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Trying to get back to it...

2023.11.29 07:44 Solid_Thanks_1688 Trying to get back to it...

So, backstory: I grew up with a lot of food insecurity so I tend to eat because of those issues.
in 2018 I went to Hawaii with my husband. He was in the military and had to go spend a few weeks there, I went out for a week and spent a lot of it alone. It was over my birthday week, so while he had to go to work, I would go to the beach. I ended up running into a friend from HS (I'm originally from CA so it's a quick jump to Oahu, so not uncommon that old friends are in HI), who hadn't seen me in person since pur HS reunion because we had moved to AL so about 5yrs prior to this. She mentioned that I had gained weight (not in an asshole way). I enjoyed the rest of my time and then flew back to AL and got serious. I started doing a very relaxed keto, watching calories, and doing spin classes 4-5 times a week, losing about 80lbs and maintaining. I had used MyfitnessPal, but the things I used are not free anymore, and I had a great accountability group. Jeylane Shelton had a FB group and everyone was awesome, until she shut it down and I didn't have anyone else IRL that followed that lifestyle.
Then the rona hit and being a nurse, I saw a lot of stuff, that led me into eating my feelings. The gyms were closed, I was eating junk, but was still maintaining my weight loss until 2021. A mental health crisis my son had caused him to be thrown into juvenile detention, and I quit the gym altogether, went to night shift (lawyers are $$), was severly depressed, and fell back into my habits of binging. I've gained 40 of the 80 back.
My son is home, my depression is in check, but I am finding it sooooo hard to get back to it. It's been so long that I can't even remember how I really started before and being on nights throws a whole level of difficulty since I don't have the time to gym like I used to (we don't have 24hr gyms and many don't offer classes, which I enjoy).
Any tips on how I can start again? Any FB accountability groups you find helpful? Any workouts online that you can recommend? Tips for night shifters?
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2023.11.29 06:30 MiniMeBot Daily Discussion Thread - November 29, 2023

Daily Discussion Thread - November 29, 2023

🎄 Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting

The 91st annual Rockefeller Center Christmas Tree Lighting is set for Wednesday, Nov. 29. The tree lighting ceremony is set to kick off at 7 p.m EST. It will take place on Center Plaza at Rockefeller Center between 49th and 50th Streets.
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2023.11.29 06:13 NatsuAru My Experience at Barclays Center! + Notes about the team up close!

My Experience at Barclays Center! + Notes about the team up close!


As I posted earlier, I was at the Barclays Center today to watch us lose to the Nets! I really wanted to share my experience for people who are thinking of attending a game in New York, and don't want to spend an arm and a leg (and your soul) to MSG's prices. This is a good alternative to MSG, sans a few problems here and there, but it shouldn't be much of an issue.
Let's start with the Center: Price - For near-front row seats that are not VIP/Qatar level, this cost me about $205 USD, totaling ~$250 with taxes + fees. This is an amazing price I feel for seats are so close to the players and the court compared to MSG, which is about 5x that price for that distance and view.
Perks - Here's the great part of why that price was so good; you get unlimited food and drinks (non-alcoholic) for the entire duration of the game. That is from start to finish. You are given a voucher that you can use on every concession restaurant. It doesn't matter how many times you want to eat, you will get it. You are allotted one entree, one drink and one dessert every visit. You want more? Come and get it on your next run-around. They are only one flight of stairs away as well! If you're feeling super lazy or just want to get smashed, you are given a personal QR code on your seat, where you can order some snacks and alcoholic drinks straight to your location. These are expensive, about $15USD per bottle for the lowest beer or hard liquor. You can definitely tell who are the rich guys in the section cause only rich old dudes were ordering it. Non-stop.
Food! - As you can see, I got the popular chicken fingers to start. But I also ate a sandwich and some pizza. Few things to note, however - 1) These are loaded with calories to make you full. They don't want you eating nonstop, so all these foods are meant to bloat you. I wanted 4 meals this entire game, but by the 3rd, I was already dying. Fried chicken is extremely popular for a reason. It's pretty good! By halftime, you will find yourself in an extremely long line for them. As someone who is in the NYC area, the pizza is not NY/NJ level. Not even close. It sucks. You're better off getting pizza fresh at the start, because the pizza at halftime can be a jawbreaker. My crown tooth felt the brunt of it before I gave up and ate the cheese. Bottled water is free with your front-row seat, but they will take the caps. Apparently people keep throwing them, so your bottle is always open. The seats have cup holders, but they will not hold bottles, so you're holding an open water bottle the whole time. Just go for diet soda or something. The bars around the arena are fantastic. You should definitely take a trip sometime, possibly at the beginning, because they fill up fast as the game goes on.
Seating Experience - The seats are comfortable, but if you're a big guy or have a big coat, you will have trouble. You won't be able to share arm rests with anyone, so make sure to assert dominance and take one of the two, or either fold your arms like a dad, or clash those hands together like a kid who's in trouble with the principle. Or, you can assume gaming position. I went for the latter. I was locked in. Amazing view. You can see everything, but the whistle on the other side is impossible to hear. I didn't hear it once. It was awesome to see Matty D in person, though! You're an arm's length away from restrooms and restaurants even when you're so far down. Great access to a lot of things. It's worth every penny. It's HOT in this arena. The temp went up by 10 degrees (F) real quick. If there was any AC in this arena, it wasn't on. I was sweating just by sitting there.
Traveling - It's not as easy to get here as MSG, as you're going to be taking an extra train, usually a much older MTA train at that, which is constantly full from start to finish. Wait times can be brutal, especially if you miss a train. "Should I drive?" No. "But what if I got a rental and-" No. Any NY'er will tell you how dumb it is to bring a car to any arena. There's no parking, and the cheapest one is $35-50 flat and you STILL have to walk. Stop it. Don't kid yourself into thinking it's convenient. It's not. New York City wasn't made for convenience. That's why New Yorkers are always rough around the edges. Expect delays. All the time. And for god's sake, if you can help it, don't use buses. Use the trains. Yeah, it's dank and sometimes weirdly hot down there, and the seats are a 50/50 in terms of sanitation, but trust me, you'll be fine.
With that being said, enough of that. Let's talk about the team up close and my experience!: - These mfers are HUGE. When the Brooklynettes went to dance, they were like tiny people compared to them. - Masai and Bobby's extremely oiled up hair were here! They showed up minutes before tip-off. Bobby's hair was so shiny the reflection of the light off of it blinded me for a moment. - Shootaround was the best indication that these dudes weren't gonna do well shooting from 3. They all missed. And I don't mean they missed because the balls were hitting each other at the rim. They were bricking. Every. Single. One of them. Felt like a precursor. - Scottie was the only dude who struck a pose when his name was called for the starting lineup. The kids love him, too. They were screaming for him, even the kids who were Nets fans. Maybe his twitch stream was more popular than I thought. - Precious.EXE stopped functioning the second the Brooklynettes came to dance. I mean, stopped. He held the ball during shootaround and went into a trance. He was pretending to not look, but this mfer looked. He could not actually function. He just straight froze, even when Pyro was going off for the Nets starting five, then glance at them, then freeze. Then glance. He had to shake his head to wake his ass up and try to focus on shooting instead of the Brooklyn Girls. He swished the first three. Then never shot again. I think Scottie had to snap him back to reality. - Speaking of Precious... yeah. If you think it's frustrating seeing him on TV, wait till you see this dude up close and personal. It's an experience. I legit watched him butter-finger slip the ball on 3 straight possessions on 3 great passes before I think I spazzed out. It's almost impossible the way he fumbles the ball. It's like his hand-eye coordination is so off, or his brain lags. It was bad. It was really, really bad. And it sucks because I like him a lot, but you can tell that for all his physical gifts, his awareness of the moment is not there at all. - But this isn't just his problem. He might be the worst example, but I noted that the team is constructed of physically, extremely gifted long athlete wings that seemed to have used Equivalent Exchange to use their BBIQ for more length and athleticism. A lot of them make bone-head mistakes, and they make it often. - Nurse's princeton offense with DHOs makes a ton of sense now, because these dudes have issues making split decisions. They are incapable of thinking on the fly. It's why Darko wants to the 0.5 offense a lot, because he doesn't want them thinking too much, otherwise they'll freeze. - I made a note to put a picture on this post of the bench, particularly this one. Because it shows why Masai chose these veterans over other prospects. Otto, Thad and Garrett were active the entire game. All three of them were talking together to the rest of the team in the TO before Darko makes his plays, trying to give very sound and solid advice. They're amazing teammates for sure! But there's a problem with this. I'll get to it soon. - I can't even express how much support Schroder was giving. He was clapping and trying to will them during TOs and always redirecting everyone to pay attention to the play. Super positive, always trying to lift the team. It was awesome to see. A great PG. But there's a problem with this, too. More on that soon. - Scottie didn't look like himself. He wasn't screaming when the Nets were attempting a shot, and he wasn't super aggressive in the paint. He was looking for fouls. I hated it. But at the same time, his volleyball pass to Boucher, and that other quick no-look relay pass to the paint shocked the whole crowd. They were shook. His vision and timing is immaculate. - Darko made a note to grab the boys when they were heading to the bench to talk to them, and was super smiley and uplifting to all of them. But... - The young guns get discouraged fast. And this is where the last few notes come to play because... maybe Bev was right. These kids are soft. I can't describe it well, but Masai constructed the vet presence and coaching to be as supportive as possible, to the point of coddling. I'm not saying Nurse's strict coaching was good for them either, but being all smiles and vibes really shows how fragile it is when the other team gets aggressive and starts talking that good shit. The young ones get shook. Garret made a note to talk to Precious after a TO to try and uplift him, but he looked out of it. It didn't seem like he listened. - That's not to say all of them were not listening. Supporting vets and coaching works, but there has to be a balance. The ones who really benefitted were Malachi, Gary and.... McDaniels? During the TOs, Malachi was constantly locked in and listening. No fooling around, no slouched shoulders. Nothing. Gary never claps or says anything, but I realized he was always listening. He was paying attention. When the vets said something, he took every word in. It was great to see. - Speaking of Gary, man some of his shots wowed the crowd. I'm so glad his shots are falling. - Jalen was completely in his head, but he kept trying to listen to the vets. You can see he's struggling to improve and that he really cares about it. When he makes a wrong play, he gets REAL upset about it to the point that one of the vets or Darko has to calm him down. - Also caught him falling asleep standing. He yawned... then just... passed out. Kind of amazing, really. - Lastly, I needed to see it to believe it, but now I believe it. OG's legs are otherworldly huge. I mean actual tree trunks. I mean as thick as Jak's waist. I can't even describe it well. No one else's legs, NO ONE'S, came even close to the definition and appearance of pure strength than OG's. A goddamn horse.

