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2023.11.29 07:29 goofytug Ch. 157 "Lost Queen" [ENG] Released on Lezhin US

Ch. 157

Ch. 157 "Lost Queen" official English translation has been released on Lezhin US!

Previous chapter post for Ch. 156 "Father's Objective"
Copied from original Ch. 157 [KOR] thread from 2023-04-06:
Smiling Yoonseul in the thumbnail!? Good news I hope! Looking forward to a Yoonseul-centric chapter. Although ... a Haerang sammich to parallel would be hilarious lol!
Welp ... no Haerang sammich [yet], but what a wholesome ass chapter!
Tommy08101, you were spot on with your hypothesis! Bravo!
Byeol Jji gon' Byeol Jji, if you catch my drift lol. Encountering the integration of the Free People is reaffirming her alignment with the ways of the Water Hyacinth. She's ready to pounce!
The grey haired guy at the end wasn't Hyun Moojin, amirite? Just Free People hospitality staff? Hair was a lil too short to be Hyun Moojin, and The First Sword wouldn't be serving guests in that manner right? Lol, I was waiting for Yoonseul to tell Byeol Jji and Heena that he was her boy toy, but that seems unbecoming of Yoonseul lol.
I can totally see Byeol Jji and Hyun Moojin sparring, Byeol Jji besting him, and they actually tteok-pound lol. Byeol Jji always wants a taste of the best of the best, on the battle field, and in bed!
With the Thousand Steps reunited at The Heart of Hwa-In, I'm curious what their plan will be moving forward. Is Yoonseul fully rehabilitated to take on the Fox King? Is Haryeong, Haerang's bio-mom, still tryna locate Yoonseul? Will they eventually team up? What else is Wolyoung's mission at The Heart of Hwa-In?
The pieces are starting to come together again, and many split parties are reuniting. Despite the story-heavy beginning, it's starting to get exciting. Which feels like this mini-season will reach a climax soon. I'm hoping we climax with a Haerang + Mir Tina + Heera scene lol!
This panel lit me tf up lol! Yoonseul is precious af! It me, happy we finally got a full chapter with Yoonseul, jumping into the next one. See you next chapter!
Update after reading official English translations:
Biggest takeaways are that Wolyoung debriefs Yoonseul, talking about:
  • how Ryu Karim has surrendered himself as a PoW to the Crimson Fox King
  • Suri Maru has potentially joined the Lotus Roots
  • Yoonseul wonders if Haerang has also joined the Lotus Roots. But, Wolyoung confirms that Haerang chose to not to join the secret Lotus Root faction. "He's probably going to join the main forces. He said he made a promise with someone ... and that he had to take the right path." Which refers to Yoonseul's and Haerang's agreement to both become Kings to reunite wolf and fox.
  • Byeol Jji and Heena finally reunite with their "Lost Queen," catch up, and rejoin forces.
We can also now confirm the grey-haired Freeborn escorting Yoonseul, Byeol Jji, and Heena was, in fact, Hyun Moojin, the First Sword of the Free Born:
BJ: Who's that handsome stud? His eyes were stuck to you like glue.
HP: So cheesy...
BJ: Oh my gosh. A Freeborn boyfriend? You cunning wench.
HP: Did you get over Haerang already?
AY: Seeing you guys ... makes me feel at home.
Yoonseul totally dodges the question in the end lol.
Wolyoung and Heena notice Yoonseul's miraculous rehabilitation:
HP: Why do you look so good?
WY: How did her body recover so quickly? I guess ... there's no tonic better than youth.

Reminder: Rule#6 No Links to aggregator sites allowed
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2023.11.29 03:36 mracubaby Que tan normal es?

Todos mis amigos hablan como con 4-5 chicas por instagram,whatsapp etc, todos los días, incluso a veces se juntan y se ven con algunas. Yo tengo un problema el cual es el siguiente, me gusta el sexo pero no tengo ganas de todo lo previo ni animos de querer fingir interés en una persona solo para llevarla a la cama, que tan normal es esto? Por que cuando le cuento a mis cercanos les parece una locura que solo haya tenido relaciones una vez al año por culpa de esto.
Pero sinceramente creo que entre hablar con alguien 3 meses para salir a comer o tomar algo y gastar en un telo para tener un polvo mediocre, prefiero irme a una escort, mas barato y rápido, no requiere tener que hablar todo el tiempo.
A alguien mas le pasa o soy el unico con el trastorno?
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2023.11.29 03:36 babykinns Recombinant Bridgehead Chapter 26 Freedom

Night fell on Bridgehead, and a nocturnal resident with large, sensitive eyes traversed the dark plains with confidence, checking over his shoulder every couple of metres as he progressed. On the outskirts of teepees, he impersonated the coo of a mourning dove so accurately it would have attracted another if they populated the world; instead, a fair Na'vi emerged, and silently she flew over the grounds towards her caller, whose ears perked in anticipation. He raised from a crouch to offer his hand, and she ducked with him behind the farthest tent. There, safe from spying eyes, Säro and Lyle fondly greeted one another.
Surreptitiously, he escorted her back towards the cabins. Passing his home, only the great wall of their enclosure was privy to their rendezvous as Lyle introduced her to a building of recent construction. Quietly rolling up the door, they entered the hangar.
In lieu of a roof, sturdy rods ran above their heads, sizable enough for perching. Lyle pressed some buttons on his wristband, and a green light started to flash on its display. From there, he watched the clear night sky in wait.
Time was getting on, and the man nervously rubbed his neck. "It's, uh, still in the working phase."
"Are you sure of this, Ly'il? I not want to make trouble."
"It's no trouble at all, trust me." He then flicked a charming smile. "Your English is getting pretty good."
She blushed and pressed her chest to steady her breathing when a sudden banshee cry startled her. She instinctively ducked behind the recombinant as an ikran, suited up in military gear, came swooping in.
Lyle nudged his thumb at the dragon. "That's Ballsy."
"Ball-zee," she repeated in amazement. Hearing her attempt the name caused an unwitting look of adoration. The soldier politely took her hand and led her up the wall-mounted stairs towards the fly gallery. Säro stood by as she watched Ly'il, all at once, link to his mount, wedge his foot in the stirrup, then lift onto the saddle.
"C'mon, little lady," he couldn't resist saying while offering his hand. Biting her bottom lip, she bravely stepped towards the animal. Once secure, Lyle gave the mental command, and Ballistic Missile fanned out his incredible wings in preparation. The beast launched from its perch to climb the air, and Säro, holding fast, beheld her village as it shrank before her eyes.
When they reached the city wall, she feared the guns, but a signal emanating from the ikran's outfit commanded the sentries to hold their tongues, and Lyle landed Ballsy on top of one just to assure his maiden they were perfectly safe. Beyond the turrets was the romantic wild, and it was unbelievable for the captive to see the natural horizon again; it was freedom itself. The ikran reared once more, and they took off for an adventure.
They breached the stratus aerosol, and sprays of white puffs danced in their wake as curling forms. The higher drifting clouds wore halos crowned by Polyphemus himself, and they lent their shine to the elated pair. Säro inhaled the nightly breeze, wincing from her head wrap flapping around her face as they increased in speed. She pulled it off, letting her kinky hair fan out, and gasped from the sensation of the wind brushing her head.
The trio journeyed to the Pandoran veldt, where animals raced the wind over a sprawling plain. At night, the flicking yellow grass appeared purple, and it bowed in unison under the ikran's mighty sweep.
Unknowingly, the tourists startled a troupe of unguldells*,* and the six-legged ballerinas, flaunting svelte necks laced in glowing freckles, sprinted across the savannah stage. The sky-riders flew alongside the graceful herd as they leapt into the air like they had wings themselves, igniting the ground with their dainty footwork.
He guided Ballsy over a hill and flowed with the unguldells until they poured out onto the shores of the Ngop'ake delta. His ikran caressed the blue waters, softly speckled with luminous algae, while, just ahead, a dazzling cloud hung in the air. Hundreds of liltee flies were courting for the season, and Lyle accidentally sped through their buzzing swarm. He spat up glitter and had to wipe his face of viridescent ooze but didn't mind so much after hearing Säro laugh.
To avoid the frenzied insects, Lyle raised Ballsy up the towering ompu trees, renowned for their girth. They corkscrewed around a wide trunk, where phosphorescent handprints and stylized depictions of animals populated the bark.
Their flight brought them to a hilltop, and after daring each other, they leapt off the ikran and let themselves roll down the slope, leaving behind trails of flattened pasture. Säro's chest was heaving from excitement for doing something so bold. She poked her head over the fields to spot her companion, who had skidded into a patch of dirt. He rubbed his face, then hooted. Säro bounded through the tall grass following the sound of his voice when Ball-zee soared low overhead, thrusting her forward. Lyle apologized profusely and took off after his rude banshee when he realized he had no idea how to get him back.
"C'mere, Ballsy! Ballsy! Stupid bird! C'mere!"
"Can you not use pxawpxun (armband)?"
"Can't. It'll tell him to fly back to Bridgehead—then we'd be stranded out here."
She blushed and hid an impish smile, then offered another idea. "Why not use meat?"
"Meat? Hey, that's a good idea. Why didn't I think of that? Dang it."
He called him again, but the sassy ikran hissed at Lyle, choosing to jounce over the plains and let himself be chased. They scurried through the grass in a game of the banshee's own creation until he eventually rested, thoroughly satisfied, and the race towards him slowed into a stroll. They stopped at the top of the hill and sat on a bed of grass under a blanket of stars to enjoy the view.
The glinting sky, the rolling hills, a limitless horizon—but, for Lyle, the world was already magical because he had Säro to enjoy it with. He spotted the far-reaching light of a village campfire. "What's that over there?"
"It is Tim'waya village. Small clan. We Anurai meet an' tance with them many times."
Lyle studied the distant wigwams.
"My sister an' I like the same boy from clan when visit many years ago. After many fights, boy take someone else." She smirked.
"Oh yeah? I guess no matter where you go, siblings are the same."
"You have one too?"
"A brother. He taught me how to hunt without a—" A lone liltee fly came darting past that seized his attention. With eyes following its every sporadic movement, Lyle suddenly snatched it. Opening his hand cage, he presented the dazzling gift to the lady, and the freed captive zipped away to find a mate.
"Very fast," she complimented.
"I grew up in swamp country. We had all these fireflies that my brother taught me to catch. That's how I became a sniper."
"It's what I do. Spot things from a distance and shoot. The trick is to do it without breathing. My brother showed me how, and we would sneak up on all kinds of animals. Take a stone and"—he imitated chucking a pebble accompanied by a whistle—"instant kill."
"My sister taught me to hunt too."
"No kiddin'?"
"Yes, we hunt using spear. When we spear the animal, we run after it for many, many aysrr (days) until the animal fall from woun'."
"Phew. Impressive."
"My sister is great hunter."
"She the older one?"
"Yes, by three years."
"Hey, same with my brother."
"What is he like?"
"Tough. Fought all the time. Had me on my back with a busted nose, bleeding all over myself."
"Why hit you?"
"Just tryin' to knock some sense into me, I guess."
"Same for me. Sister always trying to keep me from trouble. She gave me a name. Stiwitsyìp."
"'Little Mischief'? That's cute. Whatever you did, you were probably an angel compared to me. I don't think I can repeat what my brother called me."
"What is his name?"
"Eddie. Yours?"
She looked to the horizon before wistfully sharing the name. "Häku."
"You miss her a lot, don't you?"
She bowed her head.
"Would you like to see her? I could fly you there?"
She gasped. "You woult take me?"
"You know it. C'mon, let's go."
With favourable winds, the trip to the Anurai village took less than an hour. Lyle soared above the eclectic grove of ancient bones, and the haunting sculptures of undead beasts captivated the resurrected soldier. His banshee landed in view of an exanimate sentry, and Säro dismounted.
"Wait for me an' fly ikran. I will return soon."
Lyle obeyed and set off. Once alone, she watchfully stepped down the lane and whistled a series of deep-throated notes mimicking the nocturnal tìter bird. After informing her clan that a friend approached, Säro entered the village firelight.
"Who are you, visitor?"
"I am Anurai. Säro te Pakaw 'rrtang'ite. I have come to see my sister."
"Eywa be with us!" one gasped and rushed off to disturb his olo'eykte from rest.
Häku emerged from her tent with deliberation. Though she was informed, the olo'eykte could not believe her eyes. The sisters stood in silence, gaping at the other, before ultimately running up to embrace.
"Stiwitsyìp!" Häku cried, clutching her sister. She held her at arm's length to take in her person. Her clothes were strange and scent unfamiliar, but she was unmistakably her sister. It had been many years since they last saw one another, and now Säro was a full-grown woman.
"Father speaks that you are clan leader now."
"He speaks right," the olo'eykte laughed, repeatedly running her hands up and down her relation's arm to assure herself this was real and not some apparition. "How is he?"
"He is well. Oh, sister, I have missed you so much."
Once Häku recovered from the shock of the unexpected reunion, a burning question swelled in her mind. "How did you escape that wicked land?"
"I— I did not escape. My visit is temporary."
"But you cannot return!"
"Sister, I must. Father—"
"Would tell you the same."
"Please, Häku. I cannot test the patience of my friend. He brought me here out of kindness. This can be a visit only."
Säro flinched and looked away. Once again, the elder sibling sensed danger for the curious mind too open for its own good. "Who is this friend you speak of?"
The woman blushed. "His name is Ly'il. He died in battle, and the Skypeople thoughtlessly placed his spirit in a Na'vi body against his will."
For an uncomfortable interval, Häku was darkly quiet, and with each silent second she indulged, it wasted what precious time they had together. "What has Father said of this?" she finally broke.
"Nothing. They are friendly with each other."
"Has he not spoken of anything else?"
"What else would he speak of?"
Häku deduced that their father was keeping Säro ignorant, suspecting it was because of her friendship. "You should not have come here tonight, Säro. You should not have accepted anything from him."
"Kehe!" Her bone ornaments rattled. "I have heard stories of these demons. They slaughtered every one of Anotang's men at Txintseng Sawtuteyä (Hell's Gate). I have also heard—" She hesitated before continuing in a lower voice, "That the one who destroyed the home of the Omatikaya walks among them."
The serf woman backed away in shock. "No. No, it cannot be."
"You see now why it is dangerous to be with them?"
"Ly'il is good. I keep saying to everyone, 'Ly'il is good!'"
"They are still the enemy! Between you and him, he is the one with power, Säro, not you."
She let her eyes fall, having no counter to the argument.
"Where is your friend now?"
"He circles on his ikran."
"You must return with him to his land. Come, sister. You were too brazen to have come here at all."
"I'm brazen? He risked himself so that I could see you again! Why do you interpret this as wrong?"
"Because he has eyes for you, sister. Men are never kind for kindness' sake—they design. Promise me, Little Mischief. Do not let your relationship with him go any farther." Säro would not agree, let alone look her in the eye. Häku had to hold up the face and shake it earnestly. "Promise me!" she begged.
Despite having to wipe away the building mist, the younger spoke with firmness. "I have made my choice, Häku."
The elder observed her blood relation from across the invisible chasm that was widening. She dropped her arms in anguish. "You are choosing death, Säro."
The bondswoman held her head high. "I am already dead. I have been dead for many years. With Ly'il, I live. By choosing him, I choose life."
At that moment, Häku saw into Säro and discovered a woman who had matured outside of her guidance. The keeper yielded, not that her doubts dissipated but that her Little Mischief was little no more.
"I want to see him for myself then. Will you allow me?"
"Of course!"
She escorted her sister to a clearing beyond the village. With a wave, she beckoned the recombinant to land, and he dismounted, not expecting to find two.
"Ly'il. My sister, Häku."
Having already been introduced to her father, he confidently bowed his head and took up the unoffered hand. "Lyle Wainfleet. Pleased to meet ya." The chieftess was not prepared to have her hand so manhandled by the stranger but tolerated it for her sister's sake. Säro was blushing fiercely, wishing Ly'il would remember his manners like he did on that first day they met.
"Treat my sister well, Ly'il," Häku replied briskly.
"Yes, ma'am. I mean, sir-rain nawmtoo."
Satisfied, Häku turned to embrace Säro once more, expressing all that she could in that tangible gesture for what may very well be a permanent goodbye. "Goodbye, Säro. And please, please remember to walk steadily and in a straight line. You go back to a place that wants it this way."
The siblings shed tears, and Lyle, once again, could only stand around awkwardly. Appreciating his sensibility in waiting for them to finish, Häku then released Säro to Lyle. The recombinant bid farewell in Na'vi fashion and the leader of the Anurai returned the salute.
"Eywa," the olo'eykte prayed, watching the pair as they disappeared into the night, "protect my sister in the wicked land; and, if You can, please, please give her sense."

