournable pour les passionnés de poker sur Android.
2. World Series of Poker – WSOP
Classé parmi les meilleurs, WSOP offre une variété de jeux tels que le Texas Holdem et l'Omaha Poker. Explorez des clubs, participez à des événements et à des tournois pour gagner des récompenses attrayantes. De plus, appréciez un mini-jeu de machines à sous pour plus de divertissement. Bien que gratuit, l'application comprend des annonces et des achats intégrés.
3. Governor of Poker 3
Reconnu pour sa diversité de jeux incluant le Texas Holdem, le Royal Poker et le Blackjack 21, Governor of Poker 3 vous récompense avec des trophées, des prix et un statut évolutif en progressant dans le jeu. Affrontez des amis ou des joueurs du monde entier pour une expérience captivante, le tout gratuitement sur Android.
4. Video Poker Classic
Avec une collection de plus de 39 jeux de vidéo poker, Video Poker Classic Free offre une expérience authentique avec des coachs de compétences dédiés pour chaque jeu. Obtenez des crédits gratuits toutes les quatre heures pour jouer gratuitement et perfectionner vos compétences sans aucun coût supplémentaire.
5. Mega Hit Poker
Plongez dans des tournois massifs regroupant jusqu'à 1000 joueurs simultanément avec Mega Hit Poker. Proposant une variété de modes de jeu, y compris des sessions de tirs et des parties d'argent, cette application intègre également des machines à sous pour ceux en quête de diversité. Profitez d'une expérience immersive et gratuite sur Android.
Lisez l'intégralité de l'article sur : https://www.stakecasino.fblog/poker-gratuit-android/
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2023.11.29 06:09 CombinationIcy2278 Team bottled the league now I’m sad 😢

Team bottled the league now I’m sad 😢
Hello there, I’m a relatively new player to FM and have been kinda addicted to it recently but id like to express my annoyance at this game (Venting because I suck). Team form was insane at the start of the season and we had a massive point lead at 1st for majority of the regular season. But the issue was we were so poor for the last crucial games and lost the title despite team talks being successful and what not, (I’m a competitive person so not winning a trophy to increase my reputation annoyed me because I’m doing a journeyman save)
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2023.11.29 06:08 Goldeye_2012 Me voy a quedar aqui por el airbnb que ha rentado.

Me voy a quedar aqui por el airbnb que ha rentado.
Como es la zona
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2023.11.29 06:05 Constant-Mousse-1578 Help needed

Help needed
Does anybody knows what has happend to my fl studio?
I am unable to do anything! I already resintalled fl studio. Nothing changed. Any suggestions or solutions
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2023.11.29 06:00 MajorSour Looking to get rid of my CDM and replace him. My budget is 180k. Any suggestions?

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2023.11.29 05:36 Local_Blueberry8906 My fragrance collection...

My fragrance collection...
There are some more. But this are the ones I love , like or ok with.
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2023.11.29 05:35 Wonderful_y Minha experiência de quase prostituta

Hoje, sem dúvidas, foi um dos piores dias da minha vida. Estamos passando por uma situação difícil aqui em casa , tipo amanhã eu nem sei o que vamos comer. Moro com a minha mãe que recebe um auxílio doença e eu sempre sobrevivi de bolsas da faculdade mas n consegui esse período (longa história) , estou atrás de um trabalho mas nada até agora. Então, por necessidade mesmo, eu resolvi aceitar o convite de um cara , negociamos e ele aceitou ficar somente no oral, ele iria me pagar 200 reais. Eu fui me encontrar com ele hj, e no decorrer do caminho já me senti mal comigo mesma, estava nervosa e desconfortável, quase n nos falamos. Ele me levou pra um motel e pqp o cara queria que eu fizesse sem preservativo e n faz mt tempo que ele fez uma cirurgia de fimose. Gente, sério, eu até pensei em fazer mas não consegui por nojo mesmo e pq já estava me sentindo mal com tudo aquilo. Disse que não ia rolar e pedi pra ir embora. Na volta pra minha casa a única coisa que eu pensei é que eu VOU ME MATAR de estudar pra ter uma vida melhor e nunca mais precisar me submeter a uma situação parecida. E pra mim é muito louco pensar que tem gente que nunca vai se preocupar com dinheiro , pra algumas pessoas 200 reais não é nada, mas pra mim seria a garantia de ter comida na mesa por mais uns dias. Respeito as mulheres do ramo , mas realmente isso n é pra mim. Vejo as minhas amigas saindo com esses caras por grana, mas a que custo ? Elas ficam sonhando de um dia casar com um deles e ter uma vida melhor. Porém, eu sei que isso é difícil de acontecer .... aconteceu com uma amiga nossa, mas o casamento dela é ruim e ela tem que aturar até traição. Não estou generalizando a situação, né. Bom, eu sei que eu não vou esperar nada de ninguém e vou focar em ter uma vida melhor, a minha independência financeira etc É isso , só precisava desabafar.
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2023.11.29 04:36 Bonolenov192 Clubes com mais derrotas que vitórias nos pontos corridos

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2023.11.29 04:31 BigWilly27yay Picked ramires💕💕 suggestions?

Picked ramires💕💕 suggestions?
Should he go in over Beckham or Rjikaard? I play 4-1-2-1-2 narrow with Zico cam griezman rcm(he stays) becks lcm and rjikaard dm.
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2023.11.29 04:28 bread-dreams 2023

Praticamente rebaixado. É isso porra. Todos os outros tão felizes pra caralho com isso, que é o que sempre queriam, pelo menos o Vasco pode dizer que fez a felicidade do brasileiro médio no fim de ano de 2023!
Porra não é possível uma freguesia deste tamanho cara. 13 anos. TREZE. ANOS. O Vasco morreu quando Diego Souza perdeu aquele gol, e não volta mais. O clube vai acabar, São Januário será demolido, mas vão ter que salgar o terreno porque se outro time quiser se alojar lá, vão adquirir a mesma maldição "não ganha do corinthians safado"
Que desgraça é essa que assola esse time, meu deus do céu? Não tem outro clube no brasil que seja tão freguês assim. Aposto que a porra do 1860 München não tem uma freguesia tão forte assim contra o Bayern. É inexplicável isso cara.
E mais. Não existe vender o clube pra uma empresa criada por um drogado americano que não entende bulhufas de futebol.
Sério, vai tomar no cú porra. Sucumba Paulo Bracks, sucumba Luiz Mello, sucumba Barbieri, sucumba Abel Braga, sucumba esse elenco ridículo montado na base do dado e dominó.
Tem tipo 5 pessoas no plantel que são realmente úteis e boas. Léo Jardim, Vegetti, Medel, Payet e Lucas Piton, provavelmente é isto. E provavelmente vão brilhar em outros clubes. Foda-se.
O Club de Regatas Vasgolirecua está feliz em dizer que um inédito feito foi alcançado: perder ou empatar todos os jogos em confronto direto.
Vai tomar no cu todo mundo. Alguém me mata, por favor.
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