...and that's about it. I didn't intent to type so much, but wow. I enjoyed my first time at Barclays so much. I would 100% recommend it, especially paying for lower section seats. They are worth every penny!
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2023.11.29 05:31 calibsnstudent “Im not talking to the nurse right now, I’m talking to my patient”

I went in to a room to do my rounds last night. As I was changing a patient’s brief they start complaining about an itch on their back that they can’t scratch. They then point out this patch on their stomach that looks like bug bites and ask me to inform the nurse. They weren’t in any respiratory distress and it didn’t look like an allergic reaction, so I informed them that I’d let the nurse know as soon as I finish up in their room, cause I still had to change their roommates’ briefs.
As I’m finishing up changing one of their roommates, the first resident starts whining that they just heard the nurse in the hallway and why didn’t I just yell out for them to come inside. I replied, “because I’m not talking to the nurse right now, I’m talking to my patient”. I hadn’t even paid attention to the fact that the nurse was in the hallway, and even if I had I’m not gonna be hollering out into the hallway for a non-emergency just because a whiny self centered patient wants me to.
Anyway, they said they’re going to report me and I’m wondering if I can get in trouble for this? I still let the nurse know of their rash in a timely manner, it just wasn’t at the snap of their fingers like they were expecting.
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2023.11.29 05:13 Significant_Break149 Unmedicated induction 36 hours - positive story

Started at 9pm on Sunday night (41 weeks) and ended at 6:45am Tuesday morning!
Advice for those planning an induction and want to go natural: sleep whenever you possibly can when it’s the beginning and it’s mild. The foley balloon / cytotec is NOTHING compared to active labor (6cm +). I did foley only and thought it was painful occasionally and my adrenaline got in the way of resting, HUGE mistake. It all worked out in the end but I would’ve had much more effective contractions later on if I had the energy to sustain them.
My original plan was unmedicated birth center with 2 CNMs attending. I really wanted to go natural regardless of induction and once we realized baby wasn’t making any progress towards being born, I scheduled an induction. I had hoped for a 41 + 3 induction but they only had a 41 week so I took it hoping she would arrive naturally beforehand. She did not.
I tried to use the least amount of meds as possible so I dilated overnight with a folley and opted out of cytotec to enhance dilation. This was a great option for me and it was productive for dilation.
Started pitocin the next day and originally told I would max out at 20 but need to go up to 22 in order for my body to put me into active labor. All the other levels would start labor but eventually labor would stall and progress would revert.
Once I hit 22 mL of pitocin I was able to transition to active labor and this was extremely painful. I began inquiring about pain medications.
At one point I attempted to use nitros and it did absolutely nothing for me after a few attempts so I just said nevermind, I’ll just focus harder.
It took me over a day to dilate from 3.5cm 80% effaced to 5cm 90% effaced. I had only slept an hour on /off since the start and was so exhausted. I started considering epidural and had a nurse and an anesthesiologist explain this option to me.
Dilating from 5cm to 7cm took hours (almost a half day) and was extremely painful. I had a cervical check (my second of the night) that showed the progress but I was dissatisfied as the contractions were so painful and I felt like giving up. The idea of waiting that long to dilate fully sounded impossible.
I switched tactics and began deep breathing and focused meditation and was able to get through the next hour or two without feeling defeated. I did not know how dilated I was.
At some point the contractions got on top of me again… by this point I was having emotional breakdowns during almost every contraction and I could not focus the pain away. The only thing I kept consistent was prayer for strength. This may have saved my birth experience.
I inquired about the epidural again and the nurse told me it’s my choice but she believed it would be helpful for me and my doctor reminded me I was being induced and likely in a great deal of pain than I would’ve ever been naturally.
I told the nurse to order the epidural though the idea made me extremely anxious. I was worried about my blood pressure dropping, I didn’t want a catheter, I didn’t want to feel paralyzed, I didn’t want to give up food and water… I didn’t want it - but I was exhausted and scared.
I sat down to pee and contract in a squat and when the nurse came in with the anesthesia I stood up to my water popping - I KNEW something had changed.
It had only been a short time since I had been checked at 7cm and everyone was telling me to just get the meds. I asked to be checked and I decided if I had dilated significantly I would refuse.
I was checked at a 9cm to my serious surprise and refused the epidural and told myself to prepare for extreme pain - but I could do it.
Took another hour or two to dilate fully and eventually on the toilet I could feel the urge to push. I was checked again at a 10cm and was given the go ahead to push when I wanted to.
I laid side lying with the doctor sitting on the bed with me applying hot compress for stretching.
45 minutes of pushing and searing burning and pain and baby was out.
Have some second degree tearing and no heavy bleeding. Baby was top notch perfect (during the induction too).
Don’t know how we did it, feels like a dream, but I feel extremely powerful and confident in my abilities and thank God for the strength when I wanted to give up.
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2023.11.29 03:00 Rosecello Please no hate, I'm on Medicaid while going through lots of treatment, looking for an easy job that DOESN'T pay too much.

I've finally hit the point in my life where I can't just choose the toxic route of "pushing through" staying at jobs while I'm this sick anymore. I have treatment resistant depression, bipolar disorder that is resisting medication, I'm starting rTMS therapy to treat both, I have a hysterectomy coming up to get rid of my debilitating endometriosis and I just started synthroid for my hashimotos disease.
I used to think I just needed to stay at a job long enough to get insurance but I was so miserable I wouldn't end up staying at a job for more than a few months. I'm finally taking a break from employment and letting Medicaid pay for all of this, so I can only work a part time job that doesn't allot me more than like a $19k salary.
I have plenty experience in administrative assistant positions, dispatching nurses for hospitals, working with excel, etc etc.
I'm looking for pretty much anything remote and part time but don't know where to look since all my career I've only known in-office full time employment.
Does anyone have an idea of where I should be applying? I don't care if it's called centers, dispatching, etc etc I just have no idea where to look first since I'm brand new to remote work and just hoping to not get scammed.
TL;DR need an easy remote job to help support me financially while I'm in and out of treatment for the next few months whilst riding the Medicaid train.
Note: I live in Ohio.
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2023.11.29 02:42 GND52 Crayoned in 6 new lines connecting western Queens. Wouldn't it be nice?