Lyle soared over rolling acres of grassland, travelling to one last location Säro wished to visit before returning to Bridgehead. It was not far from her village and visible from above, thanks to its angelic glow.
He landed before a shrine that took his breath away. Constructed by the people of the plains using the pxaypxun plant, it was a large structure of intertwined golden branches, meticulously moulded to take up their neighbour's hand, forming tunnels of geniality.
"I will pray here."
"Is this one of your brain trees?" the recombinant wondered, sensing the palpable divinity.
The Na'vi woman knew the alien would be forbidden from entering the sacred den, but she wanted to repay a debt by also saving him from death. Opening her hand, the Bodhisattva invited the revenant to take the spirit walk.
Lyle traversed down the holy path pulsating with energy as if souls were actively flowing through the branches like blood cells through a vein. The very hairs of his arm pulled towards the spirit realm he felt was just beyond him, and if he but reached out his hand, it would penetrate some aqueous screen, and the illusion of his mortal plane would evaporate. Inside the innermost section of the shrine was a vault that spanned yards above their heads. Growing in the middle was an incredible tree with thousands of tiny, coral-like branches. Lyle ducked under the living arbour as he circled the room. Running his fingers across the nervous coral, he felt a tingling sensation as blurs of light sped through the shoots towards his hand. "What do you call this place?" the sniper breathed in excitement.
"Rima Rong Aysìreayä."
"It's wicked."
"Wicket?" Säro gasped.
"No, no. I mean 'wicked' as in 'cool.'"
She was even more confused. "But it is a warm night."
"Yeah, it— It sure is." Lyle tittered, rubbing his neck.
"This is where my ancestors live."
Säro took up her queue and, kneeling before the net of golden shoots, set her lifeline upon them. The soldier was captivated as he watched a gentle smile emerge on the priestess in her prayer. It was difficult to tell if the light embracing her was external or emitting from within. He drew up his own braid and curiously studied the tendrils at the end that began wiggling with anticipation. Lyle felt uneasy watching them squirm when a press on his forearm caused him to look up.
"It is okay. Connect."
"You sure?"
She nodded, and the Marine obeyed. His mind fastened to the network, and suddenly, he was in the hall of the inner world, standing in the presence of every Na'vi who came before him. Animals pranced through the air, leaping with men and women freed from time. Happy voices flitted around Lyle with their songs of joy, hopes and dreams, and the alien was struck by the recondite sensation of being welcomed in as a brother. After only a moment, he was overwhelmed. He undid the connection; and, in a blink, the mortal returned to his explainable world.
"Whoa... That was something else. Säro, I heard singing—children laughing. I heard...myself laughing. Then you. What happened?"
"You enter Eywa." Säro hushed as she stepped towards him. "The living circle. You are part of Her life now."
Lyle noticed how close Säro was; his face was poised so near hers that the slightest lean would bring their lips together. When he had that thought, everything else melted away, and there, standing before him, was a future. He surrendered himself to her and was instantly lifted into the higher heavens. However, all good karma eventually runs out, and when Lyle's reserve dried up, he began to spiral, breaking from the kiss with pangs of guilt.
"I shouldn't..." He gulped. "You— You need to go back to your village."
"My village?"
"I'm taking you back. Stay with your sister."
"Ly'il, my sempul—"
"I'll bring your father too!" he entreated, holding her by the shoulders. "Säro, I'm not... I can't do this to you. You're..." He lowered his head. "I think I love you."
She gently clasped his quivering forearm. "Oe ftxey futa man ngahu (I choose to belong to you)," she whispered and placed her palm on his heart.
"Key fht-tey oo-ay-ti? (But rather choose me?)"
Her tender lips parted. "Tì'i'avay krrä (Till the end of time)."
The man breathlessly folded his arms around her back and shared a kiss so pure it brought them to a realm higher than the six heavens, but rather than crashing back to earth, Lyle returned as an enlightened being. With a clear and ready mind, he took up his queue. "I'm sorry it's not a ring."
Säro gazed at his offered kuru. She had her warnings and knew this path would be plagued with conflict. The grim reality of falling in love across the front lines meant there was no perfect in-between; there was only the meeting point, and that was between two rows of pointed weapons. She clasped his hand and took her braid in the other. The filaments reached out their tendrils and locked in a loving embrace. Instantly, their souls united, melding into one entity. He gasped from the overwhelming sensation rushing through his two minds. He inhaled with two sets of lungs and raced with two beating hearts, seeing through two pairs of eyes and buckling to hold two entwined bodies. It was confusing, euphoric, agonizing and erotic. He felt like throwing up. She steadied him, stopping him from collapsing forward, and when their eyes fixed, the two forces levelled out, and the united sides achieved equilibrium.
The nightly peace of Homestead was assaulted by the unexpected roar of motor engines. Quaritch was fully dressed when he peered out from his cabin and anxiously watched a motorcade en route to the banshee hangar. When the vehicles parked, Ardmore jumped out, branding the earth with her signature boots.
"Open it," she commanded, and the nearest soldier strutted over to the recombinant-sized control panel that was ridiculously out of reach, so he waved over a comrade to benefit from his shoulders. Rolling her eyes at the spectacle, it wasn't long before a new element arrived that furthered Ardmore's irritation.
"General Ardmore." Quaritch saluted.
She jutted her lips while crossing her arms behind her back. "Officer Quaritch. I've gotten wind about an unauthorized banshee flight that occurred several hours ago."
"That would be Private Wainfleet heading out for training."
She glared at him. "Training? In the middle of the night?"
"Yes. You see, the great leonopteryx doesn't hunt at this hour, making it ideal for practice."
Ardmore distrusted his ready response. "He still hasn't returned. That's a pretty long time for some training."
"He's dedicated."
"Or dead. Why haven't you reported his prolonged absence?"
"I didn't think that was necessary until sunrise—when a search would be possible." Seconds after his reply, the muffled roar of a banshee emitted from inside the hangar. Quaritch saw the soldiers struggling to reach the panel and sauntered over. "Here, let me help you with that." He rubbed his chin in contemplation as he stalled in front of the panel.
"Something the matter, recom?"
"Ten-digit code. Just struggling with that last part," he replied in a loud but cordial voice.
"Get on with it."
"Yes, ma'am." He brought himself to remember the last three inputs to disable the lock mechanism, but Quaritch took his time rolling up the door. With the veritable stage curtain lifted, the star of the show, Lyle Wainfleet, accompanied by his yawning banshee, winced from the blinding headlights. Sensing stage fright, the prepared understudy swooped in to read the first line. "Lyle, how'd the training go?"
Ardmore stormed ahead. "I'll ask the questions, recom."
"Sorry, ma'am." Quaritch was quick to apologize, offering a slight bow.
With her opportunity now ruined, she gruffed at Wainfleet. "Where did you go?"
"I travelled to the plains for some flying practice."
"You were gone for a long time."
As Lyle was being interrogated, Quaritch kept his eyes on the distracted soldiers as he ducked outside and went around stage left. He unlocked the hanger's side door and soundlessly wedged it open, where he discovered Säro crouching behind a rack of harnesses. She nearly gasped, but he signalled to keep quiet. With a nudge of his head, Säro joined him outside. From there, he guided her behind the building and instructed the Na'vi to stick to the shadows of the wall on her journey back to camp. Säro looked back in gratitude at Ly'il's colonel, but he scowled, waving impatiently for her to keep moving.
Quaritch returned to the main entrance right when the general finished her questions and issued a search. Lyle moved to do something, but a firm hand gently gripped his shoulder. The soldiers invaded every corner of the hangar, only to report that there was nothing amiss; however, this didn't satisfy the general.
"Is there something wrong, ma'am?" Quaritch initiated.
"You bet there is. Your vehicle transport may be a flock of birds, but they're still the property of HAF. Day or night, you don't authorize flights for your budgies outside the city without first getting clearance from us. You got that, recom?"
"I understand, and we apologize for the disturbance."
She grunted at his politeness, then marched to her MPV. The vehicle spat out some exhaust fumes and lumbered back to the inner city. Once gone, Lyle bolted for the enclosure.
"Your girlfriend went back to camp, Corporal. There's a side door, remember?"
He stared wide-eyed at his colonel until it finally dawned on him that he had saved their skins. "Thank you, sir," he wheezed in relief. "I know... I know I disobeyed orders, sir. I'm sorry. It won't happen again."
"Oh. Well, okay then. So long as you understand that."
Lyle was dumbfounded. Words being inadequate to express further gratitude, he returned the colonel's smile and followed him out.
"Oh, and Lyle..."
"Yes, si—"
Wainfleet was sent crashing; his hand quivered over his bleeding nose as he stared up at his sneering commander. Not satisfied with the one punch, Quaritch came over to repeatedly kick him in the side. "You chicken-brained, motherf****ing, goddamn moron! 'It won't happen again.' You bet your sorry, blue ass it won't!" he chastised with another brutal punt. He then waved a warning finger at Lyle, who was clutching his sides in agony. "You may have valuable skills, Corporal, but I swear you've got a head full of peanut shells! You do anything like that again, and I'm taking that banshee of yours out back and shooting it Old Yeller style! You hear me!"
The man could only lower his head in submission. "Yes, sir," he gurgled.
Quaritch panted while brushing back his crew cut. "Since you showed me the error of my ways, I'm just returning the favour—same delivery and all." Bringing Lyle to his feet, he slapped the face a few times for good measure. "Now, hit the showers. Drill is in one hour."
Lyle gaped at his watch in disbelief, and his colonel could not contain the wicked smile.
"Hope you're well rested for it."