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2023.11.29 02:24 GJWon Bokjeong Lightening festival in Seognam

Bokjeong Lightening festival in Seognam
Seongnam City’s ‘9th Bokjeong Eoullim Light Festival’ will be held on a 1.3km section of the Bokjeong-dong trail in Sujeong-gu, Seongnam-si from December 3rd to January 15th next year.
This event will be held for 44 days under the theme of ‘Warm Village Sharing Light Together’ to unite the Bokjeong-dong village community and revitalize the local economy. It has been 4 years since 2019 due to COVID-19.
The lighting ceremony will be held at 5:30 PM on the first day of the event at Bokjeong-dong Fountain Square (661 Bokjeong-dong) with the participation of Seongnam Mayor Shin Sang-jin and about 400 citizens.
30 sculptures decorated with 1 million light bulbs throughout the street, including a large tree (8m high, 6m wide) installed in the fountain plaza, light up simultaneously to announce the start of the festival.
There will also be celebratory performances by the Bokjeong-dong resident choir ‘Sujeong Elquire’, the ‘Korean traditional music ensemble’ and ‘brass ensemble’ currently active at the Good Shepherd Church, and the Seongnam City Choir.
From the first day of the event, light sculptures light up in 12 sections of Bokjeong-dong every day from 5 p.m. to midnight, coloring the streets with light.
As you walk along the trail leading from the Bokjeong-dong Administrative Welfare Center to Gachon University, you will see
  1. Fountain of Light sculpture
  2. Scattered lights in the shape of stars
  3. Love heart sculpture
  4. Emotional Moon chair combined with firework bulbs
  5. Tree lighting and shelter wall lighting
  6. Snowman sculpture
  7. You can see sculptures that symbolize the year 2024
  8. Sculptures and decorations that shine like jewels, such as moonlight, starlight, and other lights.
Address : 661 Bokjeong-dong, Sujeong-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do
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2023.11.29 01:56 Adventurous_Exam_751 Residency!

Hi! My partner is currently going through interviews. I'm over here working through the anxiety of anticipating residency. Wondering if anyone can share what to expect from a partner who is in pediatric residency? I'm a nurse on a busy cardiac floor (Trauma 1), so I have some understanding of the demand of the healthcare field. Bonus points for insight from residents/people with partners at Baystate Medical Center, Connecticut Childrens or UMass Worcester. Those are my tops three choices based on geography. ◡̈
We haven't finalized a rank list yet but those will be somewhere in the top 5.
Also, what are some things that have made life easier for both people?
♡ thanks!
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2023.11.29 01:40 addywoot Property Tax dates

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2023.11.29 01:30 GDT_Bot Game Thread: Vegas Golden Knights (14-5-3) at Edmonton Oilers (7-12-1) - 28 Nov 2023 - 07:00PM MST

Vegas Golden Knights (14-5-3) at Edmonton Oilers (7-12-1)

Rogers Place

Comment with all tables

Live Updates

Time Clock
Teams 1st 2nd 3rd OT SO Total
VGK 0 2 2 0 0 4
EDM 1 3 0 0 1 5
Team Shots Hits Blocks FOW% Giveaways Takeaways Power Play PIM
VGK 27 28 21 47.8% 22 6 0/5 8
EDM 34 28 20 52.2% 12 15 1/3 12
Period Time Team Strength Description
1st 13:29 EDM Even Sam Gagner (3) wrist shot, assist(s): James Hamblin (1)
2nd 01:11 VGK Even Mark Stone (6) deflected shot, assist(s): Kaedan Korczak (4), Jack Eichel (13)
2nd 05:08 EDM Even Mattias Janmark (1) deflected shot, assist(s): Mattias Ekholm (6), Connor McDavid (19)
2nd 05:51 VGK Even Michael Amadio (4) backhand shot, assist(s): Nicolas Roy (4)
2nd 07:54 EDM Even Connor McDavid (8) backhand shot, assist(s): Cody Ceci (5)
2nd 17:23 EDM Power Play Evander Kane (11) backhand shot, assist(s): Evan Bouchard (16), Connor McDavid (20)
3rd 13:30 VGK Even Ben Hutton (1) snap shot, assist(s): Paul Cotter (4), Michael Amadio (9)
3rd 17:52 VGK Even Keegan Kolesar (1) tip-in shot, assist(s): Zach Whitecloud (1), Nicolas Roy (5)
SO --- EDM --- Connor McDavid (8) wrist shot, assist(s): None
Period Time Team Type Min Description
1st 06:48 EDM MIN 2 Adam Erne high-sticking against Alex Pietrangelo
1st 06:48 VGK BEN 2 too-many-men-on-the-ice served by Paul Cotter
1st 08:50 EDM MIN 2 Darnell Nurse interference against Zach Whitecloud
1st 15:54 EDM MIN 2 Evan Bouchard tripping against William Karlsson
2nd 06:17 VGK MIN 2 William Carrier holding-the-stick against Evan Bouchard
2nd 07:22 EDM MIN 2 Evander Kane tripping against Zach Whitecloud
2nd 13:49 EDM MIN 2 Connor McDavid tripping against William Carrier
2nd 15:42 VGK MIN 2 Jack Eichel slashing against Darnell Nurse
3rd 05:26 EDM MIN 2 Evander Kane hooking against Ivan Barbashev
3rd 08:58 VGK MIN 2 Nicolas Hague slashing against Adam Erne
  • Referees: Michael Markovic, Peter MacDougall
  • Linesmen: Brandon Gawryletz, Travis Toomey


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Game Info:

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Golden Knights and Oilers

Join the discussion in the /Hockey Discord.
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2023.11.29 01:08 vol907 "They Call Me Doc" (A fanfic tribute to Combat Medics)

Hope you guys enjoy, despite the possible plot holes and story omissions... -v907
Usually full of chatter, the ship was quiet, save for the two comforting themselves in the holding cells-turned bunk space of the repurposed former Freestar lawman's ship.
On a bench, a man in bloodspattered combat marine armor was holding his face in his hands, heaving shaky sighs of grief. The armored helmet was on its side at his feet.
At his side, a dark haired woman in hospital robes was stroking the back of his head and neck, softly telling him it was ok, she was there.
It wasn't entirely OK, of course. She thought back to the frenzied time a few hours prior. They were fixing up The Eye, when a ship, similar to the alien design her husband had encountered in Neon's orbit days before, appeared out of nowhere and docked with the station.
They hardly had time to take defensive positions when the mysterious spacesuited figure emerged from the airlock, and proceeded to tear through them, proclaiming how unworthy they were to claim the artifacts they had collected.
Then he paused in his rampage, disarming her and saying, "Especially your mate. Ulrich is his name, right? Your suffering will add to his for his sin." He lowered his twin-barreled laser rifle, and blasted her leg.
Everything faded in and out after that. She remembered Vladimir yelling into the com panel, "Andreja is still breathing, but all that blood! Take the artifacts and run!" She thought she heard Ulrich's voice saying he was coming. She prayed he would be there fast, if only to see him for one last time. Then she faded out. She faded back in, to hear Vladimir arguing with Ulrich over the comms. "What about the artifacts?" "Fuck the artifacts!" retorted her husband, angrily. "Lives are on the line! Now, tell me Andreja's condition!" And he proceeded to guide the dark Slav ex-pirate through some trauma procedures--applying a TQ high up on her thigh, packing the wound with Neurodyne-infused gauze. Asking about Sarah and Barrett, and prescribing courses of treatment. Hearing Vladimir complain in his poetic manner about having far fewer arms than an octopus, fewer eyes than a spider, and only one body.
She stayed conscious from there on...relieved to see their ship pull up to the airlock, hearing it cycle, and seeing him spring into action, in full Marine gear, assault shotgun on his back, medical jump pack at his side, going full-on Corpsman as he had done so many times during his time with the UC Navy. Administering an IV to Andreja, tending to Vladimir's energy burns, setting Barrett's broken arm, applying an auto-traction splint to Sarah's broken femur. Applying copious amounts of Neurodyne.
She was never more proud of her husband than at that moment, and silently thanked the God she knew he prayed to in private. She made a promise to leave an offering to his church in Akila--regardless of what the Great Serpent might think of that. He called for a Reliant EMS shuttle, kissed his wife and promised he'd see her at the hospital's recovery ward, and departed back planetside to help those he had left at the Lodge.
The wonders of 23rd century medicine helped her back on her feet in a few hours, with a recommended couple of weeks to let her body heal itself, so she was upright in a recovery berth when Ulrich arrived to pick her up.
There was some kerfluffle in outpatient processing about unsanitary conditions--they wouldn't release her to him in the state he was. She got herself out of the berth to see what the matter was.
There was her husband, in the reception area, his marine combat suit caked in dried blood. His helmet hung to his side. His Ranger cap had a bloody smear on the bill. A nurse and physician were demanding he leave and clean himself up before picking up his wife. Andreja pushed past them, and said she was voluntarily discharging herself. She hastily, firmly, nigh rudely, verbally approved all the waivers asked of her. And walked out in a hospital robe with Ulrich.
When she asked him what had happened, he told her they had encountered a Starborn who called himself The Hunter. Face to face. Took about five shots to dispatch him from a rifle known to down an Alpha Ashta with only one. They were after the artifacts. Ulrich had to take The Hunter down again out in the plazas of Jemison. Thankfully, he avoided collateral damage. The Hunter congratulated him in orbit for besting him in combat, and promised to leave them alone while they searched for the remaining artifacts. Constellation tasked him with their safekeeping, and he had an idea where to set up a safehouse for them.
He was being very terse, speaking in short sentences. She heard a trembling in his voice, saw an occasional quiver in his upper lip as they walked to the spaceport.
"Are you OK? Should I check you for injuries?"
"I'm OK. But yeah, you can check me when we get on the ship." Usually, he said that with a flirty lilt, an invitation for some intimate fun afterward. But not this time. His forced flat tone indicated he was trying to hold himself together over something.
"What's wrong?" Another quiver of the lip. He forced out the words,"I'll tell you on the ship."
Once inside, in the refurbished living quarters, he sat down on the bench and sat his helmet at his feet. She noted his red eyes, and heavy breathing.
"Sam...he's...gone." At that point, he held his face in two blood-caked gloves, and let all his grief out in great, heavy sobs.
She had never seen him like this before. She knew he was a combat veteran, but had yet to tell anyone about his experiences there--not her, not his parents, not even Sam Coe. She had seen him in action against the numerous pirates, spacers, and mercenaries they had fought together. But afterwards, he neither celebrated, nor mourned. "Just taking care of business," he would say, and that would be that.
She tried comforting him, stroking the back of his head and neck, telling him she was there, he was OK, and it was going to be all right.
After a while, the sobbing subsided, and she felt his breathing start to return to normal. He lifted his face out of his hands, and wiped under his eyes with his gloves, leaving streaks of dried blood. Andreja stood up. "Let's get you cleaned up." She helped him out of his suit, slipped out of her hospital robe, and led him to the shower, looking him over for injuries.
"You sure it's OK to get that wet?" He asked, nodding to the bandages around her thigh.
Andreja grinned. Always the medic. A good sign he was getting himself back together. "The doctor said it was fine."
Ulrich sighed. "The Hunter said he was coming for the Lodge. But when Vlad said you were bleeding out, I had to help you."
"I know, dearest."
"I hated leaving them, but I couldn't let you die. And I knew time was critical." Even 400 years after the first ambulances appeared on the battlefields of World War I, the principle of the Golden Hour was still in effect.
"I know...and you saved me, dearest." She kissed him. "I am still alive because of you."
Ulrich sighed, and looked down. "But I couldn't save Sam."
"Dearest, you did what you could." She kissed him again, and opened the shower door. "I'll be in the mess. Take your time. I'll pour us both a bourbon when you get out." "Liebe, I'm totally drained from the day. I'm going straight to bed after this. Maybe tomorrow."
"I'll warm the bed for you." After drying off, she slipped into the sheets in their sleep cubicle, but was fast asleep herself by the time Ulrich lay himself next to her.
Smelling her hair, and wrapping his arm around her, he whispered, "I don't think I could've lived with myself if you died." Shortly thereafter, his tiredness and the warmth of his wife's body carried him off to the depths of the Blackest Sea's more pleasant cousin.
*** Andreja woke up alone. Looking around for her husband, she noticed the pressure door to the forward cabin was closed. Through it, she heard the thumping of loud music. Grabbing one of her husband's shirts, she buttoned up the front as she made her way to the door.
Peering through the window, she saw Ulrich sitting in the crew chair normally occupied by Sam.
Opening the door, she was greeted with a loud refrain:
"If I were King of all I imagine, I would trade all I am To have you by my side. If I were King."
Ulrich turned around, then reached up to stop the playback on the forward deck audio system. "Sorry, didn't want to wake you."
Andreja shook her head. "No worries. It was time to get up anyway." She then noticed the Ranger cap with the blood smear on the bill on his head, the whiskey bottle on the other side of the seat, the smell of distilled spirits, the wet spot on the floor, and the empty glass turned upside down next to it.
Ulrich looked down at the mess he had intentionally made. "Pouring out one to the Blackest Sea for Sam." He held up another empty glass in his hand. "Want to join me?"
Andreja was not much for drinking, but she nodded. Ulrich gave her the glass, and unworked the cork on the bottle of old earth whiskey he had found on a Nova Galactic station. It had a weird name...Uncle...Nearest? It was originally made on a patch of Earth with Ten-something in its name, now obliterated like the rest of the Terran landscape.
The bottle was priceless, its contents smooth and savory. A fitting tribute to their friend. She took a sip, and emptied the rest of it on the flight deck.
Nodding to the console, she said, "Let's hear more." During the course of their relationship, Ulrich had been exposing her to his tastes in some of Old Earth music. She liked its hard edges, the brutal honesty that expressed itself in both chord and chorus.
Ulrich hit the playback, but turned down the volume some.
"I have too much time today, my brother. Can you hear me?
"I know where I am, but I still feel lost. Please know that I am grateful For the years you gave to me. Everything's changed, but nothing changes For you."
That verse caused a lump in Andreja's throat. Sam made his last stand--for the sake of his friends' future. She understood why her husband was playing this song.
"I won't waste my life asking questions. I've seen the horror of war and There's so much more for a man who's been Where I've been."
The song ran through the chorus, guitar interlude, denouement, and ended abruptly with "If I were King."
Andreja nodded. "Very apropos." Ulrich sighed. "I don't think I've played that since I got out of the Navy."
Andreja took the next crew seat over and set down the empty glass. "You've never told me much about your time, fighting alongside the Marines."
"Some things I'd rather leave in the past. I'll tell you more in time. I saw a lot of men die. Many of them died while I tried to save them. I've managed to pick up and drive on with most of them, but Sam's death just hit me hard, in a way I only experienced one other time."
"It's been a black time for me, too, my love."
"One other song you can listen to that might help explain what I've been through." He went through the playlist, and forwarded a suggestion to her ship network user account. "Old Aaron Lewis song, by another guy who had also been there. Listen to it, whenever."
Andreja smiled. "I will."
"Anyway," Ulrich continued, "my best bud back in high school was Jimmy Bishop. Orville James Bishop. He hated that first name, and preferred Jimmy. We just clicked. Played schoolyard games, video games, and later, chased girls together, played sports together, snuck out to party together. Wherever one of us was, the other was usually right there, too."
He reached down for the glass he had left on the deck, and started to pour himself another. "Being the more musically inclined of the two of us, he introduced me to Old World metal. Been a fan ever since. But he was also the one to really encourage me to go into the military. He always wanted to be a Force Recon Marine. But since I was more interested in emergency medicine, I enlisted in the Navy to be a Corpsman. He wound up making it into Force Recon, and I made it into SARC, which are the Navy medics sent to serve alongside units like Force Recon."
Andreja picked up her glass, and offered it to be filled, on this rare occasion--a first, really--when her husband opened up about his past. Ulrich obliged.
After they both took a sip, Ulrich spoke further, "Jimmy messaged me on several occasions how cool it would be if we wound up on the same op."
Ulrich took yet another sip. "Well, it happened. SysDef had a high-risk anti-piracy op it needed Marine support with. And Force Recon are the ones for that kind of job. And my SARC unit was picked to provide tactical medical support.
"Jimmy and I were giddy about it. We thought it was going to be just like the war cinematics we'd watch as kids. Go in, kick ass, go home as heroes."
Andreja took a sip, and grimaced at the 100 proof burn. "Doesn't always work out that way."
Ulrich slowly nodded. "In a particularly pitched firefight near a pirate staging base, Jimmy took a sniper round in the gut. Lacerated his aorta in such a manner that led to a rupture. Out in the field, you don't survive those. All I could do was call in a nine line and try to get him to hang in there until medevac arrived, and do my damnedest to help the other marines secure the LZ so the medevac could land."
"Dear God," said Andreja.
"Jimmy died on the way up." Ulrich lifted his glass, and tossed the rest of it onto the deck. "Say hi to Sam for me, bro." Looking back at Andreja, he said, "Now I have two best bros waiting for me on the other side of the veil."
Andreja followed suit, tossing the rest of her whiskey on deck. Looking back at her husband, she leaned forward, "But I would think, you have much more to live for this side of it."
Ulrich drew his face close, meeting her lips with his. "I do. Most definitely." He held her gaze, drinking in the moment, before reaching back down for the bottle, and shoved the cork back in it.
Collecting the glasses, he stood up, and said, "Now, to get dressed, and find somewhere to set up the Armillary."
*** In the pilot's seat, the aroma of centuries-old premium Tennessee whiskey still lingered in the flight deck as Ulrich plotted a course for a remote moon in the Cheyenne system. He'd check out the possibilities there, among other things. Sam's daughter was now an orphan, and needed a home. Her grandfather? Her biological mother? Could he and Andreja take on raising a pre-teen girl?
Meanwhile, back in the engineering section, Andreja connected a pair of old-style headphones to an audio jack. Logging into the ship's network, she found the song file Ulrich had forwarded to her.
It started out different than most other songs her husband liked. Instead of high-energy distortion, this one was a simple acoustic guitar and vocals combo. They called it "country" back then, and was the forerunner to the Frontier songs popular in Akila.
After a few chord progressions, the singer started,
"They call me doc, but I ain't got no degree, When the shit hits the fan, they're calling for me."
And the song went on, talking about the heartache of one whose job was to patch up those sent in harm's way. Andreja savored the emotions of the song, so different from how she was raised.
"I've shared the smiles, I've shared the tears, Swore they'd make it out of here When they scream, please make it stop They call me Doc..."
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2023.11.29 01:05 Llamamama09 Bus service to Walmart