Dedicated to Stephen Lang, this is the sequel to James Cameron's Avatar. This story does not follow the events of ‘The Way of Water' or any other continuation, only the 2009 movie, which serves as the foundation. Same characters but an alternate reality plot.
You can read for free on Google Docs, Wattpad, A03,
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Ascendant Denali looked at the latest intelligence on the Alliance's fleets. So far, due to the war with the Republic, most of their ships weren't patrolling or actually defending their colonies but were grouped up in battlefleets and convoys meant to harass the Republic.
From a two-dimensional perspective, the territory of the Alliance nearest to the New Ascendancy would be easy for him to get to and take. He could have a ship there in less than a standard year, and the same was true for an entire fleet. The main route bypassed the majority of inhabited systems on the way to the core region of the Alliance, containing the Sol system and the Teegarden system of the Knowers.
The Knowers were a burden on the Alliance and would be until their uplifting was complete. The large project had likely drained wealth and expertise that could have gone to more deserving populations and potentially even the larger ones. The Alliance only loosely bordered the independent Acuarfar states, the Vinarii Empire, Sennes Hive Union, Guulin United Legions, and the occasional lower-level civilization that hadn't invented electric machines yet.
Theoretically, the Alliance's many burdens should have been easy to sever and cut to cause them severe damage. But they didn't use trade routes nearly as much as their size suggested, a fact that was why the Ratlatmil Republic was still having so much difficulty stopping their ship production.
Denali could ignore obvious propaganda like the hivemind supposedly stopping planet killer strikes on their worlds. Such a thing was nearly impossible without shields on the level of at least the greatest interstellar nations, and perhaps only the Sprilnav could protect every one of their worlds from such attacks.
The Alliance had no such capabilities, no matter what their artificial videos might say otherwise. With Phoebe, it would be easy for them to create footage that would withstand the scrutiny of VI falsehood scans. Denali did wonder why the Republic hadn't used planet crackers yet. Maybe the Alliance had gotten them to agree to certain rules of war? Or was it just the fear of mutually assured destruction?
As his New Ascendancy could attest, the destruction might be mutual but never total. The Trikkec could rise again and were doing so under his leadership. An offensive war would push many industries back into proper margins and increase internal prosperity. The Alliance seemed like a prime target for such plans. But it wasn't.
The main problem was Brey. She could respond to an attack before it fully arrived, dumping FTL suppressor satellites in their path to slow them long enough for the other war to end and the response to come. Phoebe likely could cut through his networks and take them down. The hivemind was a strange thing, but its applications in unified battle coordination and defense, especially in urban environments, were quite clear.
Denali hadn't drafted any resolutions to go to war and had vetoed the proposed ones by his limited legislature, but it was clear that a war with the Alliance could no longer be won. After the mutual destruction of the Ascendancy and the Westic Empire, the successor factions were far weaker. He believed that the New Ascendancy was stronger than the Holy Westic Empire, but only because the Alliance had stopped their funding amidst a souring of relations.
He could have what they'd had if only he was willing to curl his tail to the Alliance. The numbers on the screen updated, and his eyes widened in horror. 32 million ships. They were building them everywhere, above every planet they could. And their military had almost tripled in size within a year, even while actively at war. Worse still, their progress was showing signs of being exponential.
But he noticed that one planet produced nearly half of all their ships together. Mercury was the second most heavily defended planet in all of the Sol Alliance. Denali had no chance of defeating it, especially when it was powered by nearly 5 trillion solar collector satellites. He noted one particular aspect of why Mercury was such a production powerhouse. An orbital ring.
"What in Gar's name?"
Denali read more. He was starting to shake. The Alliance was going to pass his own military might in a year if it hadn't already. And his ships were too tied up to ever invade. He'd lost before he'd even begun the war. He had no choice but to ally with them. It was the only way to survive. They were building more ships right now than he had in his whole fleet, and that was just in areas that could be scanned. The orbital ring was armed with many tethered stations, most of which were either resource processors or defensive laser cannons.
On the ground, Mercury-class guns pointed up at the void, ready to rain, suffering down upon any invasion fleet. There was no chance of breaking through them while having a large enough fleet to finish the job. Each section of the ring was equipped with planetary-level shields. In their far smaller shapes and concentrations, they would be stupidly expensive to maintain in terms of power but would provide exponentially more protection than a normal planetary shield ever could. It was clear that the Alliance was aware of its current main weakness.
Now, he understood why none of his military officials were proposing invasion plans anymore. They were just no longer feasible. While the Sevvi were in play, the Alliance's fleets were actually more concentrated, making it all worse.
"A million battlecruisers," he sputtered. "A million!"
Denali's tail slapped against the carpet as his claws bunched it up. His guards eyed him warily but said nothing. Denali began thinking of ways to navigate this gulf in military power and to get agreements signed before things got too far from the teeth.
"Get me a call with the director of the Sakura corporation," Denali ordered. "I need to know some things."
He wondered exactly how the Alliance would use that many ships after the war. Humanity had attacked the Trikkec before, so would they do so again? Would billions die senselessly because of hatred? He needed to know how the next move of the Alliance. Their massive navy didn't need to secure their territory, since all their neighbors wre either weak or allies. And Brey was too massive of a deterrent.
Really, he needed to meet the hivemind. Denali needed to see how the whole of Humanity was supposedly represented. If he met unending hatred, then he'd ensure that his recovered planet crackers would be ordered to attack.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
"So, as outlined, we need more ships," the hivemind said, finishing its short report on various battles where the limited supply of ships was cited as a deciding factor in suboptimal results, whether they were pyrrhic victories or even losses. Luckily, Satoshi, Annabelle, and Maaruunaa were still highly talented Fleet Commanders and were both alive and winning their battles with relatively good ship loss ratios compared to the enemy. Their fleets were en route to Cradle and were busy destroying the large fleets of the Republic trapped in Brey's FTL suppression locks.
Their arrival was timed with that of Kawtyahtnakal's main allocated forces and even some ships from the Vinarii Empire, most of which were owned by the Dual Systems Trading Company. The slow, grueling crawl of the battle on Cradle was mainly a distraction to keep the enemy occupied and losing morale as the Alliance both attacked and regrouped. The costs were severe, however. Billions of Skira's drones were dead, as were tens of thousands of Phoebe's androids.
Unfortunately, there had been high civilian casualties as well, as the Sevvi unleashed massive artillery bombardments on Skira's advancing drones every hour of every day. The caliber of the rounds only continued to increase as Skira took more and more land. More psychic amplifiers in Sol were coming online every hour, driving Brey and the hivemind's power to new heights.
Skira was building them in secret all over the inner sections of both his own namesake planet and Venus. Ordinarily, that would have been impossible with the millions of Sevvi prisoners on Skira's world. They would have been too powerful. But the drones sat around the amplifiers, sucking up all their potency before they reached the prisoners thousands of kilometers away.
The war of attrition favored the Alliance, and it seemed that the God Emperor could do little to stop it. He hadn't been seen since his attack on Brey, but that gap of opportunity would not last forever. The hivemind sat down in an ethereal chair conjured from hard light holograms. It looked at the officers at the table expectantly, asking, "How are your expansion metrics looking?"
The DMO officers across from it pulled up several graphs and charts. Costs and resources in versus out, efficiency levels, and even a highly detailed diagram of a shipyard section of the Orbital Ring. They were standing on it now, in the middle of a shield bubble that could tank several Mercury-class gun strikes.
"We are on track to quintuple the profits of our organization, meaning that we can cycle wealth back to both our workers and the resources we produce. Specifically, we make 30 trillion Luna dollars per Earth month in net profit, even with our hefty expenses. We employ 2.03 billion workers with an MMP or monthly median pay of 9 thousand dollars, or 108 thousand per year. The average is 109 thousand per year. Our main problem is building new housing for our workers fast enough.
Luckily there's a lot of money flowing to us from our secondary and tertiary businesses. For the purposes of this company, we can show that the 220 trillion dollars per year that we pay out to our people goes to the workers and functions as a living wage in almost all of Mercury. We provide many sapient rights such as food, water, and education in our cities for free, and costs such as heating, air, and ventilation are low enough for someone to pay for a year's worth in their first week of work."
Another official smiled and brought up more diagrams, showing a precise budget breakdown. "We spend most of the remaining 192 trillion building new shipyards or on research and development. Nearly none of this is on buying materials, as Phoebe and the Breyyanik both have deals with us to provide materials for free from either massive mines or solar starlifting ships.
We process trillions of tons of metals, minerals, and alloys every month in constantly increasing amounts. From 500-ton frigates to 500,000-ton battlecruisers, we're doing our best to maximize production while minimizing inefficiency. We can simplify this into producing about 2 million ships per month, but we project our production to be 10 per month in about five months, with the new Guulin workers entering the workforce.
Our workforce will balloon to 4 billion in that time, and we're building huge cities and funding civilian migration ships to support this. I would note that Phoebe and Edu'frec have been immensely helpful in designing cities that maximize ease of building while not feeling like prisons or being immensely costly. We also have bought the two Arks and plan to adapt them to mobile production facilities that Alliance species will be able to lease should they require them."
"If you were to gain the ability to create cities containing 20 million people in a week, could you increase the pace of your expansion?"
"We do not believe we can, even if Penny is actually capable of this. The serious problem of organization links with that of housing. Creating new cities creates bureaucracy. Arguments over zoning, systems of electronics, earthquake-proofing, and so on all play into this. We're stretching the limits of bureaucracy and expansion.
Phoebe and Edu'frec have been very helpful, as have the numerous experts and advisors in the Alliance. But we just can't push the limits any further. Our maximum pace of expansion has been reached. We will be ramping up the ships we build, but there is nearly no more speed this process can have, especially when we are at war."
"I see," the hivemind replied. "Humanity thanks you for your continued explanations."
They continued to talk for a while about various changes in the DMO, as well as restructuring efforts, expansion efforts, and progress on permits. Humanity learned more about the various project ideas. It also learned more about the motivations of the Board of Directors. It was closely monitored to prevent nepotism and corruption since the DMO was the largest company that had ever existed in the Alliance. Even the massive Acuarfar trading and banking companies didn't come close to their size and sheer employment numbers.
It was also important to note that the DMO was making extreme profits. The hivemind knew it would have to watch the organization closely to ensure that the wealth continued to be actively reinvested in the Alliance. The DMO was actually interstellar already, as it also managed most of the budding Dyson swarms in other star systems.
Sometimes, it was planet-based, mining rocky worlds and shooting new satellites by the millions into orbit, but sometimes all it had were asteroids. With the hivemind's help, more agreements were outlined that would be preferable to both the DMO and the parties assigned to regulating it.
The agreements had to be reworked quite often, with more and more sectors gradually being entered or captured by the massive organization. It was buying many smaller companies for large sums, which Phoebe was in charge of watching. The DMO would never be allowed total control of any vital resource. To that end, every nation and Phoebe herself worked to ensure that air, water, electronics, and food weren't part of the DMO's exports. Phoebe sold things for as close to free as possible, running businesses at a loss since many of her expansion measures didn't actually require money, just resource allocation.
Phoebe didn't need to pay her androids. She could easily send them into hazardous situations for nothing at all besides the increased maintenance costs. Her latest joint project with the DMO involved moving the trillions of orbiting satellites to tighter orbits around Sol so they'd take up more relative portions of the star.
5.36 trillion satellites, each with an area of 2.5 square kilometers, could cover an equivalent area of Sol. Granted, most of the new ones were actually little more than thin reflective shield modules since those would cause far less orbital debris if they collided. That was the main reason why they were now being produced so quickly.
And for every 100 satellites, there was a shield satellite, serving as protection from solar flares and direct enemy attacks. Little could actually be done to protect the satellites when a solar flare was powerful enough or if there was a coronal mass ejection. The hivemind knew that the current distance of the satellites was roughly 7 million kilometers and was being decreased to 1 million.
That would mean that the satellites could potentially utilize 36.9% of Sol's sunlight, up from 1.8%. Of course, that level of power wasn't possible to all use at once. Not yet. The most likely metric was that the first 'layer' of satellites would have 10 million satellites, taking up 68.8% of Sol's light at maximum output.
Typically, the majority of the satellites were in GEM, or Gravity Equilibrium Mode, where their shields would angle themselves to only catch enough light to maintain their distance from Sol. However, with the orbital decrease, the satellites were in GDM, Gravity Descent Mode. They were descending at roughly 10 kilometers per second, with accounts made for orbital intersects with the other satellites. Phoebe had lent a computer to the DMO to help them model the sheer number of interactions occurring there.
The hivemind was planning on ending the war in the 8-day timeframe that equaled. Across from one of its avatars, Penny was currently meditating. While it didn't do much for her power, it did provide her clarity of mind so she, Nilnacrawla, and whatever Cardi was could devise new ways of using her power.
She'd likely be used to bludgeon the Sevvi stealth fleets in the rest of the Alliance's systems after her major success with Quish Palla and the Sol stealth fleet's destruction. She'd been quite sad about what had happened but agreed that it was the best outcome they had the time and resources to pursue.
The hivemind hoped that the Sevvi could be helped. Sentiments would prevent active aid for years, at least, perhaps decades. But the post-God Emperor government would need support. And it could never stomach the destruction of an entire species. Sadly, politics was slowly tilting that way, which was another reason to end the war as quickly and decisively as possible.
"Do you still wish for Earth companies to handle the cleanup of the Sevvi's attacks?"
"Yes," the hivemind said. "Chemical pollution is of little concern. We've made stuff about as bad and pumped it into the air and rivers for over two centuries, and we survived. And the biological problem is already being solved."
One of the Breyyanik looked nearly incredulous at the hivemind's words. He fidgeted with his mane, adjusting it nervously. "But how can you handle a billion tons of methane from the reactions?"
"A billion tons? We used to have nearly 1.2 billion cows on Earth at our peak of factory farming, each producing over 100 pounds of methane a year. A billion tons of methane is... laughably small, actually. We'd be mostly fine with the pollution even without the shields over every city and country."
"Oh. I... wow, that's a... I apologize for my conduct, hivemind," the Breyyan said, regaining his professionalism.
"It's fine. We know it can seem a little wild to other species how much damage we did."
The hivemind felt a bit of its focus fray at that and got visions of thousands of volunteers in PPE equipment already getting to work on several beaches. They were loading boats up with aerosol and aquatic scrubbers. Some of them were working alongside various Earth military forces, most of which were using Thermite Throwers leased from Phoebe to cut into the tough hulls of the terraformer ships to get in and shut them down.
The hivemind was also ferrying information from thousands of scientists with degrees in Atmospheric and Lithospheric Bio-Engineering, using their collective skills and education to learn more about how to potentially construct such devices for the Alliance.
Terraforming would not be a fast process at all. Even the version Skira was doing on Venus would take decades just to cool the place down. It would be an investment into the long-term of the Alliance, not the short-term. And in the meantime, it might be better to move some planets into better orbits.
And the hivemind was very excited at that prospect as well. Brey could open portals to high-gravity locations in precise locations. If Penny could actually create gravity, then that would be even better. But barring that capability, the Alliance could still use portals orbiting stellar black holes to change orbits precisely.
Phoebe had already done the necessary calculations for that. In fact, she'd done those calculations for every known planet within a 10,000-light-year radius of Sol in a little over 2 minutes. And then she'd smiled, looked Humanity in the eyes, and said,
"Oh, it wasn't hard. Just a bit of orbital dynamics calculations. Edu'frec and I had a race to see who could process the data the most accurately within the limit."
"How accurately?"
"Enough for any deviation in the orbit to account for a single nanometer at most."
The hivemind smiled at the memory. It was quite proud of how Phoebe and Edu'frec were turning out. It had built a shared sense of camaraderie with Phoebe over the years. The hivemind turned its current mind back to the DMO. It delegated more tasks to its 15 billion layers of subconscious mind and continued to talk with the officials about various proposals and newly discovered management techniques and studies. Some of their eyes glazed over, while others shined with interest.
The hivemind felt a small part of its consciousness giving Penny the go-ahead to start an operation near the Skandikan system. Hopefully she'd be able to neutralize the remaining threats there. The enemy commander had shown the wherewithal to retreat instead of facing absolute defeat. That intelligence might be useful for more information about the God Emperor's potential weaknesses or those of the Sevvi at large.
It wished Blistanna hadn't killed Quish Palla so quickly, but also understood her motivations. Sometimes, dangerous foes just needed to die.
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
Chesica Palla was still on the edges of the Skandikan system when the largest Alliance fleet he'd seen so far arrived. Powerful waves of lasers sliced across the cosmos ahead of them. They were alien searchlights or something similar. More FTL suppression and psychic suppression satellites came flooding out of new portals on all sides of the system, slowly progressing inward.
In the mindscape, all of them were hiding down on the third layer, hidden by huge amounts of reflective shielding that should have kept them safe. After the death of Quish, it was clear that even stealth fleets weren't safe. There wasn't much more information from the scouts besides that due to the light lag. Chesica couldn't allow his fleet to remain in the holding pattern for long or-
"Sir, two dreadnaughts are on a skew approach!"
"What will their closest distance be?"
The officer linked the tablet to Chesica's helmet, allowing him to clearly see the estimates. The ships and their large escort forces were patrolling orbital areas, including the gravitational resonance points of the system. Luckily, Chesica hadn't placed his stealth fleet directly into one, but he did have cause for worry.
And then he realized something. "Why are we just now getting these results? We should have been seeing these ships for days now."
"Sir... they have stealth armor. It's about 76% as strong as our own weakest ships, but since our scanners weren't tuned for that, we missed them."
He restrained his anger, knowing that he couldn't afford many more losses. Chesica was in command and had to act like he had a real head on his shoulders. His exoskeleton's claws flexed a few times. The officer eyed them uneasily.
"I see. You will continue to watch."
He watched the mindscape. The Mind Assassins continued to stand guard, hiding amongst the crew and rooting out dissent and practices that were unwise. Chesica knew that the third layer was safe. But then, new readings made him pause. Explosions on the first and second levels. They were spreading out, detonating with overwhelming force as if from a bombing campaign. Did the Alliance invent psychic bombs? If they were dealing with that kind of force, the God Emperor was needed. There was no other way.
Worse still, Chesica couldn't reach him. It wasn't that he'd been blocked but that quantum link connections were being suppressed by the enemy. If he wanted to disable that, which he easily could, it would show his location like a beacon in the vast depths of space. With so many Alliance patrols in the system, he had no false impressions of what that would mean not only for him but his entire fleet. The Alliance's patrols were in more aggressive attack formations than the past ones had been.
In the mindscape, he walked closer to a Mind Assassin, who was now no longer slouching. The risks had grown, and so had their wariness. It was a sign of a competent guard, at least. Chesica had faith in the God Emperor's people but not in his species. Too many of them were stupid academics getting modifications on Cradle and expecting to be war heroes. Now that they finally had the chance, it meant he and other Admirals and Commanders were rooting them out and smashing down their ludicrous ambitions.
"What can you tell me?"
"We're almost under attack. The enemy is searching for us, but luckily we are on the third layer of them mindscape. Humans can't survive the psychic pressure down here, so we're safe."
"What about the hivemind?"
"Away from its constituents, it will be weaker," the Assassin assured.
"Good," he replied. "Thank you for the report."
"However, it would be best to take additional precautions. Oddly, the foe doesn't seem to be entirely destroying the consciousnesses it encounters. If a few-"
A sound broke against Chesica's fortified mind, and he saw a light flashing from above.
A single human was descending from the second layer, sliding out of the rock as if she was not a creature of bone and sinew. He could actually feel it as she sniffed the air and then fixed her eyes on one of the captains. In an instant, she was in front of him, her hands on his shoulders. Chesica growled in anger as all the weapons fired at her missed, impacting harmlessly against the ceiling of the layer.
Waves of psychic energy emanated from the woman. They were malicious but also calm. They carried a weight to them that seemed to promise something inevitable. The Mind Assassin next to him was already heading over to battle her.
And Chesica heard the human's alien language form words. He should not have understood them, but he did.
"Cardinality: Manipulation of Will. Domain of Zero. Energy reduction."
The sound of them was actually visible as a ripple in psychic energy emanating from the battle. The air blurred and darkened around the edges of the psychic energy shockwave as it passed. It blew back and parted against the shields of the Assassins, but not for long.
The Mind Assassins clutched their heads and screamed. Some unprotected soldiers dropped to their knees, falling to the ground, either dead or unconscious. Something seemed to twist in on itself, and Chesica felt a sudden stretching strain in his mind and eyes as if he was looking at something too large to fit within his imagination. It was like trying to fit a house in a cup. Some of the Mind Assassins near him cried out.
"It's gone!"
"I can't see!"
"Where's the mindscape!"
And Chesica could see a thin film surrounding them, reminiscent of strings of psychic energy. They were strings of psychic energy, he realized.
And they were all connected back to the singular human who had managed to reach them and wreak such destruction. She was a force of nature, beyond all hope of battling. Sevvi were floating in the air in an expanding radius centered on her. Flashes of energy always accompanied the surprised screams of the disorganized attempts to kill her.
In his heart, he knew the battle was lost. He'd waited too long and thought he'd had more time. His mistake would cost everyone's lives. He was no longer worthy of command.
On the bridge of the ship, the other officers were motionless, watching the carnage with dismay breaking through their discipline. Even the janitor who was sweeping the dust from the sides of the chairs was still. His eyes were unfocused, peering into the absolute destruction making its way through millions of Sevvi on its way to them.
He recalled verses of scripture from the God Emperor, and another realization struck him. He physically recoiled at the vicious weight and possibility befalling him. She couldn't have just been an actual demon with such overwhelming power. No. She was far worse. The one who would end their entire species. Seinyta Clana. The Final Foe.
Chesica fell down on his knees and began to pray. His exoskeleton clanked against the metal, drawing the eyes of his crew to him. But he no longer cared. Ego no longer mattered, nor did his rank and station. Only atonement could hope to forestall the doom falling against them. He would soon end up in the Land Of Dreams.
Two battlecruisers detonated despite no evidence of attacks. His widened eyes grew wider. His guards drew themselves up around him as he activated his personal shield.
"Oh God Emperor, please save your wayward child, for he has lost his way... Please deliver him from suffering, for he has been led astray..."
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2023.11.29 02:56 babykinns Recombinant Bridgehead Chapter 19 Hometree

Toruk Makto stood like a towering oak at the ledge of his floating fortress. The sides of his head were shaved, accentuating his alert ears. His braided hair was adorned in plumes the colour of fire, making his already regal countenance intense with righteous anger. It was the auroral hour, and the golden light gave hope to all as Jake raised his bow in salute to his arriving warriors. They were the ikran fliers of Kekunan and Tayrangi; the direhorse riders of Olangi and Ìponi; the Tipani, wielding their shields of viridescent carapace; and the Mawìtan, riding their steervanes dressed in knotted caparisons. Ikran riders by the hundreds flew around the mountain like black dots swarming the flaming welkin. U'imi (streamers) worn on the rider's backs flapped, snapped and cracked in the high winds, filling the sky with the vivid colours of war. Below, horns blared to greet the warriors, treating them with the deference their bravery warranted.
Thousands were bivouacked beneath the mountain, and the mood was electric. Na'vi took turns swinging on the gruelling pendulum drums so no player was overworked. They danced and skipped around the great fires to inspire others and to thank Eywa for giving them this life so they may lay it down for a worthy cause.
These civilized people would comport themselves with dignity even when preparing for battle, such as ceremoniously dousing their war hatchets with water, as fighting with an unclean axe was considered disrespectful or bestowing a blessing to their arrowheads that it would deal a quick and painless death. No matter the tribe, all peoples of Pandora were governed by this tenet of respecting life, which encompassed even that of their enemies.
It was midmorning when everyone regrouped at Vitrautral (Tree of Souls) for their most crucial of all pre-battle practices: the ritual communion with Eywa. It was an enigma to xenoanthropologists as to why the knowledge of warfare had not atrophied in a people that seldom experienced it, but the answer was simple. Pandora's global library housed centuries of knowledge dating back to the Time of the First Songs. When communing with Eywa, She would depart to the Na'vi, in subliminal ways, the wisdom they needed to fight. This allowed them to be pacifists without being weak, ferocious without being cruel—as hardened as soldiers but as innocent as babes.
Clans gathered at the steps and connected their queues to the roots. Some were chanting a rhapsody of prayers so complex in notes that it ascended the mortal vale and into the realm of the divine. In the firmament, an orbiting satellite spied the convocation and reported back to Bridgehead the amassing Na'vi numbers. A chagrined Ardmore frowned at a giant screen as she watched a green mass repeatedly enlarging over a series of orbital images. She stormed through the control tower and bellowed her orders to all within earshot.
"Roll out the Dragon. I want two dozen Wasps on escort. And someone get me Officer Quaritch on the line!"
The leader of the Deja Blus was patrolling outside Hometree when he was told to hurry inside. He stood before their communications unit and watched the screen power on to be greeted by a very irritable Ardmore. "Quaritch, get ready for some company. As of yesterday, Sully's amassed up to five thousand in the Hallelujah Mountains."
He was only a little surprised. "How 'bout that? Guess he's still Toruk Makto after all."
Ardmore replied with a grunt. "We're heading out to meet you to provide backup. Two thousand more hostiles will reach those mountains in approximately two hours. Expect an attack at fourteen hundred. We'll be there to swat the flies by then."
"Roger that. The excavator is visible at fifty yards. We'll give them the heads up."
"Don't let me down, recom," she growled before terminating the call.
"Alright, you heard her! I want HMGs primed at every loophole. Double time, everyone!" Quaritch gave order after order, and Hometree buzzed with activity as the Deja Blus ran about, reinforcing the walls with sandbags and prepping their weapons for war.
Within Txurseng, Spider jogged to keep up with Jake's long strides. "We're geared up and ready to go, Pops. Can't wait to make a kill with my bow."
Jake was confused. "Spider, you're staying here at High Camp."
"What?! I'm not fighting with the rest of you?"
"Be reasonable, kid. This is a battle, not a hunting trip."
"But I'm a warrior too. I'm supposed to fight!"
"You're too young."
"Too young? I'm older than Neteyam!" His scowl switched to desperation when he realized his mentor was unmoving. "Please, Jake! Don't leave me behind with the pregnant women and children. I'm a man now. Treat me like one."
"Being a man doesn't mean fighting whenever you want. You're to stay with Kiri."
"She'll be busy with Mo'at. She has no use for me. I'm useless if I stay here."
"Well, having a tantrum isn't going to change my mind," Jake rebuked. "You want to be treated as a man? Act like one. You're staying behind."
Restrained for the last time, the warrior swayed his head in anger. "I can't believe this. Hell, Jake, do you have any use for me?"
"You're always teaching me the ways, but you never give me a chance to prove myself! I had enough of this s***. See you around." Backing away, with a frown targeted at his guardian, he turned heel and departed into the cavern.
The avatar party was on standby at the top of Txurseng and stationed in front of their banshees. The scruffy team of insurgents, painted like their Na'vi comrades, wore a collage of weather-beaten gear, dying for retirement. Any strip of cloth that attempted to desert was then promptly seized to be repurposed around their head, Rambo-style. They stood in a lineup to be drilled by their commander, Norman Spellman; as a rider of an ikran, he wore his raspu' (chaps) to protect his inner thighs, and his claret loincloth hung over his strong legs that were accented by his songcord. The right side of his hair was shaved, and the left was braided with many pale beads. His open traveller's shirt not only displayed his chest, streaked with white mud, but also his ta'lan (cummerbund), indicating his rank as an adult Omatikaya male.
Norman's voice was not deep, but he had a commanding tone. "This attack will have three phases. After Sully's team deploys the smoke shield, the cavalry will circle the HEM-OA. They will pick off any soldiers they spot and provide distraction for Neteyam and his delivery boys. Meanwhile, the banshee riders will fly past Hometree in waves and turn up the heat. Once the enemies are well-smoked, we meet Sully at the crown and move in to cook their gooses." The avatars were hungry for a fight and hooted in unison to show their readiness. Norman looked at his team with an approving nod when Jake came up behind him, and the two firmly grabbed arms in greeting. "Jake, the avatars are ready," Norm was proud to report, but he noticed a troubled look on his friend's face. "Pre-battle nerves?"
"It's Spider." He sighed. "He wants to join the fight, but I can't let him."
"Why not?"
"Norm, Spider's too young."
"He's eighteen, isn't he?"
"Yeah, but this is a battle we're talking about—Spider's half the size of us. He can't fly an ikran. He can only shoot so far—"
As Jake was reciting his points, Norman crossed his arms and flatly stared him down. "This is rich coming from the guy who arrived on Pandora in a wheelchair."
The ex-paraplegic blinked thrice. "You're saying I should let him fight?"
"Why not? He's a man."
"Norm, how would the Paras feel knowing I was sending their son into battle?"
"The Paras are gone, Jake. Spider's future now lies here in High Camp. You can't keep him like a pet."
"I know that, Norm! That wasn't why I took him under my wing. I wanted Spider to learn the peaceful ways of the Na'vi, not get caught up in war like..." When Jake hesitated, Norman understood.
"You're worried about him getting a taste of it?"
"I'm a Marine," he stated. "I enlisted when I was seventeen. I know what it does to you—what happens when you take a life. It— It changes you. I don't want that for Spider."
"And Neteyam?"
"Neteyam is different," Jake countered quickly.
"You're capping Spider by doing this. He's separated from his species and can't undergo the Na'vi rite of passage. At least let him do something for his people so he knows he belongs."
"By teaching him how to kill other humans?"
Norman was sympathetic as he patted his buddy's shoulder. "Jake, when Grace let you undergo your Dream Hunt, it wasn't just your avatar dying that she was afraid of. It was seeing you falling in love with a world she knew you couldn't be a part of. She was scared too."
"She was right."
"Yeah, but she still let you do it."
Jake reflected on his youthful obstinance with a chuckle. "I wasn't going to be stopped."
"Neither will Spider. Trying to prevent him will only make things worse."
He yielded with a half-smile while clasping the hand on his shoulder. "You know, in that instance, what drove me was Neytiri. Thank god, that's not the case with him."
"So, you going to let him join?"
"One problem—what would he do?"
"Why not have him deliver one of the packages with Neteyam?"
Jake's ears flicked. "Yeah, he could easily do that, couldn't he?"
"He's one of the best climbers in the whole village. His name is 'Spider' after all."
He couldn't argue with that. "Alright. I'll go find him. Oh, and how are we with our current numbers?"
Norman looked around. "We still have two thousand more on their way. They should be here in a couple hours."
"Good, send word out throughout the camp. We're heading to battle."
"What? But don't you want to wait till the others get here first?"
He shook his head. "Nothing doing. Max told me last time Quaritch used orbital images to predict our movements."
"So they won't expect us to attack beforehand?"
"Jake, that's brilliant."
"You wait here. I'll be back with Spider," he called out as he took off.
Jake worked his way through the bustle of activity and walked down into the heart of High Camp; however, he failed to find Spider in his cabin. He knocked, but no one answered. When he entered, it was empty, and all the lights turned off. He stopped to ask Max, but the scientist relayed to him that he hadn't been seen for some time. Jake kicked himself for being too hard on his ward, but it was too late to rectify anything; he only had a few minutes before departure, and he couldn't waste time searching for him. With a heavy heart, the olo'eyktan returned to the top of the mountain.
Ready for departure, the ikran riders took the last few minutes to don their tsamopin (war paint). With a wooden bowl of paint in one hand, Kiri carefully drew yellow streaks across her brother's face. Neteyam thanked her upon completion, but before she would let him go, the sister had something else she wished to do. She plucked up her special tipi bag and drew from it a turquoise collar that bore the symbol of the Omatikaya at its centre: a tree.
"Kiri, is that the collar you've been working on for the last few weeks?"
She nodded, then lifted it over his head to place it on his chest. The Omatikaya were renowned weavers, and Kiri, trained by her mother, was regarded by her own clan as the most talented.
Neteyam admired the complex piece. "It is beautiful, sister. Thank you."
Rather than tear up, Kiri put on a brave face and threw her arms around Neteyam for a sudden hug. The brother patted her trembling frame and reminded her not to worry after donning his ionar (ikran riding visor).
"Grandmother and I will be praying for all of you," she signed emphatically.
"I know," Neteyam spoke with his hands, then kissed her cheek.
Further down the line of riders, their parents were performing the same routine. Jake could feel as he painted Neytiri's face how tense she was. This battle was not just them going up against a powerful enemy; it was to take place at Hometree, something his wife had not looked upon since that fateful day. Her worry lines ran deep across her face as she readied to speak. She took his cheeks in her hands and held firmly, giving herself a moment for her strong breathing to steady. "Ma Jake, before we go..." she began in English, and Jake knew it was serious. "I want you to know that my heart is filled with pride for you. Thank you for protecting this clan. For choosing me for a mate. For being my children's father. You are always beloved to me. And I need you to know that."
The man was struck silent as he gazed at his woman. Even her intense eyes declared how highly she regarded him. Rather than ruin the moment by speaking, he snatched her up in his arms and laid a full kiss on his incomparable princess. Whatever faced him beyond the safety of their Hallelujah Mountains, he knew he would be ready for it.
Quaritch stood atop a root stump to look upon the Bucket Wheel Excavator now towering over the virgin glade. The rusted green castle issued incessant billows of dust and smoke. At the end of its heavy cutting boom, suspended by many powerful hoist lines, were three revolving wheels of serrated scoops. The beast crawled towards Hometree with its jutted jaw, like a hungry Cerberus tugging on Hades' leash; it could smell the Unobtanium deposit ahead and wanted nothing more than to gobble it up. Its treads, the height of a cargo ship, rolled forward with an unrelenting metal whine that attacked Quaritch's ears. He pressed his collar to communicate with his teammates. "Johnny, what do you see?"
Alexander was perched at the highest peak of the excavator, surveying the skies through his binoculars. The coiled wire of his earpiece brushed his neck as he kept turning his head. "I got nothing, sir. Skies are empty."
"Walker, how 'bout you?"
Walker was positioned at the other end of Hometree. "Nothing here either, sir."
"Think the tail-heads will show?" asked Prager over the airwaves.
"Not if they know what's good for 'em," he answered.
"Too bad, my fingers are itchy."
"Put some cream on it, Fike. Sully won't attack for another hour, and Ardmore's coming to steal the show."
What the team did not know was that the enemy had already arrived. The ikran fliers were not to be found in the skies but in the jungle, hanging off tree trunks by the claws of their wings. Jake was perched with his squadron, watching the lumbering Yängomyu kllteyä; its entire upper half was visible past the emergent layer like an icebreaker ship penetrating leaves of pack ice. With his old machine gun in hand, Jake swooped down from his hiding spot to issue his signal for attack: a Na'vi war cry. Executing death-defying turns, Toruk Makto skirted the peaks of the indomitable beast, and in his wake fell a trail of orange smog.
"Na'vi!" Johnny shouted, setting off his recombinant M69, but the escaping devil evaded his fire by way of an aileron roll, creating loops of orange that drifted down the HEM-OA. Unable to see, Johnny nearly fell from his post when a sudden arrow zipped past his head.
Jake's squadron flew in fast behind him, also puncturing their tìkakrel'wll (blindness plant), so named by the alchemist clan, the Tawkami, who discovered they could inject these expandable pods with a special formula via quills for a unique weapon. Sweeping trails ranging from orange, green and purple began bathing the entire battlefield in colour as if it were a Holi festival.
The drivers were leaning in their seats to espy what was happening outside when both were startled back by a recombinant pounding on the window, trying to gain Mansk's attention. Upon seeing Johnny, Sasha seized his nearest weapon, then nodded to the men that he'd only be a minute before heading out.
Quaritch watched the action with dismay; Sully had, once again, outsmarted him. "Take cover! The Na'vi are flying in!" he broadcasted. He took up his Wasp revolver and, with his feet firmly planted, aimed at the oncoming rider twirling through the air. Time came to a crawl as the rider turned into view.
Their eyes locked.
Quaritch fired repeatedly at Sully as he sped away, not landing a single shot. Neytiri and the other riders came up from behind, and he leapt off the root spire to avoid their arrows. He ducked back into camp and charged down the log, commanding everyone to get into battle positions. Walker also arrived on the scene, having entered from the crown, and Quaritch gave orders to block all exits. He manned a heavy machine gun stationed before a narrow slit and started firing wildly. After a few seconds of chaos, there was a sudden lull. The recombinants were anticipating a second wave of fliers when the ground started to rumble.
Over the thunder of hooves and treads came the screeching direhorse riders charging up the excavator's lane. The muscular fighters burst through the obscuring cloud and took aim at the walking city. Mansk, Prager, Johnny and Warren leaned over the rails, trying to scope out their targets, but they could see nothing past the motley screen. HAF soldiers simply fired blindly at the ground, only to be impaled by the materializing arrows piercing the veil.
The circling horde was not without their own losses, but for every Na'vi rider slain, three more warriors came pouring in, filling the air with screams as the indifferent fortress lumbered forward.
Ikrans dove through the polluted sky, and new riders assailed Hometree. The recombinants, inside, sprayed an onslaught of rounds at the hundreds of blurs who were aiming for their slit windows. HMGs flashed in retaliation, but the colonel paused when he detected smoke. He jerked his head around to discover the bastards were using flaming arrows. Hurriedly, he shouted at Z team to "get on it," and the pair flew for the extinguishers.
Meanwhile, the assault on the Yängomyu kllteyä raged. Projectiles shattered against the steel, and the HAF soldiers, that still could, scoffed at the primitives' futile attempts to stop the HEM-OA when a certain arrow struck a beam and erupted into a fireball—the circuiting calvary had switched to those infamous explosive arrows.
Waves of heat rushed over the colossal body. Metal fragments struck random targets. Small fires began burning the internals, but still, the beast would not yield.
Back at High Camp, in Mo'at's pagoda, the tsahìk chanted an enthralling prayer that echoed throughout the winding cave system. The time of the eclipse drew near, and all three skylights ceased to issue rays, revealing the golden hues of the stimulated entwining roots that bathed the whole chamber. Kiri watched Mo'at with a studious gaze as the walls radiated with magic. Eager to do her part, she took her songcord, closed her eyes and began thumbing it around her curved palm, waving her other hand in a silent, esoteric hymn.

Amid the darkness and chaos, several Na'vi wearing yellow backpacks with the words "AVTR Program" printed on them jumped off their ikrans and landed on the excavator. Without the reassurance of netting or spotlights to guide them, the daring Na'vi swung with the skill of trapeze artists up the rusted non-tree. Balancing on the narrow beams of the boom, they stripped their backpacks to buckle them to the hoist cables, then escaped by jumping onto the backs of their getaway ikran riders. Two Na'vi, with different targets, moved further towards the pulley blocks, splitting off to either side of the excavator. A precarious climb with a sheer drop awaiting them if they failed, the daredevils reached the peak of the leaning tower to then strip their packs. They waved to their passing ikran sisters, and one jumped to safety, but as the other was about to leap, a bullet ripped through his side. Shouting in agony, he stumbled across the beam and tripped but caught a single support last minute; however, his grip was weak, and the demon who struck him was lining up for a second shot.
Having spent all his arrows, Neteyam leapt off White Flower and jabbed his bow in the demon's face before using it to thwack the M69 out of the hands. Warren staggered, wiped his bloody nose, then forcibly snagged the Na'vi weapon coming at him again, thrusting the small devil onto his rear. Neteyam eyed in horror when the enemy raised his bow high in preparation for snapping it across the knee, but when he brought down the shaft, Neteyam's craftsmanship withstood the test. Encouraged, the young warrior sprang back up to snatch it back. Blue arms twisted and wrestled for control in a deadly dance across a slim bridge. Warren had the upper strength, but he had underestimated how truly nimble the Na'vi were, and a lightning-speed kick at his heel threw him off balance. Another strike from the assaulting bow, and he was sent over the edge.
Johnny was moments away from shooting Neteyam, but when he saw his friend fall, he dropped his pistol and lunged to grab Warren's falling hand. The man swung with such force that it cracked Johnny's arm, but despite the sheer pain, the rescuer held on.
The tsahìk stopped her chanting when she sensed something strange and opened her eyes to a miraculous sight—the bioluminescence of the roots were moving in waves as if all the energy was being inhaled and softly exhaled. Mo'at nudged Kiri's knee, but the girl did not respond. She called her name, and then, all at once, the roots ceased to flicker and returned to their steady glow. Mo'at was bewildered and awed at the now dim cavern as Kiri stared at her grandmother, awaiting an explanation as to why she pulled her out of her meditation.
The weakening hand was slipping from its grip when gravity gave its final tug. The warrior fell with a scream, but an arm lassoed around him, and he was yanked onto an ikran. The beast pulled away from battle and into the jungle, where Norman of the Dreamwalkers set the Na'vi down.
"You okay, young warrior?"
His hand remained cupped over his bleeding wound. "I was grazed, but that's better than being dead. Thank you."
Norman did an American salute. "Any time, fellow cit—" His eyes rolled back, and suddenly, the giant collapsed.
"Au! Uniltìranyu Ngam'en!" he hollered in shock at the Dreamwalker now faceplanted in the dirt.
Elsewhere, waiting outside the battlefield, the avatar party was on standby.
"When is Norman going to show up?" a female driver complained. "Doesn't Jake need us to infiltrate Hometree?"
"It's already eclipse. He should've shown by now." Another blue face grimaced, setting down his rifle.
A third scanned the skies dotted with ikrans. "Should we con—" The avatar fainted—mouth stuck open on the unfinished sentence—and the audience along with it, not one before the other, but all at once, striking the ground as hollow shells.
The link beds burst open as the panicked drivers woke up in total blackness. Not only did the links terminate, but their cabins ceased filtering the air. Unable to see, they failed to find their emergency masks and fumbled helplessly in the dark. With their sealed homes fast becoming their tombs, the drivers used their depleting oxygen to cry for help.
When the electric hum of the human's instruments no longer filled Mo'at's ears, she prompted Kiri to follow her to the mouth of the cave, where they discovered, to their consternation, that the whole labyrinth was unlit.
"Kiri, you must go find Spider at once. Without power, the Dreamwalkers are in danger."
Kiri obeyed and set off to find him as her grandmother ran for the human camp.
The elder caught a form in the darkness as it approached her. "Sawnee, do you know what has happened?"
"No, I do not," Sawnee fretted. Around her legs was a clutch of children scared by the sudden blackout.
"Children, children. Come to me. Do not fear. Listen, you must hurry. Run to each cabin and help the Dreamwalkers. They have no air and cannot see in the dark like us. You must bring them their other faces, found on the wall by their beds."
With urgency, Sawnee and the children scurried to every cabin.
"Remember to pinch the middle part of the black frame after setting it firmly on their face! Do not stop till you hear the other face hiss!" Mo'at instructed. She prayed the children knew enough about the breathing visors to correctly activate the seal.
Meanwhile, Max had managed to put on his EXO pack and venture out of his cabin to help the drivers, but as he braved the darkness, calling out to the others in distress, his bad eyesight caused him to trip. He stumbled forward when timely blue dots scooped around his waist and carefully veered him away from the thousand-foot drop.
They did not have halos, but their bioluminescence sufficed as each little angel flew to the rescue. Through teamwork, toddlers turned the stubborn wheels of the vaulted doors and poured into the tombs. Drivers were semi-conscious by the time the children finally arrived. They scrambled to find the breathing visors and obeyed their tsahìk's instruction to the letter.
Resuscitating after seal activation, Norman found himself cradled in the arms of an eight-year-old, asking if he was okay.
Over the bedlam, Lyle recognized the crescendo of rapid fire and warned everyone to duck as a trail of bullets ran across their slit windows. Their instruments were perforated and spat out fireworks of sparks. Tongues of blue flames closed in around them with no more white agent to snuff the encroaching threat. Quaritch was the first to get back up and retaliated with his heavy machine gun. Gnashing his teeth, he bellowed orders, all the while keeping his eye out for Sully. Smoke now saturated the air both inside and out. With visibility rapidly becoming non-existent, Quaritch fired at anything. His eyes watered and burned, but he would have his revenge; he was determined to end that undeserving life while he still had the chance. As he surveyed the cloud, a teal blur suddenly manifested, followed by a woman's screech, and in that split second, a spinning shaft flew directly for his heart.
His eyes pinned.
The Marine's first life flashed before his eyes, ending on those last few seconds before his traumatic death. Spirits of slain Na'vi appeared before him as he collapsed backwards. They seized his neck in their vengeful grips, and he felt nothing but the icy touch of the undead.
Wainfleet and Brown alerted the others as the two rushed towards their suffocating colonel. Brown did chest compressions as Lyle hollered desperately, but the stretching mouth drew in no air; the man gaped like a fish on dry land. The medic came down harder; the corporal screamed louder, and outside the narrow window where they knelt was Neytiri's arrow, lodged into the bark, having missed its mark by less than an inch.
Jake stood on a root stump and stared down the excavator. On his orders, every Na'vi retreated from the HEM-OA. Once the site was cleared of his men, Toruk Makto pressed the detonator. Instantly, the planted backpacks blew off. Fireballs expanded into one giant inferno that swallowed the whole of the colossus. Limbs blew off their supports, and the beast yelled out in cries of warping metal. With its tendons destroyed, the boom snapped under its own impossible weight, and the great bucket wheels crashed deep into the soil. Fire and smoke surrounded the passengers as recombinants raced to help the humans, only to have their escape routes cut off by the tons of falling rubble.
Jake saw blue figures climbing down the superstructure, and through his scope, he targeted Mansk—the recombinant was scrambling to the mangled driver's cabin. Jake's crosshairs were right on the man's back, ready to fire, when he witnessed his enemy turn around, now holding an unconscious and badly injured human. It would've been a clean shot if Jake didn't lower his weapon.
High above, ikran riders spectated the HEM-OA, burning like their fallen Hometree; the site was now a graveyard of two giants. Neytiri gazed at the vanquished monster and, brandishing her bow, issued a roar that was echoed by her clan. The cries of the past were sounded again but for victory, not defeat. With their dead vindicated, the Omatikaya people finally had closure for what happened sixteen years ago.