Bus service to Walmart
Since you can’t find it yourself, Amanda, the SMC goes to Walmart in Biddeford. The orange shuttle stops at the Walmart in Sanford that is 4.9 miles from you and ON YOUR STREET.
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2023.11.29 01:03 coonwhiz Car Dealerships Opposed to Action on Climate Change

The below car dealerships have signed on with ~3000 others claiming that they can't sell enough EVs.
Dealership State
Alexandria Motor Company Minnesota
Apple Chevrolet of Northfield Minnesota
Apple Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Shakopee Minnesota
Apple Ford Lincoln Apple Valley Minnesota
Apple Ford Shakopee Minnesota
AutoNation Ford White Bear Lake Minnesota
Chevrolet of Wayzata Minnesota
Eden Prairie Nissan Minnesota
Friendly Chevrolet Minnesota
Gilleland Cadillac Minnesota
Gilleland Chevrolet Minnesota
Inver Grove Ford Minnesota
Inver Grove Honda Minnesota
Inver Grove Hyundai Minnesota
Inver Grove Toyota Minnesota
Kolar Hyundai Minnesota
Kolar Toyota Minnesota
Lexus of Maplewood Minnesota
Lexus of Wayzata Minnesota
Mankato Chevrolet Minnesota
Mankato Nissan Minnesota
Mankato Volkswagen Minnesota
Maplewood Toyota Minnesota
Mercedes-Benz of Rochester MN Minnesota
Miller Auto Plaza Minnesota
Motorwerks BMW Minnesota
Motorwerks MINI Minnesota
Owatonna Chrysler Center Minnesota
Owatonna Ford-Lincoln Minnesota
Rochester Chevrolet Cadillac Minnesota
Rochester Ford Minnesota
Rochester Mazda Minnesota
Rochester Toyota Minnesota
Saxon Auto Group Minnesota
Volkswagen of Inver Grove Minnesota
White Bear Mitsubishi Minnesota
Worthington Chevrolet Minnesota
Worthington Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Minnesota
Worthington Ford Minnesota
Source Excel doc linked at the end of this article:
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2023.11.29 00:00 HockeyMod Game Thread: Vegas Golden Knights (14-5-3) at Edmonton Oilers (7-12-1) - 28 Nov 2023 - 6:00PM PST

Vegas Golden Knights (14-5-3) at Edmonton Oilers (7-12-1)

Rogers Place

In-Game Updates

Time Clock
3rd - 06:55
Teams 1st 2nd 3rd Total
VGK 0 2 0 2
EDM 1 3 0 4

Team Stats

Team Shots Hits Blocks FOW% Giveaways Takeaways Power Play PIM
VGK 20 23 20 45.8% 18 5 0/5 8
EDM 32 25 14 54.2% 10 14 1/3 12


Period Time Team Strength Description
1st 13:29 EDM Even Sam Gagner (3) wrist shot, assist(s): James Hamblin (1)
2nd 01:11 VGK Even Mark Stone (6) deflected shot, assist(s): Kaedan Korczak (4), Jack Eichel (13)
2nd 05:08 EDM Even Mattias Janmark (1) deflected shot, assist(s): Mattias Ekholm (6), Connor McDavid (19)
2nd 05:51 VGK Even Michael Amadio (4) backhand shot, assist(s): Nicolas Roy (4)
2nd 07:54 EDM Even Connor McDavid (8) backhand shot, assist(s): Cody Ceci (5)
2nd 17:23 EDM Power Play Evander Kane (11) backhand shot, assist(s): Evan Bouchard (16), Connor McDavid (20)


Period Time Team Type Min Description
1st 06:48 EDM MIN 2 Adam Erne high-sticking against Alex Pietrangelo
1st 06:48 VGK BEN 2 too-many-men-on-the-ice served by Paul Cotter
1st 08:50 EDM MIN 2 Darnell Nurse interference against Zach Whitecloud
1st 15:54 EDM MIN 2 Evan Bouchard tripping against William Karlsson
2nd 06:17 VGK MIN 2 William Carrier holding-the-stick against Evan Bouchard
2nd 07:22 EDM MIN 2 Evander Kane tripping against Zach Whitecloud
2nd 13:49 EDM MIN 2 Connor McDavid tripping against William Carrier
2nd 15:42 VGK MIN 2 Jack Eichel slashing against Darnell Nurse
3rd 05:26 EDM MIN 2 Evander Kane hooking against Ivan Barbashev
3rd 08:58 VGK MIN 2 Nicolas Hague slashing against Adam Erne
  • Referees: Michael Markovic, Peter MacDougall
  • Linesmen: Brandon Gawryletz, Travis Toomey


6:00PM 7:00PM 8:00PM 9:00PM 10:00PM 2:00AM

Projected Lineups

Left Center Right Left Center Right
EDM Ryan Nugent-Hopkins Connor McDavid Zach Hyman VGK Chandler Stephenson Jack Eichel Mark Stone
EDM Evander Kane Leon Draisaitl Connor Brown VGK Ivan Barbashev William Karlsson Jonathan Marchessault
EDM Warren Foegele Ryan McLeod Derek Ryan VGK Will Carrier Nicolas Roy Mike Amadio
EDM Mattias Janmark James Hamblin Adam Erne VGK Paul Cotter Brett Howden Keegan Kolesar
Left D Right D Left D Right D
EDM Darnell Nurse Cody Ceci VGK Nicolas Hague Alex Pietrangelo
EDM Mattias Ekholm Evan Bouchard VGK Brayden McNabb Kaedan Korczak
EDM Brett Kulak Vincent Desharnais VGK Ben Hutton Zach Whitecloud
Goalies Goalies
EDM Stuart Skinner VGK Logan Thompson
EDM Calvin Pickard VGK Adin Hill
Source, Source

Team Stats

EDM 20 7 12 1 15 0.375 3.30 3.70 25.68 77.22 33.10 28.70 50.00
VGK 22 14 5 3 31 0.705 3.05 2.36 22.08 86.57 31.41 30.00 50.83

Team Leaders

Stat Player Value Player Value
G EDM Zach Hyman 12 VGK William Karlsson 10
A EDM Leon Draisaitl 19 VGK Shea Theodore 14
P EDM Leon Draisaitl 28 VGK William Karlsson 21
+/- EDM Adam Erne 2 VGK Brayden McNabb 10
PIM EDM Evander Kane 40 VGK Paul Cotter 27
TOI EDM Darnell Nurse 22:35 VGK Alex Pietrangelo 23:39
Source, Source

Goalie Breakdown

EDM Stuart Skinner 15 14 6 7 1 1 3.28 0.877
EDM Jack Campbell 5 5 1 4 0 0 4.50 0.873
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
VGK Adin Hill 13 13 9 2 2 2 1.96 0.933
VGK Logan Thompson 9 9 5 3 1 0 2.32 0.922
Source, Source
The bot can only be as correct as its sources, the sources it uses are linked below each table. If you notice an error that is not due to an incorrect source or you want to suggest a source click here to message TeroTheTerror.
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2023.11.28 22:13 quiltsbeyondborders MUSIC GAY DATING

Music is a passion for many, and for gay men in particular, music can be deeply intertwined with identity, culture, community and self-expression. It should come as no surprise then, that music is a popular avenue through which many gay men seek romance and connection. Whether at concerts, clubs, festivals or online, music continues to bring gay men together and facilitate understanding and intimacy between potential partners who share a love of the arts.
While dating apps like Grindr and Scruff offer convenient ways to meet other gay men with similar interests, they don't always foster deeper dialogue or allow people to showcase non-physical talents. Music focused dating platforms aim to change that by centering relationships around a shared passion rather than just physical attraction. Sites like Lavendr and Tune & Twink attract self-identified musical gay men looking for love through live music experiences, online profiles showcasing musical talents and interests, and community forums to bond over favorite genres, artists and songs.
For the festival circuit in particular, music is a prime opportunity for gay men to let loose, express themselves freely and connect with like-minded souls. Events like Lightning in a Bottle, Electric Forest, Tomorrowland and Burning Man attract huge LGBTQ crowds who treat the experience as much a social experiment in personal growth and intimacy as a chance to discover new electronic, jam or dance music. The laid back, free spirited environments encourage openness, vulnerability and risk-taking that can lead to meaningful romantic encounters far less pressured than a typical bar or club scene.
Live gigs, whether at local dive bars or major stadium shows also present organic chances for gay men to break the ice over a shared fandom. Popular reunions, tours and festivals by artists with significant gay followings like Cher, Kylie Minogue, Lady Gaga, Years & Years, Sam Smith and Perfume Genius in particular tend to attract sizable single gay crowds. Eventbrite, Bandcamp and artists' social media pages often host dedicated LGBTQ fan forums and meetups around concerts where new connections regularly spark.
Of course, online remains a dominant means through which musical gay men pursue potential partners. Dedicated Facebook groups organized by city, genre, and interests allow global communities to form around specific artists, bands, festivals and music styles. Profiles frequently include Spotify playlists, record collections for display and recommendations being swapped as an indirect form of flirting and evaluation of compatibility.
Dedicated music based dating sites like Tune & Twink, Lavendr and Harmonize consider the matchmaking process as much about compatible music tastes as physical attributes. Extensive music profile sections allow users to list favorite genres, least favorites, top 20 artists, last 5 concerts attended, instruments played, music education background and any industry involvement to help algorithms pair individuals with the strongest overall affinities. Many also incorporate music streaming integrations so potential matches can take a listen before deciding to connect.
Podcasting has seen a boom in LGBTQ focused programs as well, with shows centering on music news, reviews, interviews and playlists that also function as community forums. Popular programs like "Going Deep with Chad & Co.", "Boys Don't Cry" and "Switched On Pop" have thriving comment threads and social media groups where fans regularly arrange local meetups centered on the program's content and recommended music. For musical gay men outside major cities, online LGBTQ music communities can help reduce isolation through shared interests and discussion.
While much of music gay dating is facilitated through technology, in-person opportunities remain most effective for forming genuine connections. Local gay choruses, bands, open mics, DJ collectives, club nights and music festivals centered on genres like EDM, indie rock and country provide regular spaces for musical gay men to network IRL. Art schools, music academic programs and the growing community college music industry focus tracks likewise cultivate close-knit LGBTQ scenes. Cultural institutions like GLAMA and the Honky Tonk Café in Nashville further strengthen bonds between aspiring and professional musical gay talents through supportive social programs.
Of course, dating specifically through music comes with its own unique challenges. Compatible tastes don't necessarily translate to compatibility in other areas like values, communication styles or relationship needs. Musicians' often hectic and unpredictable schedules can pose difficulties for establishing quality frequent time together or maintaining long-distance relationships between tours. Competitiveness, ego and insecurity may also unintentionally seep into musical gay dynamics as personal tastes become easily judged or critiqued.
Still, for many within the LGBTQ community, embracing an identity through music allows finding solace, purpose and like-minded souls during self-discovery. Whether sparking initial attraction through live shows, cultivating deeper bonds through online dialogue or strengthening local scenes, music continues introducing promising partners who appreciate creative expression and understand what it means to pursue passion unconditionally. With open communication and compromise on both practicalities and creative differences, a shared love of music has absolutely potential to serve as a foundation for nurturing meaningful romance between gay men.
Find your perfect match on GAYDATING247 - the ultimate destination for gay love!
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2023.11.28 22:08 Alternative-Emu-9707 Day of surgery (detailed)

Hi everyone,
I plaster yesterday about how anxious I was for my surgery and now I’m on the other side! It went so much smoother than expected.
Timeline/day of for people curious/anxious like me
Arrive at surgery center at 6 AM, they get me registered, give me the wrist band and I wait for maybe 5-10 minutes before they call me back. My husband at this point was told to wait in waiting room but that they would let him in 10-15 minutes.
I get brought back to a pre op room, instructed to pee in a cup, wipe down each breast with a wipe (not sure exactly what it was something antibacterial) , take off all clothes and put them in a bag and put the gown on. I also had to cover my hair with the cover.
My nurse (God bless her so sweet) took my vitals and kind of explained what was going to happen. she put leg sleeves on my calf that compress during surgery to prevent blood clots. The anesthesiologist comes in at that point to ask me some questions,(allergies, have I eaten/drank, etc) I let him know I’m super nervous which he said he’ll give me a sedative before heading to the OR which should calm me down.
Nurse comes back to do my IV which I did not look at my left hand the whole time haha I had it under a blanket. Needles and IVs freak me out but she said I did great. She also swabs my nose with some sort of iodine cream to prevent infection.
At this point they bring my husband back and I meet the OR nurse and a couple other people. My surgeon comes in to do my markings and both on the same page as taking as much out as possible while maintaining blood flow to tissue etc.
After this I was deemed “ready to roll” lol. Probably 7-7:30 The anesthesiologist comes back in, I say goodbye to my husband and he gives me the sedative to the IV which kicks in pretty quickly. Then they roll me back to the OR.
I remember looking around the OR, saying hello to everyone and scooting from the bed to the table and getting surrounded my heated blankets. They STRAPPED my legs and arms down and my arms go on little trays to the side. A nurse puts an oxygen mask over my face and says this is just oxygen just take a few breaths and that’s the last thing I remember. Lol not sure if it really only was oxygen, or a combination or just the sedative fully kicking in.
I woke up as they were wheeling me back and had ginger ale and pretzels. I did have some immediate throat discomfort and pain on the incisions. Surprisingly I was not nauseous! apparently they gave me a large cocktail of nausea stuff as well as taking Emend before arriving. My surgeon comes in to check on me and says he removed 3 POUNDS!! He said it took about 2.5 hours. He talked to my husband as soon as we were done.
They left me in there awhile and I was itching to get out of there. They remove my IV, BP cuff. They didn’t end up bringing my husband back at this point since I wasn’t there too long. I was able to get dressed by myself and they helped me into a wheelchair and they had told my husband to bring the car around so it’ll be warm. Got wheeled down and helped into the car!
Made it back to hotel since we’re coming from out of town. I have my pregnancy pillow and like 5 other pillows creating a cocoon for me. So far I’ve only taken tylenol and celebrex but have oxy for breakthrough as needed. most of my pain is along the incision line at bottom of breast-feels like underwire has been digging in for days!
I’ve been able to eat and drink as normal, just trying to stick to safe foods like soup and crackers for a few days.
I have a virtual post op appointment tomorrow and I’ll get to see what they look like!
Long post I know but my anxiety always appreciated detailed posts from others. feel free to ask any questions!
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2023.11.28 22:05 Mailemanuel77 Estabilidad Laboral

Que tanto afecta no contar con estabilidad laboral si se tienen las razones.
Quería aplicar a un Call Center para las vacaciones a una plaza temporal pero ya todos habían empezado desde octubre, tiempo en el que estuve en proyectos y examenes finales.
A las plazas temporales que quedaban no me llamaron porque no llegue al porcentaje de inglés, pese a que cuento con un inglés avanzado, mi speaking (que es lo que mas importa) no y estas cuentas requerían un 85% nivel que supero salvo en speaking donde estimo tener un 70%.
De Telus y Alorica creo me aceptaron o no se si fue solo para no decirme que no había pasado las pruebas (había practicado un poco más y pedian un poco menos, en las primeras no había practicado mucho y no sabía muy bien como hacer una entrevista) me llamaron pero rechaze Alorica por horarios dije que no podía, y de Telus me preguntaron por mis estudios que ya mo tenían plazas temporales a las que había aplicado originalmente y en vez de decir que estaba en trámite de cambiarme a un turno nocturno, dije que estaba estudiando en la mañana y me pusieron en una lista de espera.
Si hubiera sido mas prudente hubiera aceptado y hubiera renunciado al recibir la quincena con la excusa de que el trámite para cambiar de jornada fue rechazado de último momento.
Quiero escribirles de nuevo porque vi plazas que requieren solo un 60% pero no se si me convenga o no.
Ya que pregunte si existía un contrato a lo cual me respondieron que no pero si no trabajaba el tiempo minimo era menos probable que pudiera volver a ser contratado en un futuro.
Busque Call Centers en Español pero todos (en español) requieren edad mínima (mayor de 20 usualmente) o experiencia y los que no, no pagan ni el mínimo jornadas largas o parecen una estafa a simple vista.
Pero no se si el insistir para renunciar luego sea una decisión corto placista que pueda afectarme a largo plazo.
Quería comprarme algunas cosas con ese dinero, ya las compre porque tenía dinero ahorrado y me pusieron una parte, otrad cosas no eran del todo esebciales o podían esperar.
Pero tengo muchas ganas de trabajar de ganar mi propio dinero para no tener que pedir o andar ajustando buscando ofertas, viendo si puedo o no pagar el total con extras de envios e impuestos, que no me gusta quedarme sin dinero me gusta, me da confianza tener guardado aunque nunca me lo gaste realmente y sea un tacaño para cosas simples como una comida pero un desprendido para otras cosas.
Crean que deba insistir o es una lección que me queda para la próxima ocasión.
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2023.11.28 21:14 iyesamson Corporate Slave no more, hopefully.