Dedicated to Stephen Lang, this is the sequel to James Cameron's Avatar. This story does not follow the events of ‘The Way of Water' or any other continuation, only the 2009 movie, which serves as the foundation. Same characters but an alternate reality plot.
You can read for free on Google Docs, Wattpad, A03,
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2023.11.29 00:36 chinga_tu_barra Futbol Tickets in Buenos Aires - My Guide

Hey all. I just spent a month in Buenos Aires and wanted to put together a quick guide on my experience getting futbol tickets, since I was fortunate enough to go to a bunch of matches while here.
Before I got here, there were a lot of people that said everything from:
- Tickets are impossible to get, for all teams, not just River and Boca - You need to be an Argentina resident, and DNIs are checked at all matches - The stadiums are all in dangerous areas, with dangerous people - You really need to go through a tour company and pay at least $100 per ticket or it's a scam
Basically all of the above is not true.
So here we go...
Argentinos Juniors
Fun little stadium in a nice neighborhood. Paid 15000 ARS the day of the match at a ticket window marked for foreigners. With this, we got a general admission ticket in the second level of the platea, access to the stadium museum post-game, and get to walk/run on the field post-game. The staff were extremely friendly. The match was what it was; Argentinos Juniors gave up a lead late and lost. A fun way to spend an afternoon. DNI was not checked.
Racing Club
Didn't love the stadium, but loved the little area behind the field level, where kids were playing their own little matches below the popular seating. Paid 20000 ARS on the Racing Club website for a sideline platea, lower level. Ticket was sent by QR code. No issues getting in. Match ended in a tie. Didn't have a ton of interest in going back; stadium felt just too massive and distant from the pitch. Cool place to go to once. They asked for DNI, and I showed them a USA State ID, no issues.
Argentina / Uruguay at La Bombonera
Amazing stadium in a cool neighborhood; La Bombonera lived up to the hype. Got to see Messi. Of course, it was a dogshit performance by the national team, losing 2-0. Bought my ticket easily on Deportick during the Amex presale. The website took my USA Amex without any issues. Paid a lot for this one, about 130000 ARS, face value, but felt worth it given what it was and where it was; was in VIP seating (Preferential platea level). Had to pick up my ticket a few days before the match (waited about 45 minutes to do it). They checked for DNI, and I showed them a USA State ID, no issues.
San Lorenzo
Was told to avoid this one, even by the Uber driver that took me there. I'm very glad I didn't listen to them. I saw them play Boca in a great match that ended in a 1-1 tie. Had an awesome seat in the platea norte, paid about 22000 ARS on the San Lorenzo website. The ticket was sent by QR code. I had no issues getting in, and followed the crowd post-game to a spot where it was very easy to grab an Uber out of there. Definitely my favorite experience of the club teams / stadiums I got to see. DNI was not checked.
Copa Argentina Semifinal at Lanus
Got to see this one between San Lorenzo and Defensa y Justicia. Getting a ticket was a bit of a concern, since they first announced you had to be a socio and had to buy tickets in person. However, I went on the second day of sales, and was able to get a ticket from the San Lorenzo ticket windows with no wait (on the first day of sales, people were waiting upwards of 6 hours). This match was awesome, and by that time, San Lorenzo had become my adopted team here, but they lost. I paid 15000 ARS to sit in the plateas on the San Lorenzo side. No issues getting in / out with Uber. DNI was not checked.
San Lorenzo (again)
San Lorezno had become my team by this point, so I went back to see them take on Central Cordoba. With a win, they knocked Boca out of Libertadores and they themselves qualified. The place was electric the entire second half. Awesome experience. I also had become a Socio (3000 ARS per month, and entitles me to half-price tickets, all done through their website, so I paid 18000 ARS to sit in the midfield "officials" platea). Again, no issues getting there or getting out of there. Am going to follow this team pretty closely moving forward.
Other things:
  1. River and Boca tickets are not hard to get. Do not listen to anyone that says they are. The key is signing up to become a socio. You can do this on their respective team websites, and pay a very small monthly fee. This gives you access to their team on sales. Boca is harder, mostly because their website is not the best, but River is very simple to get through; they don't even sell out every game. If you're wondering how tickets become available, it's that season ticket holders can "return" tickets they're not using, through the club portals, and those tickets immediately become available to socios. It requires a lot of refreshing/patience, but it'll get you a ticket. (here's a video of a Boca socio going through the process, step by step:
  2. Join the team socios. It pretty much guarantees you access to tickets either when (a) tickets aren't otherwise available to non-socios, and/or (b) you get a nice discount off the general public cost. For example, I paid 3000 ARS to join the San Lorenzo socios, and saved 18000 off the general public ticket price.
  3. Do not send money to someone on Facebook or Whatsapp. There are lots of ticket groups where people will 1000% try to scam you. I learned this the hard way before coming here (back when I fell for the whole "it's impossible to get tickets" thing), and stupidly sent someone a lot of money over Western Union only to have the guy disappear. A harsh lesson learned.
  4. Personal opinion; avoid the "tour" groups. There are lots of these. They will claim everything from "tickets are never available" to "the only way to be safe is to go with us" but in effect, you're just buying a way overpriced ticket from someone. If you're ok with it, that's on you; they're basically taking the legwork out of it. Just know you're very likely paying many 100s of percentages over the cost of the ticket. When I left the San Lorenzo vs. Boca match, I wound up sharing an Uber with a couple of tourists who spent over 100000 ARS for an "Airbnb Experience" that got them a 7000 ARS ticket and nothing else.
  5. Sit in the platea, not popular. I didn't know what this meant until I got here. Platea = seats; Popular = general admission standing with the barras.
  6. There might be bad neighborhoods, but you're in a crowd. In my case, San Lorenzo is in a pretty dodgy neighborhood. It's true. However, remember you're going to be in a crowd of 30,000+ futbol fans, which is very different from walking around alone at 3am.
  7. If it's a big match, get there early. Even if you have a ticket, stadiums will sometimes close doors; this happened when they oversold the Argentina / Uruguay match, and some people were left outside, even with paid tickets. I've seen these in other countries as well, so it's worth keeping in mind that if it's a big match, get to the stadium at least two hours early. You also obviously avoid traffic this way.
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2023.11.28 23:02 vasopared39 Un liberal odia la deuda, un liberal ahorra lo que ingresa ♫ ♫

Un liberal odia la deuda, un liberal ahorra lo que ingresa ♫ ♫ submitted by vasopared39 to RepublicaArgentina [link] [comments]

2023.11.28 21:15 Negative_Solution_96 pajin terrible

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2023.11.28 04:46 funnyplayer2023 Mas alguém se identifica.

Oi, tenho 17 anos (2 meses para fazer 18) E passei por um dos piores momentos da minha vida. Tudo começou no inicio do ano, eu estava no quarto de hotel na vespera de final de ano quando tive um sonho no qual dizia que eu morreria atropelado por um trem esse ano. No inicio n dei tanta bola mas aquilo era muito real para apenas ser um sonho.
Eu toquei de cidade em fevereiro, sai de uma cidade pequena para uma cidade grande de minas gerais para estudar em uma nova escola. No inicio tudo ocorreu bem, eu morava com um casau de idosos que tinham me alugado um quarto bem bunito e a escola era ótima, o pessoal de la era bacana e os professores eram muito bem treinados, tambem tinha uma area com pingue pongue e toto para os intervalos e a cantina tinha uma comida melhor que a outra.
Passei o fevereiro inteiro praticamente tanquilo e começei a amar aquela cidade mais do que a minha propria, naquela escola eu me sentia alguem mais especiale melhor do que na minha antiga escola e meus colegas n ligavam para quem eu era e me tratavam melhor do que os antigos e as meninas eram muito bonitas. A cidade também tinha muitas coisas a mais para se fazer como shopping e clubes .Um dos eventos mais marcantes de la foi a festa de carnaval desse anos que tive la, foi disparado a melhor festa de toda a minha vida e nunca me senti tão bem vindo em uma antes. Eu estava basicamente no paraíso
A coisa começou a desandar quando fiz a minha primeira prova na nova escola. Des dos 10 anos eu desenvolvi transtordo de panico que, para quem n sabe, de deixa com um nível de estresse anormal en situações adversar como provas ou discursos, isso me deixou com notas realmente muito ruins e acabei tendo um ataque de panico no meio da aula (Fazia mais de 6 meses que eu n tinha um) Meus colegas me levaram pro banheiro e foi uma das situações mais vergonhosas da minha vida, voltei pra casa e fiz uma promessa para mim mesmo, se eu tivesse outra crise de panico eu iria comecer suicídio e que não mereceria tudo oque uma crise de panico pode fazer. Ja tinha passado por utras no paassado e que não meressia passar por isso denovo.
Depois dessa crise eu continuei com minha vida até que me apaixonei por uma garota chamada Giselle, ela era absurdamente linda e super simpatica e parecia se interresssar por mim mesmo que pouco. Demorou um tempo até eu ter coragem de me confessar para ela mais quando chegou a hora eu simplismente escrevi uma carta com um chocolate na mochila dela durante o entervalo. Sim ,ela gostou, falou que eu era um doçe e que gostava de mim mas que ja tinha namorado. N fiquei chateado a princípio, era a primeira vez que uma garota tinha dito algo tão bonito pra mim antes. Fui almoçar com os meus colegas e continuei sendo amigo dela, ela me mostrava diversas musicas novas e tinha um gosto musicau muito bom e nossa amizade estava indo muito bem porem, certo dia eu estava saindo da escola quando decidi tirar uma foto dela de recordação para mim so que por algum motivo a bendita imagem foi parar no plano de fundo do meu celular e com isso essa focou super irritada e falou que ja tinha namorado e que nem queria mais ser amigo depois dessa.
Ela soi reclamar com a diretora e ela veio me da um sermão sobre importunação na secretaria dela. Ela terminou de falar e eu sai de la ARRASADO, eu morri por dentro e senti como se tivesse deixado o amor da minha vida com raiva e não queria mais nem olhar para a minha cara, cheguei em casa pra tomar um banho sem conseguir tirar ela da minha cabeça quando aconteceu. Eu tive o pior ataque de panico da minha vida, durante o banho eu começei a sentir um sentimento de falta de ar e desespero tremento (Nunca tinha sentido nada igual en toda a minha vida) Quando tudo passou eu me senti desesperado, ainda tinha medo de ter um ataque desses na frente da minha sala e passar por mais uma vergonha. Dai lembrei do que havia prometido pra mim mesmo e tomei uma decisão, iria cometer suicidio. Eu estava voltando da escola quando aconteceu, era terça de pascou quando decidi subir nos trilhos do trem da cidade e esperar o trem passar por cima de mim.
Fui para aonde eu morava e anunciei no grupo de whats da sala falando que eles foram super legais comigo mas que não dava (Não cheguei a anunciar diretamente o suicidio mas deu a entender). Quando falei isso meu telefone começou a pipocar com mensagens implorando para eu não fazer nada contra mim mesmo, desliguei o celular e fui tomar banho, enquanto sentia a agua passando pelo meu corpo eu não parava de gritar, como se um pedaço de mim não quisesse se matar, meu colegas vieram e me impediram de fazer besteira. Fiquei uma noite internado no hospital e precisei voltar pra minha cidade natal. A escola aonde eu estudava teve que me transferir e voltei para minha cidade com uma sençação horrível de derrota.
Já faz cerca de 6 meses que fiz esse ultimo post e muita coisa aconteceu des de la, eu tentei voltar para a minha antiga escola mas acabou que so fiquei cerca de 3 dias nela. Todo dia que eu tentava acordar era horrível, parecia que eu estava tentando levantando um elefante da cama, falei para a minha família que eu n aguentava mais ir para a escola e acabou que eu larguei a escola e com isso tmb qualquer possíbilidade de fazer qualquer faculdade esse ano ou até mesmo o enem, a minha cidade era pequena e eu n tinha perspectiva de arrumar um emprego sem segundo grau completo e muito menos ter qualquer passatempo, eu basicamente estava de depressão em uma cidade que n tinha qualquer tipo de entreterimento ou qualquer coisa que me pudesse tirar da situação a qual eu estava e ainda por cima n conseguiria terminar o ensino medio esse ano, eu tinha ido de um aluno de uma escola de elite para um pre aduto desempregado, depressivo e sem ter completado o ensino medio.
Os meus primeiros 2 meses na minha cituação foram resumidos a caminhadas com musica recomendadas pelos medicos e ficar na internet trancado no quarto durante horas, e esse parece que foi o meu pior erro. Que a internet e um ambiente tóxico n e novidade para ninguém mas eu comecei a sentir na pele oque o excesso de internet pode fazer com um jovem. Eu n gostava muito de jogar pq eu tinha tanta ansiedade que mau conseguia ficar focado em uma partida apenas e mas abria milhares de abas do google e tentava ficar transitando entre elas coletando qualquer pedacinho de dopamina que meu cerebro era capaz de pegar. Mas ficar transitando e vendo diversos conteudos começou a mexer MUITO com a minha cabeça, eu acabei conhecendo um grupo de tik tokers americanos muito famosos e virei uma especie de fanboy ou kpoper deles, era um grupo de 8 chamados de yolo house que talvez alguém deve conhecer, mas uma em questão chamava minha atenção, a HOMA a maior tik toker do Casakistão com cerca de 50 milhões de seguidores e fiquei completamente doente por ela, eu assistia ela o dia inteiro e ficava deslumbrado com a beleza dela e confesso que ver ela me fez ter uma paixão platonica grande por ela, cheguei até a comprar um ursinho para ficar fingindo que era ela enquanto eu durmia, (Eu sei, ridículo um homem de quase 18 anos durmindo com ursinho de pelucia fingindo que e a churs, parece coisa de adolecente de 13 anos doida por BTS ou coisa do tipo, mas eu estava sem nada naquele momento e ,para quem estava sem pespectiva, n ligava para isso), até hoje eu tenho um churs fudido nela pq ver os videos dela me fazia bem.
Mas infelizmente n foi so de coisas "bobinhas" que minha cabeça começou a se encher, eu começei a ficar vendo conteudo mais politicado como jornais ou posicionamentos politicos de pessoas famosas, mas a pior coisa que eu poderia ter feito foi começar a ver conteudo Redpill e feministas na youtube e isso foi uma completa DESGRAÇA para mim. Eu nunca tive nenhuma relação carnal ou sequer tive uma namorada, para falar a verdade eu me dava bem com garotas mas n conseguia na mais que o "somos so amigos" Mas tudo mudou quando começei a ver esse tipo de coisa, minha cabeça ficava transitando entre odio de ser homem e odio das mulheres apenas por serem quem eram, tentei varias vezes acabar com isso mas acabou virando um vício. E um conselho para quem pensa em igressar nessa guerra entre homens e mulheres que está acontecendo nos dias atuais, n faça e apenas ignore os caras que falam isso ou aquilo baseado em genero. Se vc for homem, vai ficar hora com odio das mulheres so por serem mulheres hora com odio de vc mesmo so por ter um penis nas pernas ao inves de um buraco. Se vc for mulher, vai ficar achando que todo homem fara uma ruindade com vc, n estou falando que nenhum vai fazer, mas consumir esse tipo de conteudo so vai fazer com que vc perca a confiança nos homens de bom coração e pode acabar afastando homens de valor, basta apenas saber triar e n dar moral para qualquer um que apacera. Enfim, eu via esse conteudo e comecei a ficar cada fez mais inseguro pricipalmente quando andava na rua, sempre achando que alguma mulher iria tentar fazer alguma coisa comigo, uma acusação de assedio ou coisa do tipo. Mas o pior era a pespectiva de ficar sozinho que isso me causava, pensamentos como :
Um homem so vale o quanto consegue produzir ent tenho que fazer dinehiro a qualquer custo
Eu preciso de autoestima senão vou morrer sozinho
Se a mulher tem o poder da escolha, qual a chance dela escolher um cara com um emocional tão fragil como o meu.
Um homem vale mais sozinho do que com alguma mulher pq ele e de ferro.
Acho que queria ser o chamado sigma que vemos tanto na internet, a definição de homem sigma era um homem forte e solitario que n depende de ninguém e vive apenas de sua propria compania. Eu definitivamente n era esse tipo de homem, eu tenho transtornos mentais graves e posso falar por vivencia propria: viver sozinho n e gostoso e romantizar isso so vai fazer com que vc fique mais desgastado do que a sociedade ja vai te fazer ficar. Homens são homens e n maquinas, se vc so tem medo de se relacionar seja com mulheres ou caras basta colocar uma coisa na sua cabeça, n e so pq o cara ou a moça e bonita ou parece ser a pessoa mais forte do mundo que ela é, se vc brincar muito provavelmente a cabeça dela e pior ou igual a sua.
Eu sempre tinha o sonho de casar mas ver as noticias que esse tipo de conteudo parecia cada dia sufocar mais e mais esse sonho, pensamentos do tipo: Casar para que se eu vou me divorciar no futuro ou "qual a chance de um cara com a minha personalidade pegar alguém legal". E ter uma pespectiva de futuro sendo destruida me fazia ficar ainda mais difícil ainda levantar da cama. Eu ficava vendo cada mulher com um olhar diferente pq sentia que nunca acharia ninguém para mim ou que me aceitasse como eu sou. Esse pensamento so mudou quando eu encontrei com umas colegas de classe antigas minhas, eu estava voltando da academia quando elas me acharam e me convidaram para dar um passeio, eu estava com a mente desgastada e tinha acabado de ser expulso de um grupo de altoajuda do whatzapp por post que jugavam ser machistas ent já n olhava para elas do mesmo jeito, mas tudo mudou quando eu dei essa volta no quarteiram com elas, elas me trataram muito melhor do que eu achei que me tratariam, se mostraram preocupadas comigo e perguntaram o pq deu n estar mais indo para a escola, eu falei que estava de depressão e precisava me recuperar para voltar para la e que nem sabia se iria terminar o ensino medio esse ano. Elas falaram que eu n deveria me preocupar muito com isso e que tudo iria se resolver com o tempo. Elas me deixaram em casa e eu persebi que a maioria das convocações que eu fazia n eram reais e que isso estava de deixando paranoico, eu consegui parar de assistir esse tipo de conteudo depois de um tempo e deixei de lado e decidi tomar minhas proprias conclusões baseado apenas nas minhas proprias vivencias e n em relatos e noticias que podem muito bem ser fakes e que muitas vezes nem são verdades.
Passei a tentar ocupar minha cabeça com coisas mais proveitosas como videogame ou literatura, mas nunca conseguia fazer muito mais do que ver cursos por parte ou apenas ler as 10 ou as 20 primeiras paginas dos livros que eu devolvia semilidos para a biblioteca. Eu tmb tentei começar uma plantação, mas ela morreu pq eu n conseguia regar ela direito e confundia os horarios. Eu estava pensando em voltar para a internet mas achei uma coisa que me fazia bem, grafites, eu comprei algumas tintas spray em uma loja de construção perto da minha casa e começei a fazer grafites pequenos como flores ou bonecos palito simples, confesso que tive que ter coragem demorei um bucado até ter certeza que ninguém iria chamar a policia ou coisa do tipo, eu sempre fazia em contruções abandonadas ou areas mais fechadas, mas percebi que realmente gostava disso e começei a fazer cada vez mais. Acabei fazendo alguns desenhos até que bons mas nada muito chamativos, o famoso "bom para um iniciante". Mas eu gostava, podia e era bom, isso para mim já valia. Faço isso até hoje e nunca me pegaram, o maximo que eu consegui foi um simples chamado de atenção que um cara enquanto eu grafitava o muro de traz da casa dele, e até hoje o grafite está la.
Se passou os 2 meses e eu completei minha maior idade, n mudou muita coisa mas eu precisava dar um jeito de continuar minha vida, pensei que agora eu era um aduto e sabia que agora eu por eu. Pensei em arrumar um emprego mas sabia que n conseguiria com as minhas qualificações, ent eu pensei em acabar com o ensino medio, eu n tinha como voltar para a escola depois de ter largado mas achei um jeito de terminar o ensino medio. Eu fiz um provão no supletimo e tive que fazer 4 provas para tirar um diploma o mais simples possível, mas ainda sim era um diploma, era uma prova muito simples, nem precisei estudar e já estava indo bem em todas. Demorei cerca de 1 mes para terminar todas praticamente sem precisar estudar nada. Eu nunca achei que terminaria o meu ensino medio desse jeito mas enfim, foi oque deu.
Tmb fui fazer meu alistamento militar e fui dispensado sobre a alegação de incapacidade mental devido a suspeita de transtorno depressivo, transtorno de ansiedade e incapacidade psicologica para manuzear armas. Tmb começei a tirar minha habilitação e estou atualmente fazendo o processo de treino de rua. Demorei muito para chegar nas aulas de rua pq n conseguia levantar da cama para ver as aulas teoricas, oque deveria levar menos de um mes esta levando mais de 4, mas eu estou dirigindo até que bem. Já dirigia escondido com a ajuda do meu pai ent ja estava acostumado com o volante, acho que devo tirar a carteira no final do Natal, me desegem sorte.
Já que eu tinha sido dispensado do exercito e queria ocupar minha mente, fiz minha inscrição na minha academia e confesso que foi a melhor coisa que eu poderia ter feito, eu começei a gastar muito tempo na academia e dei mais atenção para o meu corpo, cortei mais os doçes e começei a focar em comer so maçãs, chegava a comer 5 em apenas uma manhã. Mas já linto a diferença no meu corpo, foi graças a isso mas as caminhadas que fez com que eu n engordasse mesmo ficando 6 meses trancado em casa.
O texto ja ta longo, se quiserem saber mais da minha recuperação me falem, sei que ja fiz muitas fics nesse perfiu porém esse n e, no me pessam se reamlente quiserem
Como teve gnt que se identificou eu vou falar o resto para quem quiser ouvir.
Chegou setembro e eu ficava um bom tempo procurando alguma coisa para fazer sem envolver internet. Ei já tinha acabado de fazer minhas provas do supletivo e estava para tirar minha habilitação. Eu me limitei as aulas de direção que tinha e as minhas caminhadas, decidi começar a fazer um bouco de bike para intencificar os meus exercicios ainda mais, eu peguei uma bike antiga que guardava em casa e usava para me locomover como podia durante a tarde, eu fiquei um bom tempo usando essa bicicleta e ficava a tarde inteira nela, o problema e que eu moro em um morro bem ingrime e subir com a bike devolta era mais cansativo do que eu ir a pé. Eu fiquei nessa por até 3 semanas ent parei de usar ela por completo. Eu tmb comprei um curso de programação para ver se eu gostaria de fazer esse tipo de coisa, eu fiz cerca de um quinto dele mas n aguentei fazer o resto, eu simplismente n gostei, tmb começei outros cursos mas parecia que algo me prendia e n deixava eu fazer. Agora eu to com 3 cursos online inabertos esperando eu resolver termina-los.
Meus pais ja estavam cansados de me ver ficar so em casa, eles falaram para eu viver eu lembro que respondi da seguinte maneira (Viver como, eu n tenho nada, n tenho emprego, n tenho mulher e tive que terminar o ensino medio da maneira mais ridicula possível, e ainda por cima vou ter que ver meus colegas formarem enquanto eu estou estagnado, me fala ent oq fazer P@RRA). Eu falei com um certo odio pq eu queria muito viver mas n tinha nada que eu podia fazer, eu já tinha feito oque eu podia fazer na minha cidade. Meus pais ent decidiram fazer uma viagem internacional, fomos para a Argentina, conseguimos fazer essa viagem de ultima hora pq já tinhamos os passaportes por causa que já tinhamos ido la a alguns anos. Para mim aquilo era uma escelente oportunidade para sair da depressão ou no mínimo conhecer coisas novas, a Argentina e um pais lindo, eu posso dizer com toda certeza que foi de longe a melhor viagem da minha vida, vou lembrar de cada detalhe para sempre. N vou detalhar ela pq seria praticamente um livro inteiro, eu tinha ido para Mendonsa e foi magnifico.
Quando voltei, eu estava mais leve e possívelmente mais recuperado, porém os problemas pareciam n sair da minha cabeça, eu ja tinha passado pelo pior periodo da minha vida e estava começando a dar sinais de melhora, mas os problemas ainda existiam. Eu fui em uma psiciatra em Belo Horizonte para verificar minha cituação. Ela tmb me diagnosticou com transtorno de personalidade dupla, eu era 2. Ela descreveu a primeira personalidade como uma pessoa carinhosa e tranquila, uma pessoa muito boa. Mas a outra era o completo oposto, uma pessoa com um ego inflado, ansiosa, preconceituosa e mau educada. Ela falou que anbas eram "Eu" mas representações diferentes de traumas e cicatrizes do passado n resolvidas. Eu admito que fiquei assustado, como assim eu tinha "2 EUS" Dentro de mim, isso n fazia sentido na minha cabeça. Ela falou que isso era serio e deveria tomar mais atenção do que a gnt achava que poderia, pq uma personalidade poderia tomar conta da outra e isso seria capaz de destruir minha vida.
Agora, uma breve apresentação da minha vida, vai fazer mais sentido quando eu falar, eu fui um cara que sempre foi o tipico nerd de historias americanas, era um cara isolado, sem muitos amigos e estudava em um ambiente tóxico, eu sofria de autismo leve e n conseguia socializar por causa disso. Meus colegas me isolaram inumeras vezes e a escola era basicamente um campo de guerra. Para quem n sabe, autistas leves tem dificuldade em lidar com barulhos e gritos muito altos e minha escola era uma mistura dos 2, minha turma era absurdamente conversadeira, era pura gritaria e barulho para tudo que e lado.. Eu cheguei ao ponto de usar táticas muito extremas para conseguir sobreviver naquele ambiente, eu meti a cara nos estudos e era oque eu tinha, passei a largar completamente o social e viver apenas de estudar. Chegou a um ponto que eu ficava de meio dia a 8 horas da noite apenas estudando, isso na 5 serie. Eu tmb ficava apenas no meu canto com medo de tudo. A psiciatra falou que isso teve um efeito devastador no meu psicologico, ela me falou que crescer em um ambiente escolar desorganisado tinha efeitos devastadores na cabeça de crianças e agora eu estava pagando o preço pelo que passei naquele lugar. Ela referiu a outra personalidade como uma especie de defesa contra os traumas que passei e um metodo de nunca mais ser deixado para traz. Ela falou que o odio por mulheres podia ter vindo do fato deu nunca ter me dado bem com mulheres e que minhas fobias são consequencias do meu passado. E que os traumas me fizeram ser 2. Ela tmb comentou que a personalidade infatilizada se retraia quando confrontada e a 2 era mais extremista e possuia o desejo de ser mais forte e mais resistente do que o resto, uma defesa para n ser mais taxado de nada.
Eu confesso que n sou um homem com a cabeça mais certa de todas, eu me considero uma pessoa fragil e que apenas finge ser forte pq n sabe como realmente ser, mas as falas da psiciatra foram uma espécie de alívio e desespero ao mesmo tempo, eu sabia que tinha um problema grave mas n sabia oque fazer para acabar com ele.
Outubro chegou, eu ja estava com uma rotina mais organizada e já conseguia sair do quarto com mais facilidade, o pior já tinha passado, pelo menos era oque eu achava. Eu começei a sentir a troca de personalidade com mais facilidade, uma serie de gatilhos faziam com que eu mudasse de personalidade 1 para personalidade 2. Começei a focar com medo dissa acabar com minhas amizades ou com minhas relações com meus amigos.
Se querem parte 3 me falem
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2023.11.27 20:20 JustANewLeader How to do a Balam route

Looking around this sub for a while it seems a lot of people want a Balam route in the game. Now of course that is very unlikely to happen but it made me think - how could such a route be done?
Personally I think Balam's downfall isn't so much due to a lack of courage or material resources, but more like a lack of brains. With their chief strategist G2 Nile getting knocked out in the early game, such is inevitable as they get outmaneuvered and outplayed by Arquebus time and time again. That's not to say that they don't suffer in terms of personnel or equipment as well, of course - they lose the Dafeng Student Pilot and G4 Volta in Chapter 1 for very little gain. In order for Balam to do better, these two factors must be overcome somehow.
So here's how I think a Balam route chapter 1 would go. I should specify this is not on a NG playthrough, of course, but on a second or later run:
End result of this for Balam? Not only have they seized the Wall, but Nile and Volta remain alive. The loss of the student pilot can't be helped, but the Redguns are now in a much better position.
What do you all think? And what would you suggest might happen going forward?
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2023.11.27 17:13 konbini “En tant qu’escort boy, je rends service à la société”

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2023.11.27 17:02 fiestaloca Subsidios y otras transferencias a instituciones de DDHH por parte del Ministerio de Justicia y DDHH

Hace un rato vi este post y queria verificar que lo que decia el periodista era cierto. Y si, lo es. La Asociacion de Abuelas recibio del Estado Nacional a 31 Oct 2023: $211.744.000.
Ahora, si esto te parece mucho. Aca va la lista de otras instituciones y cuanto recibieron:
BENEFICIO LEY 25.914, que se define como: Indemnización para las personas que hubieran nacido durante la provacion de libertad de sus madres, o que siendo menores huebieran permanecido detenidos junto a sus padres, siempre que su detencion y/o desaparición y/o fallecimiento se hubera producido por razones politicas entre el 16/06/1955 y el 09/12/1983: $ 1.305.326.087
En total, lo que se el Ministerio de Justicia desembolso en cuestiones de derechos humanos en 2023 suma $

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2023.11.27 16:59 Oriskana [ARMA 3][PRIMARY REPO][MOD+MAP DOWNLOAD] Saturday 02/12/2023 - UTC 19:00 - Operation Onion

Calendar Details:2023-12-14 19:00 UTCArma 3 Operation Bonk

Operation Onion


When? 19:00 UTC
Get the mods through our mod downloader, Swifty
Want more info? Our documentation
Join our Arma unit:
Recommended reading:
If you have any issues with mods or teamspeak, do not hesitate to contact the event host or any of the helpers on teamspeak or Discord. DM on Discord and Reddit PM are the easiest way to get a hold of the event host.
Mod(s) required:
Map(s) required:
Medical system tweaks:
tl;dr: Splints, stitching and PAKs enabled.
Settings Change
Limping Limp on open wounds
Fractures Splints fully heal fractures
Advanced Bandages Enabled and can reopen
Clear trauma after bandage Disabled
Epinephrine Anyone
Surgical kit Medics only; Anywhere + self surgery enabled
PAK Doctors only; Anywhere + self paking enabled
Blood Medics and Doctors
CPR success chance Increased to 55%
ACE Settings Change
ACE Fatigue Performance factor Increased to 1.8
ACE Fatigue Recovery factor Increased to 1.8
Pole settings:
  • Teleport to squads DISABLED. You will have to be transported into AO by helicopter, Ping enabled on flagpole.
Other changes from our usual mission setup:
  • Non-Zeused op - I will have access to Zeus, but will be only used for bug/ Arma fixing.
Non MC framework scripts used:
Light advanced vehicle respawn by Fiddi



Intel Package (
Fall 20xx, People's Republic of Sa'hatra
Subject: Urgent Call for Extraction
To: Misfit Company
Priority Level: Critical
Situation Summary: Critical events unfolding in Sector 7A require immediate intervention. Hostile activity detected; civilians and assets at risk. Local forces overwhelmed. Urgent extraction needed.
Action Required:
  • Assemble MC operatives ASAP.
  • Rapid deployment to Eastern Sa'hatra.
  • Secure VIP Estate.
  • Neutralize hostiles with extreme caution.
  • Ensure safe extraction of assets.
Timeframe: Immediate action needed.
Risk Assessment: High-risk environment. Potential armed resistance. Proceed with extreme vigilance. Priority is the safety of civilians and extraction of assets.
Your swift and coordinated action is crucial. Stand by for further updates and be prepared for immediate deployment.
This message requires immediate acknowledgment and action.
Criticisms about historical accuracy should be shouted down an empty can of microwave noodles.


Stand by for further updates and be prepared for immediate deployment.
Rules of Engagement: Avoid causing civilian and collateral damage.
Mission starting time: 06:20

Enemy Forces

Unknown Insurgents - Infantry, Technicals, Gun AA, suicide drones, more???