Hi, I've been working sa corp set up for 5years. Siguro tulad nyo nakaranas ng WFH set up nung height ng pandemic. I thought talaga di ko kakayanin, until ayun naexperience ko na nga and I can say mas marami syang pros kaysa cons. Nurse ako by profession, I was able to practice for 4yrs abroad but had to go home. Nag call center for 2yrs, and now Quality Assurance Specialist ako sa isang magandang company sa BGC. Pero kasi, taga QC ako. Kaya doble doble gastos ko sa pamasahe, byahe, pagod.
So eto na nga ang tanong ko: Any tips on how to apply sa mga online permanent WFH jobs? Iniisip ko to try out mga agencies like Athena, Cyberbacker and the likes pero parang natatakot ako sa mga reviews na nababasa ko.
Thanks in advance!
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2023.11.28 19:58 quiltsbeyondborders GAY DATING HYD

Hyderabad is the capital city of the Indian state of Telangana. It has undergone rapid urbanization in recent decades and is now one of the largest and most populated cities in India. While still a largely socially conservative city, Hyderabad has emerged as an important center for India's LGBTQ community. With a population of over 7 million people, Hyderabad offers gay men opportunities to meet and build connections, though challenges remain.
Dating Scene Overview: Like most large Indian cities, Hyderabad has both an underground as well as an emerging "above ground" gay dating scene. The community organizing and advocacy work of LGBTQ organizations like Telangana Hijra Intersex Trans* People's Association (THITPA) has helped carve out safer social spaces over the years. However, same-sex relationships are still not legally recognized or widely socially accepted. Most gay men choose to date discreetly due to fear of familial, social or legal backlash.
Apps and Websites: Dating apps have been game changing for gay men in Hyderabad, allowing them to connect privately. Grindr remains the most popular app for gay and bisexual men looking to meet nearby. Other popular platforms include Tinder, Blued and Hornet. Discretion is important, as using location-based apps could "out" users if seen by someone nearby. Websites like also have active members from Hyderabad looking to chat and potentially meet. Safety precautions must be taken, as anonymous encounters online can turn dangerous offline.
Bars and Clubs: Hyderabad has a very small number of gay-friendly bars and clubs, though they are covert rather than openly advertised. Bars like Amnesia and Someplace Else in the posh Banjara Hills and Jubilee Hills areas are frequented by younger gay professionals and students once a week, usually Fridays and Saturdays after 10 PM. Entry is by membership or only. Dress code remains conservative to avoid unwanted attention. Alcohol is served in an enclosed ambiance with occasional drag performances providing light entertainment. Patrons are expected not to display overt affection or attract attention. Bouncers ensure discreet entry and exit to maintain privacy. The regulars feel a sense of belonging in this community space to socialize and potentially find dates on occasion.
Parks and Public Spaces: Some parks like People's Plaza, Nizamia Tibbi Gardens and University of Hyderabad campus also see same-sex couples discreetly connecting in more remote areas after sunset. Young gay men use such low-key public spaces to harmlessly hang out together, get to know each other better and hook up occasionally when possible. Safety remains a concern, as public displays of affection are undesirable and could invite homophobic harassment in the unlikely event of being spotted. Discretion, distance from passerbys and consent keep interactions respectful yet private.
Dating Tactics: Due to social constraints, most dating begins through online contact rather than chance encounters in public places as in the West. Profile completeness, honesty and taking conversations off the app to WhatsApp/Telegram quickly helps filter those genuinely keen to meet in person. "Coffee dates" in safe yet anonymous cafes provide initial low-pressure, public interactions. Subsequent meetings may involve invited movie dates at homes with mutual trust and understanding developed over several weeks through engaging conversation on shared interests, careers, families and what they seek from a relationship. Physical intimacy usually happens only after comfort levels rise through prolonged communication and judging compatibility, desires and discretion of the partner. Safety is priority through discretion, avoiding overly personal details or locations online and in person till trust is established over time through consistency.
Challenges: Finding acceptance from families remains the biggest challenge for most gay men in Hyderabad who prefer keeping their sexuality private due to fears of social stigma, isolation and even violence in rare cases. Steady jobs that allow financial independence alleviate such stresses to some extent.
The relatively small gay community also means a limited dating pool. Distance or differences lead to ghosting instead of open communication in broken connections due to lack of alternative suitable partners locally. Maintaining discretion grows tedious and limits emotional and social support systems long term.
Older unmarried men are under intense familial pressure toheterosexual relationships, pushing some to maintain beards or lifelong secrecy about their true nature due to lack of legal sanctity or social attitudes changing to normalize same-sex unions.
Often in long distance relationships or discreetly non-monogamous due to constraints, dating while juggling risks of being outed affects emotional and physical well-being for many in this community. Overall, prevailing social biases place pressure on romantic prospects of gay men in Hyderabad despite emerging spaces like apps and private bars enhancing dating opportunities in the recent past.
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2023.11.28 19:54 quiltsbeyondborders GAY BARS IN SAN FRANCISCO NEAR ME

San Francisco has long been considered one of the most gay-friendly cities in the world, with a vibrant and thriving LGBTQ nightlife scene that attracts locals and visitors alike. From the colorful Castro District to the parties in SoMa, there is no shortage of great gay bars spread throughout the city. Here is a closer look at some of the best and most popular gay bars in San Francisco near you.
The Castro - As the historical heart of San Francisco's LGBTQ community, the Castro District is ground zero for gay nightlife. At the center is Castro Street, lined with iconic bars like the Café, the Lookout, and Badlands.
The Café (2123 Market St) - One of the longest continually running gay bars in the city, the Café has served as a community center for the Castro since the 1960s. Its large interior has a fun, relaxed atmosphere with theme nights and drag shows. It's the perfect first stop to start (or end) a night out.
The Lookout (3600 16th St) - Situated on the highest commercial point in the Castro, the rooftop deck of the Lookout offers 360-degree views of the city skyline. The crowds are often packed shoulder-to-shoulder for raucous happy hours and dancing under the stars. Drinks are pricey but the scene is unrivaled.
Badlands (443 Castro St) - With its signature video screens, Badlands draws talkative crowds for drinks and dancing every night. The booming music, colorful LED dance floor, and rowdy energy make it a quintessential Castro dive bar experience. Their signature pink lighting and decor only adds to the party vibe.
Mid-Market - Just south of the Castro lies Mid-Market, home to newer LGBTQ clubs with large dance floors great for late nights.
OASIS (298 11th St) - One of the largest and most popular gay dance clubs in the city, OASIS heats up Thursday through Sunday nights with three levels of dancing, DJs spinning house and techno, and party vibes that carry into the wee hours. Sweaty, shirtless crowds come to release energy on the massive main dance floor.
The Stud (399 9th St) - As one of the rowdier bars in the neighborhood, the Stud draws a primarily queer male clientele for happy hours, drag shows, and disco/pop dance parties most evenings. Their large interior and back patio make it easy to find your crew while frequent drink specials keep the fun affordable.
SoMa - Further south lies the bustling SoMa neighborhood, home to scene-defining warehouse party destinations.
The EndUp (401 6th St) - Legendary multi-room dance emporium that attracts large crowds for weekend dances, theme nights, and 24-hour parties on holidays. Spaces include the main DJ dance floor, lounge areas, and an outdoor patio - and the party rages on into the sunrise hours here.
Eagle Tavern (398 12th St) - Operating since the 1970s, the Eagle is a classic leathebear bar with nightly shows and dancing. The clubby interior gets packed with guys for rowdy fun, and its infamous dark rooms in back only add to the allure for some. Not for the faint of heart or prude, but a essential SoMa experience.
Faith Nightclub (330 Ritch St) - Formerly one of the largest gay megaclubs in the city, Faith remains popular for its large multi-room dance space, DJs, and parties drawing festive weekend crowds. Drag shows and themed parties like AsianFest and Gay Pride amplify the festivities.
Mission - Turning north again, the Mission District is home to intimate neighborhood gay bars in a relaxed residential setting.
Lexington Club (3464 19th St) - Serving cocktails to patrons since 1928, the Lexington feels like a cozy neighborhood living room with regulars and events like drag bingo. Their patio makes for a more relaxed environment than the main dance clubs.
Glide Memorial Church (330 Ellis St) - Not technically a "bar" but worth mentioning, this historic church founded by LGBTQ activists hosts weekly Sunday services and community events like drag brunches with messages of inclusion.
The Wild Side West (186 S Van Ness Ave) - One of the most popular lesbian bars in the city, WS West welcomes all for lively cocktail hours, back patio hangs, and themed dance nights that extend the fun into the later hours. Low lighting makes for intimate conversation and connection.
SOMA Streat Food Park (428 11th St) - While not a traditional bar, this open-air food court right by the Caltrain station is a large LGBTQ gathering place on weekends. Commercial-free dance parties, drag performances, and dozens of food trucks make it a lively pre-game spot before clubbing.
Lower Haight - Venturing further, this hip yet more low-key neighborhood is known for its dive bar atmosphere and artsy clientele.
The Mint Karaoke Lounge (1942 Haight St) - Billing itself as "SF's #1 gay karaoke hotspot," the Mint lures patrons to take the mic for sing-alongs to pop hits with friends, signature drinks in hand. Private booths add to the intimacy.
The Chapel (777 Valencia St) - Once a funeral home, this neighborhoody yet unassuming bar and stages drag performances, DJ nights, comedy shows and more for an enthusiastic crowd. It's not technically a "gay" bar but very welcoming and eclectic.
The Bayview - For those seeking waterfront ambiance, Hunters Point in the southeastern Bayview neighborhood is home to the city's only gay beach.
Eagle Plaza (855 Terry Francois St) - Situated right along the San Francisco Bay, this lively plaza hosts weekend parties with DJs, fire spinners, drink specials and views of the sunny shoreline below. It attracts a mixed crowd and is the spot to watch the sunset while socializing. Nearby trails also offer secluded spots to reconnect with nature.
Whether you're looking to hit the iconic dance clubs, cozy neighborhood pubs or waterfront gatherings, there is no shortage of options for experiencing the best of San Francisco's thriving LGBTQ nightlife scene. Get exploring safely to find your people and perfect dance party vibe!
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2023.11.28 19:44 quiltsbeyondborders GAY SHIPS IN TV SHOWS

The representation of same-sex or queer relationships in television shows, commonly known as “gay ships,” has come a long way in recent years. While openly gay characters were once taboo on TV, more and more shows are now including thoughtful, nuanced portrayals of LGBTQ+ relationships that resonate strongly with audiences. Gay ships have garnered massive followings among fans who celebrate seeing their love and experiences reflected on screen.
One of the earliest and most groundbreaking gay ships was Mitchell and Cameron on Modern Family. The sitcom, which debuted in 2009, centered around extended families and featured Mitchell, a lawyer, and Cameron, a schoolteacher, as a committed married couple raising an adopted Asian daughter. Mitchell and Cameron brought unprecedented mainstream exposure to a happy, functioning gay family unit. Their relationship showed the routines, squabbles, and affection of any marriage and helped normalize the idea of same-sex parenthood for viewers. Modern Family was also praised for depicting Mitchell and Cameron’s sexuality as just one part of who they were rather than their entire defining characteristic.
Another seminal gay ship appeared a few years later on FX’s critically acclaimed period drama Pose. Set in the 1980s ballroom culture of New York City, Pose centered on the underground world of the LGBTQ+ drag ball community. It featured the romance between sensitive dancer Pray Tell, played by the Emmy-winning Billy Porter, and blond pretty boy Ricky, played by Dyllon Burnside. Their physically and emotionally intimate relationship showed a softer, more loving side of Pray Tell beneath his brash emcee persona and brought mainstream attention to black queer love at a pivotal time in the AIDS epidemic. Praytell and Ricky demonstrated the capacity for tenderness between marginalized groups.
On Netflix's teen drama Sex Education, viewers have rooted for the will-they-won't-they high school ship of popular jock Adam and shy son of the sex therapist Eric. Their relationship has blossomed gradually over seasons as Adam came to terms with his sexuality and Eric gained confidence in himself. Their supportive friendship developed into sweet first love in Season 3, showing LGBTQ+ youth can find happiness even in seemingly unenlightened settings like high school. Sex Education depicted Eric and Adam’s shy glances, giggles, and hand-holding with rare care, nuance and care.
The acclaimed BBC/Hulu series Normal People featured an intensely emotional slow-burn gay romance between Connell and Marianne based on the bestselling novel. Though the two came from different social circles in their small Irish town, they formed a profound connection over years that withstood bullying, judgment, heartbreak and separation. Connell and Marianne showed queer love can develop naturally between young people still discovering themselves, facing societal disapproval but refusing to be defined by others’ limited views. Their combustible yet deeply caring dynamic left many viewers changed.
On Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy, the dynamic super-powered siblings Number Five and Diego found themselves at the center of a passionate gay ship. Though their relationship started platonic as orphans raised together, seasons of repressed longing and undeniable chemistry led to a romantic encounter after the near-apocalypse. Five and Diego seamlessly incorporated the siblings’ found family bond with sexy tension, showing chosen family can become life partners regardless of blood. Their dynamic electrified fans of both the gay romance and superhero genres.
The CW's television adaptation of Archie comics gave an unprecedented gay storyline to character Kevin Keller, Riverdale's first openly gay character. Played by Casey Cott, Kevin embarked on the show's first major gay romance storyline with singleton Moose starting in season 2. Their sweet puppy love faced discrimination from close-minded residents of Riverdale but persevered, showing queer youth they too can find acceptance and happiness in unexpected places. Kevin and Moose captured hearts with their caring but star-crossed relationship in a dark murder mystery town.
On Freeform's wild teen vampire drama The Originals, many fans shipped hybrid vampire Marcel Gerard with witchleader Vincent Griffith. Played by Charles Michael Davis and Yusuf Gatewood, the sexy yet tender friends-to-lovers storyline between the powerful supernatural beings developed over seasons. Marcel and Vincent demonstrated the capacity for queer love to blossom between beings of different species, facing tribulations but supporting each other unconditionally with vampire-witch politics aside. Their slow-burn relationship electrified ‘Marcel x Vincent’ shippers worldwide.
Teen rom-com Love, Victor gave the groundbreaking LGBTQ+ story of Simon a spinoff focused on a new coming out journey. Victor struggled with his sexuality at a new high school, finding solace in friends like classmates Benjie and Derek whom he eventually formed feelings for. Benjie and Derek went from supportive pals to a sweet fledgling couple, showing that first love can develop between queer youth still learning who they are. Their tender discovery of identities and feelings alongside each other warmed hearts and inspired many still journeying to embrace themselves.
On Showtime's antology series The L Word: Generation Q, fans embraced the chemistry between Dani, a non-binary artist, and Sophie, a filmmaker wavering between commitment and freedom. Played by Arienne Mandi and Rosanny Zayas, their push-pull dynamic blossomed from a one-night stand throughout the sequel season as they learned to understand one another despite differences. Dani and Sophie showed the capacity for slow yet loving relationships to form between queer people navigating diverse experiences like genderfluidity and bisexuality. Their compassionate bond left many hoping for future reunions.
The crime drama series Shameless featured multiple beloved gay ships including Ian Gallagher and Mickey Milkovich's epic will-they-won't-they saga spanning over a decade. Starting as closeted southside thugs until Ian's coming out, they endured homophobia, bipolar disorder, imprisonment and more against all odds to find each other again and again. Ian and Mickey portrayed by Cameron Monaghan and Noel Fisher showed queer love's capacity to withstand any hardship through commitment, communication and growth and won the hearts of "Gallavich" fans worldwide. Their epic journey culminated in a season 11 wedding much-lauded as television's greatest gay love story.
While queer characters and relationships still lack demographic parity on television, increased representation in beloved shows gives hope that one day, LGBTQ+ lives and loves will be viewed as universally human rather than niche or taboo. Gay ships have captured hearts by portraying same-sex romance as dynamically complex, imperfect but life-changing as any. They show queer people navigating self-discovery, societal prejudice and emotional intimacy in a way anyone can resonate with. Though still underrepresented, increased thoughtful LGBTQ+ storytelling on respected networks and streaming services suggest more inclusive pop culture may be mainstreaming queer lives on a broad scale at last.
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