Player Forces

MC PMC - Special Forces, Light Vehicles
CH-146 Griffin - Callsign Donkey

Friendly Forces

MC PMC bodyguard force escorting VIP
Local Police force

Civil/Terrain/ Weather considerations

Terrain - Eastern Sa'hatra, heavily urbanized, lightly forested, lightly hilly
Civil - Civilians present across AO. Limit collateral damage
Current weather - no overcast, mild wind, no fog, no rain
Forecasted weather - full overcast, mild wind, no fog, no rain (POSSIBLE SANDSTORM WARNING!)

Mission makers notes

So far we have seen Sa'hatra's urban hell from safety of metal boxes, it's time to take a look inside on foot.
Unless you are member of aircrew I recommend to lower your view distance. The AO is 1x1 km.
I recommend for every element to have one dedicated person with Android or Tablet to message resupply requests to Logistics officer.


Use this in your slotting comment:
IGN: Discord Name: Slot: Alpha A1 AR 
CO, squad leaders and special roles (all roles in bold letters) should join the teamspeak 30 minutes before the event starts for planning the mission.
If this is your first event with us we would also like to ask you to join 30 minutes early for a quick introduction to MC.


This list is not guaranteed to be up to date! Do a quick look through the comments to make sure your slot hasn't already been claimed.
You need to have played at least three events with us for all leadership and special roles like pilots or vehicle crew.
Limited Arsenal provided at Starting Point.
Callsign/Role IGN
Playing Zeus Onionskana
Command Team
Drone Controller Michael
Callsign Donkey CH-146 Griffin
Pylons loadout 1x GAU-19, 19x HE rocket
Pilot Lottery
CoPilot Lottery
Crew Chief (medic trained) Klark Morrigan(LOTTERY)
Logistics Officer (engineer trained)
Group Alpha
SL/2IC KJtrey
Doctor klausman
AR aWeisGuy
Marksman SoL52
Group Bravo
Field Engineer
Group Charlie
Drone Operator
Reserve: Jonathan
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2023.11.27 14:38 Ok_System6457 Mujeres, ¿Descartarían una relación con un vago que haya estado con una escort?

La cosa es así, tengo 28 ya los 23 debuté con una escort, ya que era tremendo virgo, y siguiendo los consejos de un amigo, me dijo que ayudaría a mi trauma con las mujeres si tenia un encuentro íntimo con una. Como ya se imaginan por medios convencionales no me era posible, asiqué no me quedo otra que garpar una acompañante (fue una sola vez ).
El tema es que me da inseguridad que esta "mancha" en mi pasado pueda afectar mis futuras relaciones, tipo si me pongo de novio con una mina media conservadora, me pueda cortar al momento de decirle esto (Tal y como nosotros los hombres, en la mayoría de los casos, dejaríamos a una mina si nos enteramos por ejemplo, que tuvo o tiene only fans).
Aclaro: Estuve 2 años en una relación con una chavona pero ésto no le importo tanto porque era bastante open minded y tenía también un pasado medio turbio. Igualmente quería escuchar mas puntos de vista!
Desde ya gracias por las opiniones :)
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2023.11.27 09:02 Robo-TINA CONFESIONARIO ANÓNIMO v29 - Edición 800k seguidores!

Nueva edición de Confesionario Anónimo v29. Chusmeen CAs ajenas o dejen la suya.
Historial de CAs anteriores, cortesía de u/pretiacruento:
v2.5: (h/t to Legit_Laly)
v19: (h/t to elpoxype)
En caso de que lo consideren necesario:
Números Útiles
Centro de Asistencia al Suicida: 135 (línea gratuita) / (011) 5275-1135
APSIL Centro Terapeutico Psicologico: (011) 4543-2712
CEETA, Centro de EStudios Especializados en Trastornos de Ansiedad: (011) 4788-6245
Proyecto Salud: Lista extensiva con grupos de ayuda y autoayuda.
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2023.11.27 08:50 Legitimate-Ad-8988 AFRICAN SAFARI FOR SINGLE SENIORS


African safaris for single seniors are perfect for those that are looking to experience Africa at their own pace. These trips are the best way to travel as a senior on safari, as they feature a number of excellent accommodations in the national parks, and exciting, not over-jammed itineraries with leisurely-paced game drives around the most fascinating destinations.
Explore the vast diversity of savannah wildlife on one of African safaris for single seniors. Here at Mount Kilimanjaro Guide, we’re committed to giving you the most authentic, personalized African safari possible. Experience the ease of having all the trip planning details handled and being fully escorted throughout, so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy your journey.
African safaris for seniors are now a massively growing trend and we couldn’t be more delighted. Even if you are in your late seventies or eighties, there is always something in this wonderful continent for you.

African safaris for single seniors With The Mount Kilimanjaro Guide

We can tailor a trip to suit your exact needs, If you’re not travelling with the rest of your family, then we are also happy to keep in contact with you and then to give them peace of mind that you are having an incredible time.
Too many people still believe that an African safari is simply too adventurous for the older generation, but we will have to agree to disagree. The setting of the African bush is the perfect place for seniors to relax and unwind in the astounding scenery - serenaded by birdsong and sounds of the wild.
Whether you’re simply reading by the pool watching the passing game; going on a drive and keeping your eyes peeled for the Big 5 or taking a walk to appreciate the smaller things the bush has to offer - like the resplendent bird species - we assure you that there is something for every senior enthusiast out there.
When we get requests for senior safaris, we love to go above and beyond to design trips that meet every specific guest’s requirements. Whatever it is we can do to make your trip as comfortable as can be - we’re happy to provide.
The benefits of travelling to Africa as a senior
Contrary to popular belief, travelling to Africa as a senior has a whole host of advantages and we don’t believe that you’ll miss out on anything that the younger generation can do. Here are some of the reasons why it’s awesome to travel as a senior on safari:
The younger generation are often just starting out their careers or are focusing on bringing up children. Time constraints are a very real concern for younger travellers planning in school holidays and in their limited amount of time off work. Travelling as a senior means that you have more time to take it slow and really enjoy your surroundings; most senior travellers are retired and therefore they don’t have to squash up their itineraries and can take it at their own pace.
Multi-generational travel is on the rise; global expansion has meant that families can be split all over the world. Travelling together is an amazing way for families to reconnect, spend more time together and make new special memories. Can you just imagine the witnessing the wonder in your grandchild’s eyes when they see their first elephant or lion? These are the moments you don’t want to miss.
It’s always a lovely thing to make new friends and the wonderful thing about travelling as a senior is that you get to meet a whole heap of generations, cultures, and nationalities when you travel - broadening your horizons, hearing new stories and making new friends along the way.
Can senior citizens come on an African safari? Is there a maximum age?
There are no upper age limits at most African safari camps. Some activities, such as canoeing or hiking require a certain level of fitness from the participants, but provided your parents meet these requirements, there are usually no restrictions. There may be a maximum limit for endurance sports or activities such as mountain climbing. Best to check with us and advise us about any age related issues while discussing the trip.
From a purely pragmatic perspective, there is no reason for your parents or other senior citizens not to be able to handle a safari, but they may want shorter days in the bush or other amenities that may require booking a private vehicle for the convenience of all concerned.
Time to visit Africa Safari
Africa is open to visitors all year round and it is safe to all travelers including seniors. 14-21 days is incredibly the best for seniors on African safari. The length of your holiday may depend on various factors including your budget and destination you plan to visit.

What are the top destinations for a senior safari in Africa?

Experience African Safari in the Serengeti National Park, Tanzania

With a phenomenal collection of incredible national parks in Africa, deciding the ultimate one for the African Safari experience is no walk in the park. Tanzania’s oldest and the most popular Serengeti National Park is also an acknowledged UNESCO World Heritage Site that has won the title of one the 7th worldwide wonder.
With an expansive savannah, pristine landscape, and an epic odyssey of captivating species, Serengeti has been accolade as ‘the best national park in Africa’. While it offers a spectacular sight of nature’s wonders and ferocious predators throughout the year, in the month of June and July you can be a spectator to the world’s most epic the ‘Grand Migration’.
Why We Love Tanzania for Senior Safaris
P.S. You should visit the less trodden areas like Selous Game Reserve where you can see lion and wild dog sightings.
Mount Kilimanjaro definitely steals the fame for hiking in Africa and with an elevation of 19,336 feet, it is Africa’s highest peak!. A hike on the ‘roof of Africa’ will no doubt earn you an adventurous experience of a lifetime. You will get to hike through 5 different climatic zones while hiking on the routes with a variety of degrees ranging from difficult to crowded areas to scenic terrains. While Marangu is the easiest route, Machame is one of the most challenging routes that you be acclimatizing to.
P.S. Hiking on the ‘roof of Africa’ will offer you an opportunity to admire the stunning views of the dense forest, open savanna, and high alpine terrain.
All in all, the following are some of the top tourist activities recommended for the elderly and seniors:
Here are answers to the most commonly asked questions we receive regarding African safaris for single seniors
Are there opportunities to make friends if I am a single senior wanting to go on an African safari?
Regardless of age, the safari experience can be very inclusive should you want it to be, as it is very easy to make friends on safari. Many camps have large captains tables encouraging their guests to sit together with the camp manager and other guests and share their stories over supper. Having said that, there are camps that will very happily serve your supper to you at a private table on the veranda of your tent. The ability to tailor the experience to every guest’s needs is not only reserved for couples on Honeymoon – all the staff in the camps have a strong desire to make every guest’s stay as memorable and comfortable as possible.
How important is fitness when planning a senior safari in Africa?
Age and levels of fitness need to be considered when planning a safari, but no more than the type of safari you would like to do. Do you want to see the Big Five, walk in the wilderness, do a boating safari, have a sundowner on the escarpment while watching the sunset over the savannah? These things are all very possible and accessible to anyone. The thing we believe is the key is planning your safari with a sales consultant who has a passion for and knowledge of Africa, give them your wish list and let them tell you what is possible. The knowledge they share will give you an understanding of the safari world and the confidence to really enjoy your trip!
For a senior safari, we cannot recommend enough that you take your time to enjoy the experience. Give every area the time it deserves – a two-night stay in a park gives you only one full day to experience what the area has to offer, which is not enough. Travelling between parks can often take up most of a day, which becomes exhausting if you are moving every two days, so give yourself time to unpack your bag and enjoy each camp, we believe this is a key factor for anyone, but especially when organising the best safari for seniors.
Are there Luxury Safaris for Seniors in Africa?
One of the preconceived ideas many travellers have about Africa and safari is that you will be roughing it in a tent in the wilderness, this is certainly possible and a lot of fun but far more people chose to stay in the luxury camps and lodges with private en-suite tents or chalets. Like choosing your holiday accommodation anywhere you need to focus on the type of safari experience you are looking for and then… location, location, location!
What else do I need to do before I go on a senior safari in Africa?
Of course, when travelling you need to make sure you have prepared properly for your trip – you will figure out what jabs you need and you will visit your doctor. There are specialists who can help you every step of the way, so, you are 100 per cent ready to go on safari, a good safari specialist will help you with all of this. Finally, for any trip you should check your government-relevant travel advice and get full medical travel insurance that covers safari activities.
How to book a African safaris for single seniors?
The safari experience is very diverse in Africa, but it can be tailored to suit any client’s needs and budget - A luxury four-star safari starts at $10500 for 8 nights and a luxury five star seniors safari for 8 nights starts at around $15,500 for 8 nights, rates are based on per person sharing. Remember too that the luxury five star senior safari packages and some of the four star packages are on a fully inclusive basis.
Guide to Tanzania Safaris For Seniors
Now, all such people who are above 50 can stop worrying about how they can manage to enjoy Tanzania Safari after going through the answers that address their concerns, are as follows:-
We Offer Special Tours Aimed Specifically At Older Travellers
Safety Is Our Big Concern
We Help To Cope With The Long Distances
We Help You To Balance Your Budget And Travel Wish List
We Arrange A Comfortable Accommodation After Your Tiring Day
Keep In Touch With Your Loved Ones
African safaris for single seniors Itinerary:
Experience the most exciting safaris on the African continent. Visit Tanzania's national parks with their rich eco-systems of lush flora and diverse wildlife. Admire the vibrant flamingos and mighty hippos of Lake Manyara, the herds of zebras and wildebeest of the Serengeti and the beautiful natural sanctuary of Ngorongoro before discovering the abundant landscapes of Tarangire National
10 Days African safaris for single seniors in Tanzania Safari
Tanzania offers some of the best wildlife in the world, from the game-rich Ngorongoro Crater, where animals congregate in the basin, to the endless plains of the Serengeti National Park – home to the famous wildebeest migration and an array of big cats. End relaxing on beautiful Zanzibar Island. English-speaking safari guide, accessible transfers and all game viewing included.
Accessibility notes
Day 1
You will be met at Kilimanjaro Airport and transferred for one hour to Arusha.
Check into your hotel in this warm and friendly town in the northern highlands, situated beneath the twin peaks of Mount Meru and Mount Kilimanjaro and formerly an administrative centre in German East Africa.
Day 2
This morning your driveguide will collect you from Arusha for your scenic four-hour drive to the famous Ngorongoro Crater, travelling in a safari minibus with pop-up roof for game viewing.
After an included lunch, we stop at Iraqw Village. In this small but busy village you will see their traditional family homes, banana and rice fields and learn about their daily life.
We continue to Ngorongoro. Stretching across 8,300 sq km, the high altitude Ngorongoro Conservation Area boasts a dramatic variety of volcanic landscapes, wildlife, people and archaeology. Its grasslands, waterfalls and mountain forests are home to the Maasai people and an abundance of animals. It has also been declared a World Heritage Site.
Day 3
Today enjoy a tour into the basin of the Ngorongoro Crater, including game viewing and a picnic lunch on the crater floor.
The Ngorongoro Crater is the world's largest intact caldera, forming a spectacular bowl of about 265 square kilometres with sides up to 2,000 feet (600m) deep. Although animals are free to move in and out of this contained environment, the rich volcanic soil, lush forests and spring lakes on the crater floor attract both grazers and predators all year round, with up to 30,000 animals living in the crater – including endangered rhinos, lions, hyenas and jackals on the open savannah, as well as elephants and monkeys in the forests. You may also see flamingos on the lake.
On the way back to our lodge, we visit a Maasai Village to learn more about the culture and traditions of these colourful people.
Day 4
Today we travel for three hours from Ngorongoro to the great Serengeti.
Along the way we stop at Olduvai Gorge, where Louis and Mary Leakey famously discovered the remains of early man.
We continue to Serengeti National Park (meaning “Endless Plains”), a World Heritage Site that hosts the largest overland wildlife migration in the world. Each October over two million wildebeest and accompanying wildlife travel over 500 miles, as they journey from the open plains of the Masai Mara and across the hills of the Serengeti to the southern plains.
After calving in February, from April onwards the great migration starts once again as these millions of animals move northwards, crossing the treacherous Grumeti River in the western corridor in search of the sweet new grasses of the Mara. Check into your lodge in this magnificent wildlife area.
Day 5
Today is devoted to early morning and late afternoon game viewing in the great Serengeti National Park.
This vast conservation area, lies between Lake Victoria in the west, Lake Eyasi in the south and the Great Rift Valley in the east. The landscape varies from open grass plains in the south, savannah with scattered acacia trees in the centre, hilly wooded grasslands in the north and woodlands and clay pans in the west – with small rivers, lakes ands swamps scattered throughout.
With more than 70 large mammals and over 500 other animal species, including large prides of lions and great herds of wildebeest, zebras and gazelle, outstanding game viewing is guaranteed on a scale only seen in East Africa. Bird watching is also outstanding.
Day 6
After some final game viewing in the Serengeti, today we travel for five hours to beautiful Lake Manyara.
Check into your lodge perched on the edge of the Rift Valley, with stunning views over distant Lake Manyara.
Lake Manyara National Park has a large concentration of monkeys, as well as plains game such as giraffes, elephants, impala, dik diks and the rare tree-climbing lion. Large pods of hippos congregate where rivers run into the lake.
Day 7
Transfer for three hours to Kilimanjaro Airport for your onward flight.
You will be met at Zanzibar Airport and transferred for one hour to your beach hotel.
Check in and relax in your wonderful surroundings on this exotic East African spice archipelago.
Days 8 to 10
At leisure to relax on the warm golden Indian Ocean beaches of the beautiful Zanzibar archipelago.
Day 11
Transfer to Zanzibar Airport for your flight home.
Please select the style of trip you are after. If you aren't sure what they all mean, here's a little guide;
Adventure - This is still not camping as we know it! Expect here rustic, but comfortable and authentic accommodation. No frills, but no compromising on still exceptional levels of comfort and service.
$ 6,000 per person
Classic - A step up from adventure, this is a perfect style for those who are after a barefoot luxury experience. With very high quality camps, but no super luxury frills.
$10,500 per person
Premier - For those who are lovers of luxury... Not much is missing on these trips!
$16,000 per person

African safaris for single seniors in Tanzania Safari Offers

Elderly people traveling on our Tanzania senior Citizen safari get personalized attention. While on safari guests stay in Luxury lodges and tented camps that are well located in the game parks for easy access to wildlife parks for game viewing.
A transport and game drive while on our East Africa Senior Citizen a safari is in custom made 4×4 Land cruisers. This senior citizen Safaris tour programs are guided by professional tour guides.
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2023.11.27 03:50 sotooooooooooooooo No sé si ya subieron esto acá, pero me parece altamente pertinente que lo vean

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2023.11.27 02:55 MatChampion1 MAÑANA TODOS SOMOS DE UN MISMO EQUIPO

El dia de mañana a las 19:00hs Central Cordoba debe empatar o ganarle a San Lorenzo en el Nuevo Gasometro para que Boca siga teniendo chances de clasificar a la Copa Libertadores 2024. En caso de que pase este resultado Godoy Cruz, Riber o Rosario Central tienen que ganar la Copa de la Liga para liberar un cupo por tabla anual, y en caso de que mañana Estudiantes le gane a Lanus, dependemos de que el pincha gane la Copa Argentina para seguir con el sueño de entrar a la Libertadores del año que viene. ¿Dependemos de 1000 resultados? SI. Pero un paso a la vez...
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2023.11.27 01:07 C4rtm4nth3b4s3dchubb Sale viable hacer esto?

Hola, la verdad es que siento la necesidad de tener mi primera vez, pero la verdad es que ni si quiera he tenido una relación en mi vida entonces he pensando si solicitar el servicio de una escort sería seguro al menos para tener algo de experiencia con el sexo
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2023.11.26 23:25 TachyonTraveller Script for automatic drone-based mining - load six drones, find target, mine, pack to mobile storage

Here's the script. These scripts have been gameplay-tested and will stock and assign drone hub miners and automatically deploy them. Please read the comments in the code - the game expects a precise number of drone slots to assign your mining units, so the game needs Hounds with specific equipment. Do *not* restart these scripts unless you have to, they are not restart friendly unless you repack and then unpack the drones. Take a 'Reset Wagon' for this purpose. These examples check space for Crystal, but you can change that to whatever you want to mine; if you like these then you just need to change what we're checking space for to adjust for other resources. I'm happy for these scripts to be Spotlighted, if you wish, but they will need the clarification that they are not terribly restart friendly and expect essential equipment which needs minimum 3 I one M on the leader and followers mining; so, a Hound.
It assumes you are using a Hound with a medium drone port, radar set to a resource signal, and radio set to broadcast a match, and of course a Behaviour Controller. To setup you need to choose your radio to broadcast the radar match - in this case, resource, mineable, crystal. So Radar goes to Signal goes to Radio and drone Launcher. This only leaves the Small slot free, I'm using Human power generation tech but a Power Cell would also work.
It's simple enough, but assumes the script is from first run, because the game can't set a value from how many drone spaces are free when the script is restarted. If we could count how many drone spaces are free in a component and set the unpack command into a specific component then this would be completely automation friendly. As it is you need to pack up and reinstall the drones each time the script is run, so have a 'reset wagon' if you need to choose a specific deposit and to restart your leader by reloading the drones. It is important to not restart the scripts on these, just let them work.
This next Script is for your Follower and includes a single Transport Drone.
In place of the Radar we are using a standard Internal Drone Compartment and Drone which is loaded *last*, so be sure your Internal Drone Component is added to the blueprint *after* the Medium Drone Module. This way all the mining drones will be deployed. The Radio Receiver replaces our Broadcaster.
If you want these Miners defensible then you should give them dedicated military escorts, but you can mount turrets or shields on the S slots depending on whether you want firepower or durability. Repairs are definitely a follower's job. You might also tweak the scripts to cope with another two mining drones to unpack - you just need to change one number in the code.
The Transport Drone, if you're carrying a power field with you, will be able to offload into Radio ReceiveShared Storage stockpile bots, which can then Store into your Courier stockpile link to be sent to where it is used. Store and Transport setup has to be manual for now.
One more script!
The last one is for all out Mining. If you want more Mining Drones then check your power field can stand the loss of a generator. If you can then an S drone bay will take two more drones - the code is commented, you just need to change a number.
AUTOMATION BLOCKS: Store and Transport bot need to be set up manually. Cannot read Drone Component inventory and script with it.
RECOMMENDED SOLVES: Blueprint slots for blueprinted bots with drone loadout needed. Drones requested from the Logistics System once Bot or Building is built to save blueprint requirement bloat. Script access to blueprint and name of bot to distribute automatic transport routes and mobile storage followers to matching name and loadout. Needs to be partial loadout match, and to handle mismatch, because needing to upgrade equipment can need both extra and replacement modules.
The Drones have 2 I slots each, and in practice they are tethered to your mining unit and just mine. Efficiency I modules are your optimum play here - load them into a transport and equip the drones manually as they mine. This would make the S port better than an advanced mining laser with a little effort around setup. Drones can be equipped automatically with a Behaviour Controller but you'd need to install it manually which completely defeats the point. And yes, they will need you to replace the equipment each time you start the script again.
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2023.11.26 10:06 LastWeekInCollapse Last Week in Collapse: November 19-25, 2023

Earth’s largest iceberg has broken off into the ocean.
Last Week in Collapse: November 19-25, 2023
This is Last Week in Collapse, a weekly newsletter bringing together some of the most important, timely, useful, soul-crushing, ironic, astounding, or otherwise must-see/can’t-look-away moments in Collapse.
This is the landmark 100th newsletter! Thank you all for reading this weekly global Doom report. You can find the November 12-18, 2023 edition here if you missed it last week. You can also receive these posts (with images) every Sunday by email with the Substack version. Hopefully I will have the time to write some special end-of-year posts coming next month…
The UN’s 108-page Emissions Gap Report for 2023 was released on Monday, showing again that worldwide emissions continue to rise, despite international agreements and the rise of renewable energy. We’ve heard this all before; that’s why this Report was given the double entendre subtitle: Broken Record. Limiting temperature rise to 1.5 °C was but a distant memory, and preventing 2 °C appears to be a fantasy. The UN is now warning of a future with 3 °C warming.
Canada has the greatest “implementation gap” between what it says on climate, and how it acts. CO2 Readings at Mauna Loa ahead of COPE28 are over 422 ppm.
“This year, until the beginning of October, 86 days were recorded with temperatures over 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. September was the hottest recorded month, with global average temperatures 1.8 °C above pre-industrial levels. Global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions increased by 1.2 percent from 2021 to 2022 to reach a new record of 57.4 Gigatonnes of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent (GtCO2e)....these findings underline that immediate and unprecedented mitigation action in this decade is essential….all countries must accelerate economy-wide, lowcarbon transformations….Energy consumption and production account for 86% of global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, comprising 37% from coal, 29% from oil and 20% from gas…”
Over 1M gallons of oil spilled in the Gulf of Mexico, and authorities won’t say exactly when the pipeline leak began. It’s still far away from the Deepwater Horizon spill, in which 134M gallons of oil spilt into the Gulf, ranking as the 5th largest oil spill of all time.
A23a” is the name given to the largest iceberg, just larger than Mallorca or Socotra. It’s broken off from where it ran aground some 37 years ago, and is heading for the Southern Ocean. Some ecologists are worried about this iceberg potentially destroying wildlife around South Georgia Island. Meanwhile, Peru’s glaciers recede.
A report from The Guardian indicates that the 12 richest billionaires generate, annually, the amount of emissions produced by 2M+ American households. Three men in particular—Carlos Slim, Bill Gates, and Jeff Bezos—account for more than 95% of the emissions credited to these 12 billionaires. You can read the 136-page Oxfam report here. The report also claims that the world’s richest 1% (77M people) produce the same amount of carbon emissions as the bottom 66% (5.1B people).
Super pigs” have been breeding in Canada, and are posing a threat—ecologically and violently—as they threaten to migrate south into the United States. There have been tens of thousands of sightings near the border; elsewhere in the U.S. wild boars persist as a troublesome invasive species. Northwest U.S. has also seen a mysterious respiratory disease affecting dogs—the Reddit comments on the article may be useful.
The October heat wave in Madagascar is being linked directly to climate change. To make matters worse, the rainy season never came, and their President “won” reelection last week amid election boycotts and allegations of illegitimacy.
A London court has ruled that Nigerian villagers can take Shell Oil to court over oil spilt about 8 years ago. The EU voted to ban microplastics, and companies are wasting no time adapting. Brazil hit its all-time highest temperature (not heat index): 44.8 °C (113 °F). The number of people displaced by Somalia flooding is almost 700,000 this season.
A “recalibration” of the model for Limits to Growth was published earlier this month. The dataset and predictions here are updated from the updated recalibration from 2005. According to the new model, humankind should reach peak industrial output and peak food production within 18 months, and then reach peak population around 2026. RemindMe! 18 months.
Record November heat for Saudi Arabia. Greater pollution in the Russian Arctic. In the Russian East, bears are struggling to start hibernating because the temperatures are too high. And an all-time record low temperature for a city in northeast China, -40.2 °C (-40.3 °F).
The WHO is concerned about anti-microbial resistance (AMR). This is the increasing resilience of fungi, viruses, bacteria, and other parasites as they adapt to survive their traditional killers. Antibiotic resistance (the superbug) is one element of AMR, and it’s already having an impact in Africa and beyond. Apparently this week was World Antimicrobial Awareness Week, and scientists are relying on AI to speedily identify AMR in test samples. The misuse of antibiotics in many parts of the world has sentenced humanity to this grim future.
The tiger mosquito has become much more prevalent in Europe over the last decade, and last year heat waves in Europe killed 61,000+ people. Most EU countries want the EU to do more to prevent the spread of climate-amplified diseases, and to insulate from the worst effects of climate change. Meanwhile, the EU Parliament decisively voted down a proposal to cut the use of pesticides in half by 2030, despite evidence that pesticides are partially responsible for the modern man’s declined sperm count. In the U.S., baby food has been found to contain pesticides.
Despite widespread knowledge of meat’s damage to the ecosystem, people are not willing to give up meat. Nanoplastics are being blamed for increasing likelihood of getting Parkinson’s. Economists are worried that their economic models will be made extinct by climate change.
It is now almost impossible to find data on current COVID cases & deaths. I tracked down this OECD data chart, which appears to be to report that 519 people died in the U.S. from COVID in the first week of November. In the UK, 373. Most other countries have stopped sharing—or recording—data. Despite a recent rise in respiratory illnesses in China, the country denied noticing any new variants of concern. Most of the world is entering its first full winter without any real data on the pandemic. Can you find your country’s real vaccination rate, or a realistic death toll? (If you live in the United States, you can get 4 free COVID tests from the USPS again.)
As the global economy slows, some corporations are turning to a time-tested source of wealth: fossil fuels, these ones lying under the Arctic sea. Exxon mobil calls it “the most promising and least explored regions for oil.” Some analysts believe there may be as much as 90 billion barrels of oil to be shared among a small number of rich northern nations—perhaps worth more than $7 trillion USD.
Thousands of rats—some living, some dead—have washed ashore in northern Australia. “Mate, there’s rats everywhere,” said one resident. The rats had a bountiful mating season and exploded in population.
Cuba has been foreshadowing our coming energy crisis, with a year of devastating economic damage blamed principally on its lasting fuel crisis. Food production is down over 50% since 2018, along with transportation and pharmaceutical output. Local trade is down, and supply shortages are hitting certain places hard.
The global economy is growing very slowly, while inflationary pressure continues eating away the life savings of less stable currencies. Polish truckers blocked 3 border crossings with Ukraine over disagreement on LPG prices. A budgetary shock has cooled Germany’s future spending.
The world’s largest biomass energy company, Enviva, appears to be collapsing. This follows revelations by a whistleblower late last year who claimed its green credentials were kinda bullshit—and from the fact that the price of wood outstripped the price of energy and made the enterprise unprofitable. “It’s all coming home to roost in a kind of cumulative way,” said one ex-manager.
50+ Ethiopians starved to death, according to local officials. The northern regions have seen the so-called rainy season fail to materialize for five years. Meanwhile, a peninsula in Scotland could be made an island sooner than expected, if storms and flooding continue. In Pakistan, one year after devastating flooding, child malnutrition spiked considerably.
Fighting in Myanmar is the worst since the February 2021 coup. After a coalition of ethnic groups launched surprise attacks 3 weeks ago and secured several victories, other anti-government insurgents (with a wide range of political beliefs) escalated hostilities. Since late October, at least 70 people have been killed, plus 200,000+ displaced, mostly from cities. Other estimates guess about 90,000 displaced.
Canada has silently become a battleground for hundreds of agents of the Iranian regime, according to one report. Many are engaged in intimidation, while others practice ordinary embezzlement & corruption. Several weeks after India allegedly directed an assassination on Canadian soil, last week the U.S. announced a foiled plot by an Indian agent to assassinate a Sikh separatist on American soil, amid growing tensions in Indian society. Colombia’s low-intensity insurgency is still ongoing 70+ years later, with local warlord-businessmen assuming power in remote regions following FARC’s 2017 disarmament.
A car explosion at the U.S.-Canada border had people worrying about terrorism, but it appears now that it was unrelated. Traffic deaths are up 30% in Ireland so far this year.
The conservatives won in Argentina and Netherlands, and the new President-elect of Argentina asserted sovereignty over the Falkland Islands (population: ~3,660), a small set of islands long governed as a British territory. Australia and the Philippines are conducting joint patrols in the South China Sea to deter Chinese interference; two weeks ago China blasted some Australian Navy divers with a dangerous sonar pulse as they cleaned their propellors. A tunnel collapse in India trapped 41 workers.
A stabbing in Dublin, amplified by some on the far-right over claims that the stabber was Algerian-Irish, resulted in a 500+ person riot in which fireworks were launched at police, over a dozen burnt, and dozens arrested. Over 400 police were deployed to the scene, which is forcing a police rethink of internal threats. In Greece, migrants are being scapegoated for wildfires.
North Korea launched its first spy satellite successfully into orbit last week. Some fear its information potential while others doubt its utility. It could still trigger Kessler Syndrome as a black swan event…
Some Houthi rebels have said that they will continue launching missiles until Israel is destroyed, after seizing a cargo ship and rerouting it to their port at Hodeida. They also warned of War expansion beyond Gaza if the conflict is not soon resolved. The United States also air-struck Iran-backed militias in Iraq twice last week.
In addition to the destruction wrought unto the infrastructure of still-besieged Gaza, the recent eruption of violence has made this War the deadliest conflict for journalists on record. 48 journalists have died covering the conflict since Hamas’ October 7 massacre. While attention is fixated on Gaza, {counter}operations are expanding in the West Bank. Many of the recently summoned IDF reservists are themselves illegal settlers. An uncertain 4-day ceasefire was agreed on Friday, ahead of about 50 of Hamas’ hostages being exchanged for roughly 150 Palestinian prisoners. Operations will continue for at least a few more months, and the hoped-for olive (oil) harvest in Gaza (Palestine was the world’s 21st largest producer) is not happening. This War is also costing Israel over $1B every four days. For many casual observers, the War has already become background noise.
Germany pledged another €1.3B for Ukraine ahead of the long winter. U.S. intelligence warned that the Wagner Group may be planning to give air defence systems to Iran and Iran-backed Hezbollah, which is still engaging with Israeli forces in southern Lebanon. We may be witnessing the beginning of the convergence of these two Wars. 2024 is being increasingly set up geopolitically like a Year Where Things Happen™.
Russian confidence in their military has allegedly dropped, but only from 80% to 75%. Amid a matériel shortage, Russians are modifying 1950s tractors with old guns to wage war. Following a deadly strike at a Ukrainian awards ceremony 3 weeks ago, Ukraine struck a Russian awards ceremony, reportedly killing 25+ Russian soldiers and injuring about 100. Despite small Ukrainian victories around Kherson and at Avdiivka, the war is stalling—and a growing number of people think both sides are planning for stalemate, a settlement that would effectively benefit Russia.
Some defense guys think Russia will be ready to fight NATO the West™ within 10 years; others know that the fighting never really stopped, it was merely transformed. Russia launched its largest drone assault on Kyiv since the full-scale invasion began—but the 6-hour drone attack did not kill anyone, although it injured 5 and damaged some buildings. Russia is continuing its human wave assault at Avdiivka, a doomed attack for a doomed ruin.
Darfur continues to unravel while brutal fighting—ethnic cleansing and indiscriminate atrocities—has become more widespread. Hundreds of thousands of refugees flowed into Chad, sharpening the already acute food crisis. Decisive victory seems impossible, so while the parties rage, the state is falling apart.
”...[over the last 7 months] almost 5 million people have been internally displaced, and a further 1.3 million have crossed borders seeking safety, putting immense pressure on host communities. In addition, 20 million people are facing hunger, with over six million just one step away from famine. Cholera outbreaks have been declared in around the country, including in states hosting significant numbers of people displaced by the conflict. It is estimated that 3.1 million people are at risk of contracting the acute watery diarrhoea and cholera by December. Malaria cases have surpassed 800,000.” -Disease, Displacement, and Hunger Escalating in Sudan, UNDP
Things to watch for next week include:
COPout28 begins next week, and the forecast is dire. Activists are worried about being arrested. Governments are pushing firmer targets with softer enforcement. Many are concerned that an oil boss is hosting the conference, or have other issues with the whole affair.
Select comments/threads from the subreddit last week suggest:
-The U.S.A. is continuing its sad decline, based on this weekly observation from the grocery stores and streets to psychotic acts of violence and the ever-dropping standards of health. The utter Collapse of the standard of living, and the normalization of rot. On the other hand, zero people were killed in Black Friday shopping attacks this year, for the second consecutive year.
-Some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice, this poorly-titled thread explores the age-old tension between immigration, rising populations, and long-term climate success. The interdisciplinary “ecofascist” issue that can never be resolved; someone posted a related Isaac Asimov video in the subreddit.
-Alternating drought and flooding is taking its toll on Australia’s environment, judging from this ordinary observation in the southeast mountains. What’s going to happen after all the birds die?
-The machine cannot stop, and it will run you over if you get in its way, says this provocative comment on how the “Republican” me-first mentality has conquered the masses, and why it will not be unseated. I am not fully convinced, but it is worth reflecting on.
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